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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} meydan kavgası
(isim) meydan kavgası
Yakın dövüş
Englisch - Englisch
A naval or armor battle at an abnormally close range, extending even to disorganized crowds of people or traffic jams, using no ammunition
Hand-to-hand combat; mano a mano
Melee ( /ˈmeɪleɪ/, French: mêlée [mɛle], the French spelling is also quite frequent in English writing), generally refers to disorganized close combat involving a group of fighters. A melee ensues when groups become locked together in combat with no regard to group tactics or fighting as an organized unit; each participant fights as an individual
{i} brawl, hand-fight; stormy discussion; confusion, bustle
Usually referring to small diamonds that are less than 0 20 carats after polishing
Combat at short range, such as hand-to-hand combat following a charge, is often known as Melee Combat or, simple, a Melee Pronounced may-lay, NOT mee-lay Weapons used at short range, such as swords or axes, are sometimes known as Melee Weapons
Hand-to-hand combat; mano-a-mano
diamonds that weigh less than 1/5 of a carat (0 20 ct or 20 points)
a noisy riotous fight
A melee of things is a large, confusing, disorganized group of them. the melee of streets around the waterfront
Any character who uses a hand-to-hand weapon as a means of fighting other monsters or players
These are usually accent diamonds, weighing less than 20 carats
A melee is a noisy confusing fight between the people in a crowd. A policeman was killed and scores of people were injured in the melee
A fight in which teams of two or more compete against eachother See also Single-Combat
is from the French mêlée, from an Old French word meaning `mixture' It is related to medley
This term refers to combat amongst multiple combatants In the Western Circle, to be an official melee, there must be at least five combatabts The combatants in a melee may all be fighting for themselves or may be arranged into teams (called 'Scenario Melees')
Touching friendly stands to enemy stands after movement initiates close combat
{i} (French) brawl, hand-fight; stormy discussion; confusion, bustle; struggling crowd
{i} (from French) brawl, hand-fight; stormy discussion; confusion, bustle
plural of melee