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av köpeği

Basset tazıları kibar köpeklerdir. - Basset hounds are gentle dogs.

O, tavşana kaç, tazıya tut diyor. - He runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds.

{f} takip etmek
{f} kovala
{f} izlemek
{i} aşağılık adam
peşini bırakmamak
follow veya ride the hounds at üstünde tazılarla avla
{f} kışkırtmak
{i} gemi yan germesi
{f} iz sürmek
{f} izle
{i} k.dili. it, alçak herif
tavşan tazı oyununda tazı
{i} it herif
{f} tazı ile ava gitmek
{i} meraklı
{f} tahrik etmek
{f} k.dili. peşini bırakmamak, izlemek
{i} hastası
hound dog
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) tazı
hound dog
av köpeği
Hound Dog
(Askeri) havadan karaya atılan füze-28A (Hound Dog)
hound dog
(Askeri) HOUND DOG: B-52 uçaklarının dış kısmında taşınacak şekilde imal edilmiş, turbo jet motorlu füze nükleer bir harp başlığı ile teçhiz edilmiştir ve düşman hedeflerine karşı, hem yüksek hem de alçak irtifadan taarruz için fırlatılabilir, B-52 uçağının kendi içine monte edilmiş ateş gücünü tamamlar. AGM-28 olarak adlandırılır
hound down
takipten sonra bulmak
hound on
hound on
tahrik etmek
hound tongue
(Tıp) sinoglos
afghan hound
afgan av köpeği
gaze hound
av köpeği
walker hound
tazı yürüyüşü
basset hound
booze hound
alem tazı
deer hound
İskoç tazısı
sight hound
görme tazı
greatest lower hound
(Matematik) en büyük altsımr
Englisch - Englisch
A male who constantly seeks the company of receptive females. In more recent times, hound has been replaced by dog but the sense remains the same

You are such a hound, in that respect, Goodson, said Claywell, and you have always been such a hound, that it astounds me to find you—unaccompanied..

Someone who seeks something

I still do not know if he's taken on this case because he's a glory hound, because he wants the PR, or if he simply wanted to help Anna.

A dog, particularly a breed with a good sense of smell developed for hunting other animals. (Hunt hound, Hunting hound, hunting dog, hunter)
To persistently harass

He hounded me for weeks, but I was simply unable to pay back his loan.

{n} a dog used for hunting, a fish
{v} to pursue with hounds, to hunt
To hunt or chase with hounds, or as with hounds
A despicable person
one which hunts game by scent, as the foxhound, bloodhound, deerhound, but also used for various breeds of fleet hunting dogs, as the greyhound, boarhound, etc
To set on the chase; to incite to pursuit; as, to hounda dog at a hare; to hound on pursuers
someone who is morally reprehensible; "you dirty dog"
If someone is hounded out of a job or place, they are forced to leave it, often because other people are constantly criticizing them. There is a general view around that he has been hounded out of office by the press. Classification of hunting dogs that is more general than setter, retriever, pointer, or other sporting dog categories. Most hounds were bred and trained to track by scent or sight. Scent hounds (e.g., bloodhound, dachshund) are trained to scent in the air or on the ground. Sight hounds (e.g., saluki, Afghan hound) were developed to chase game by sight over long distances. Hounds such as beagles, basset hounds, and foxhounds run in packs; Afghan hounds, borzois, salukis, and others run alone
A houndfish
any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears
Projections at the masthead, serving as a support for the trestletrees and top to rest on
If someone hounds you, they constantly disturb or speak to you in an annoying or upsetting way. Newcomers are constantly hounding them for advice
A side bar used to strengthen portions of the running gear of a vehicle
A hound is a type of dog that is often used for hunting or racing
A variety of the domestic dog, usually having large, drooping ears, esp
A dog, particularly a breed with a good sense of smell developed for hunting other animals
pursue or chase relentlessly; "The hunters traced the deer into the woods"; "the detectives hounded the suspect until they found the him"
any of several breeds of dog used for hunting typically having large drooping ears pursue or chase relentlessly; "The hunters traced the deer into the woods"; "the detectives hounded the suspect until they found the him
{i} hunting dog; devotee, enthusiast, fan; scoundrel, villain
{f} hunt down, pursue; bother, pester, nag, annoy
hound dog
Any hound, especially the bloodhound
hound dogs
plural form of hound dog
hound shark
Any of several small sharks, of the family Triakidae, found throughout the world
hound sharks
plural form of hound shark
Hound of the Baskervilles
a novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in which the detective Sherlock Holmes tries to find out who is responsible for killing two people who seem to have been attacked by a large hunting dog, but who have really been murdered (1902)
hound dog
dog used for hunting and chasing by scent
biennial shrub of Europe and western Asia having coarse tongue-shaped leaves and dark reddish-purple flowers perennial shrub of North America having coarse tongue-shaped leaves and pale-blue to purple flowers
Afghan Hound
A sighthound bred in Afghanistan to hunt hare and gazelle
Afghan hound
Alternative spelling of Afghan Hound
Bulgarian Hound
A breed of scenthound originating in Bulgaria
Hungarian Hound
A breed of hunting dog originating in Hungary
Ibizan Hound
A sighthound bred in Spain
Lithuanian Hound
A large, powerful sighthound originating in Lithuania
clean as a hound's tooth
Very clean (very innocent)
double-nosed andean tiger hound
A South American dog with two sets of nostrils
publicity hound
A person who constantly seeks public attention, especially through coverage in the broadcast media or news media

Durrani continues to receive awards and recognition overseas for her courage, although within her own country she is branded an opportunist and publicity-hound.

Alternative form of publicity hound
rock hound
A person who collects rocks and minerals from the natural environment as a hobby
scent hound
A hunting dog that tracks prey using its sense of smell rather than by its vision
A promiscuous male
A bloodhound or, especially, a similar hound formerly used in Scotland
war hound
a person that wants to fight
{n} the projecting parts of masthead
A hound
Afghan hound
A large, slender hunting dog having long, thick hair, a pointed muzzle, and drooping ears. Breed of dog developed as a hunter in the hill country of Afghanistan. It was brought to Europe in the late 19th century by British soldiers returning from the Indian-Afghan border wars. It hunts by sight, and in Afghanistan it has been used to pursue leopard and gazelle. Its high, wide hipbones are well adapted to rough country. It stands 24-28 in. (61-71 cm) high and weighs 50-60 lbs (23-27 kg). It has floppy ears, a long topknot, and a long silky coat of various colours
Pharaoh hound
Any of a breed of sleek, swift-running hunting dog originating in Egypt and having a short, glossy, tan coat and large, pointed ears
afghan hound
tall graceful breed of hound with a long silky coat; native to the Near East
basset hound
A small kind of hound with a long body and short legs, used as an earth dog
basset hound
smooth-haired breed of hound with short legs and long ears
basset hound
A basset hound is a dog with short strong legs, a long body, and long ears. It is kept as a pet or used for hunting. = basset. A short-haired hunting dog of a breed originating in France and having a long body, short legs, and long drooping ears. Centuries-old breed of dog developed in France and maintained, chiefly in France and Belgium, as a hunting dog of the aristocracy. Originally used to trail hares, rabbits, and deer, it has also been used for hunting birds, foxes, and other game. It is a slow, deliberate hunter, with a deep voice and a nose exceeded in keenness only by the bloodhound's. Short-legged and heavy-boned, the basset hound has long, dangling ears and a short coat in any combination of black, tan, and white. It stands 12-15 in. (30-38 cm) high and weighs 40-60 lbs (18-27 kg)
Scottish hunting dog
gaze hound
{i} hound that chases and hunts its prey by sight and not by smell, sight hound
glory hound
seeker of praise, seeker of acclaim or renown
past of hound
{i} one who hounds, one who annoys or pesters
present participle of hound
The part of a mast below the hounds and above the deck
The act of one who hounds
{i} (Nautical) protruding parts of the topmast
third-person singular of hound
plural of hound
ibizan hound
breed of slender agile medium-sized hound found chiefly in the Balearic Islands; said to have been bred originally by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt
otter hound
Any of a breed of hardy dog developed in England for hunting otters, having slightly webbed feet and a thick coarse coat with an oily undercoat
plott hound
a brindle-coated American hound used in hunting bears and wild boars
rock hound
{i} (Informal) geologist; person whose hobby is to collect rocks and minerals or fossils
sight hound
{i} hound that chases and hunts its prey by sight and not by smell, gaze hound
smooth hound
Any dogfish of the genus Mustelus, especially a smooth dogfish (M. mustelus) of southern Europe, found occasionally in American Atlantic waters
walker hound
an American breed of foxhound
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havadan karaya atılan füze-28A (Hound Dog)
(Askeri) Hound Dog