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Englisch - Türkisch
(kaba bir şekilde) itip kakmak
insan kuvvetiyle hareket ettir
hırpala/hareket ettir
{f} tartaklamak
makina kullanmadan kaba kuvvetle kaldırmak
kaba kuvvetle itip kakmak
{f} kol gücü ile yapmak
{f} kaba kuvvete başvurmak
{f} kol kuvvetiyle/var kuvvetiyle (bir şeyi) çekmek/hareket ettirmek/götürmek/taşımak
kabaca itmek
Englisch - Englisch
To mishandle; to handle roughly; to mangle

Please try not to manhandle the box containing my favorite vase.

To move something heavy without aid of levers, pulleys or machine
To assault or beat up a person
If you manhandle something big or heavy somewhere, you move it there by hand. The three of us manhandled the uncovered dinghy out of the shed
If someone is manhandled, they are physically held or pushed, for example when they are being taken somewhere. Foreign journalists were manhandled by armed police, and told to leave They manhandled the old man along the corridor
To handle roughly; as, the captive was manhandled
To move, or manage, by human force without mechanical aid; as, to manhandle a cannon
handle roughly; "I was manhandled by the police
handle roughly; "I was manhandled by the police"
{f} move by human means (not with machines); treat roughly
past of manhandle
third-person singular of manhandle
present participle of manhandle