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Türkisch - Türkisch
Dik açılı zikzak biçimde, antik süsleme sanatının özünü oluşturan, Romalılar'ın mozaik yollarda kullandıkları süsleme motifi
Englisch - Englisch
A winding, crooked, or involved course; as, the meanders of an old river
A tortuous or intricate movement
To wind, turn, or twist; to make flexuous; to wander

The stream meandered through the valley.

to wind and turn while proceeding in a course
{v} to wind, turn, run very irregularly
{n} a winding place, turn, maze, intricacy
To go aimlessly

They meandered through the woods for the afternoon.

Ornamental motif made of one or more parallel lines that turn through right angles to form a pattern
To wind or turn in a course or passage; to be intricate
If a speech, account, or piece of writing meanders, it seems to move from one topic to another without any order or purpose. His talk appears to meander but by the end focuses attention on the true state of affairs. a rich and meandering novel. Extreme U-bend in a stream, usually occurring in a series, that is caused by flow characteristics of the water. Meanders form in stream-deposited sediments and may stack up upstream of an obstruction, resulting in a gooseneck or extremely bowed meander. A cutoff may form through the gooseneck and allow the former meander bend to be sealed off as an oxbow lake. Silt deposits may eventually fill the lake to form a marsh or a meander scar
to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course; "the river winds through the hills"; "the path meanders through the vineyards"; "sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body"
a slow-flowing stream's serpentine curvature in a floodplain
- A loop-like bend in a river or stream Typically, a natural meander has a steep bank or cliff on the outside of the curve and a shallow-sloping bank on the inside, often with a low-lying deposit (or 'bar') comprised of material such as silt, sand or shingle Such features provide opportunities for specialist plants and animals (e g sand martins nest in river cliffs)
To wind, turn, or twist; to make flexuous
Erosion occurs on the outside of a curve while deposition occurs on the inside The river forms snake-like meanders; eventually, the water breaks through the neck of the meander, shortening the river flow and forming an oxbow lake The lighter colours show a young river with subtle meanders , but as the river ages the colour becomes darker blue in colour demonstrating much more vivid, resulting in the creation of an ox-bow lake (horse shoe in shape)
Decorative pattern in the form of a maze, commonly found in Greek Geometric art
Any of a wide variety of continuous border designs that do not fill the band they occupy but alternate from side to side
A loop-like bend in the course of a river
a curve in a stream
A turn or winding of a stream
curves in the stream channel where the stream dissipates energy
– To wind around or wander through
If you meander somewhere, you move slowly and not in a straight line. We meandered through a landscape of mountains, rivers, and vineyards
The winding of a stream channel
From the name Maeander (modern Menderes), a winding river in western Turkey that flows into the Aegean Sea A decorative motif of intricate, rectilinear character, applied to architecture and sculpture
{f} walk about aimlessly; carry on in a leisurely way; wander, roam; ramble
a twisting, winding action from side to side; characterizes the serpentine curvature of a narrow, slow flowing stream in a wide flood plain
A sinuous curve in a river
A widely-curving bend in a river or stream
A meander is a large bend in a river
If a river or road meanders, it has a lot of bends, rather than going in a straight line from one place to another. roads that meandered round the edges of the fields We crossed a small iron bridge over a meandering stream
A winding, crooked, or involved course; as, the meanders of the veins and arteries
To follow a winding course
incised meander
A meander (an erosion of a river bed) in a region that undergoes tectonic uplift subsequent to the action that caused the initial meander
Attributive form of incised meander, noun
An instance or period or roaming
past of meander
A meandering stream is one that flows in a side to side or, in a sinuous pattern, creating numerous bends
present participle of meander
winding or rambling
adj describes a wandering path, in this case a stream
A single channel having a pattern of successive deviations in alignment which results in a more or less sinusoidal course
of a path e g ; "meandering streams"; "rambling forest paths"; "the river followed its wandering course"; "a winding country road"
{i} indirect windings or curviness (as stream or path); indirect journey; stroll; decorated style of intertwining lines (in Art and Architecture)
curved "S" shaped stream channels
are large-amplitude wave-like features evident in ocean currents They can either propagate in the direction of the current (small meanders), remain stationary, or propagate against the direction of the current (meanders with long wavelengths) In strong currents, like the Gulf Stream, meanders can grow and pinch off and form either cold-core or warm-core rings
third-person singular of meander
plural of , meander
As a river forms a series of bends, the curves become more and more pronounced Sometimes, if there is enough room and the river is flowing down a very gently slope, the river may bend back on itself in great loops, these bends are called meanders
The series of S-shaped curves of s stream