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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} baş ağrısı

Zaman zaman can sıkıcı baş ağrısı çekti. - At times, he suffered from a painful headache.

Yıllardır, Tom migren baş ağrısından çekti. - For years, Tom suffered from migraine headaches.

{i} baş belâsı

Çöpten kurtulmak yetkililer için büyük bir baş belası haline gelmiştir. - Getting rid of garbage has become a major headache for the authorities.

{i} başağrısı

Çocuk başağrısından şikayet etti. - The boy complained of a headache.

Tom'un kötü bir başağrısı var. - Tom has a bad headache.

baş ağrı

Hasta her zaman bir baş ağrısından şikayetçi. - The patient is always complaining of a headache.

Zaman zaman can sıkıcı baş ağrısı çekti. - At times, he suffered from a painful headache.

{i} dert
{i} dert, baş belası
cluster headache
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) küme baş ağrısı
cluster headache
(Tıp) küme başağrısı
tension headache
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) gerilim başarısı
get a headache
başı ağrı
sick headache
sick headache
yarım baş ağrısı
a crown is no cure for a headache.
taç bir baş ağrısı için tedavisi yoktur
a headache
baş ağrısı
baş ağrısı

Tom şiddetli baş ağrısı ve baş dönmesi yaşıyor. - Tom has been experiencing severe headaches and dizziness.

Tom'un hala baş ağrısı var. - Tom still has headaches.

başı ağrıyan
sinus headache
sinüs baş ağrısı
tension headache
gerilim tipi baş ağrısı
bring on a headache
baş ağrısına neden olmak
have a headache
başı ağrımak
{s} dert olan
baş ağrıtan
{s} sorun yaratan
{s} baş belâsı olan
i have a headache
baş ağrım var
kill the headache
baş ağrısını dindirmek
migraine headache

Dan bir migren baş ağrısı çekiyor. - Dan was suffering a migraine headache.

Yıllardır, Tom migren baş ağrısından çekti. - For years, Tom suffered from migraine headaches.

sick headache
yarım başağrısı
sick headache
(Tıp) migren ağrısı
sinus headache
(Tıp) sinüzal baş ağrısı
Englisch - Englisch
A pain or ache in the head
A nuisance or unpleasant problem

The clumsy filing system has been a huge headache.

the third stage in a migraine that involves the head pain; the pain is usually pulsating, occurs only on one side of the head, and lasts 4 to 72 hours; however, despite the usual pattern, migraine may occur on both sides of the head and alternate from side to side
cranial pain thought to result from eye disease or excessive use
Pain in the head; cephalalgia
pain in the head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs
Pain in various parts of the head, not confined to the area of distribution of any nerve
Your opponent can't play Trainer cards durning his or her next turn Pokémon with this attack: Psyduck L15
{i} pain in the head
something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness; "New York traffic is a constant concern"; "it's a major worry"
pain or discomfort in the head or face area Headaches can be single or recurrent in nature, and localized to one or more areas of the head and face
A pain in the head from any cause Tension headaches and migraine headaches account for 90% for all headaches A migraine is a complex of symptoms that presents clinically as discrete episoded of severe headache with associated features, such as phonophobia (abnormal sensitivity to sound), photophobia (abnormal sensitivity to light), nausea and emesis (vomiting)
a cause of worry, annoyance, or trouble; a source of vexation
If you say that something is a headache, you mean that it causes you difficulty or worry. The airline's biggest headache is the increase in the price of aviation fuel = problem. Pain in the upper portion of the head. Episodic tension headaches are the most common, usually causing mild to moderate pain on both sides. They result from sustained contraction of face and neck muscles, often due to fatigue, stress, or frustration. Headaches are treated with aspirin, acetaminophen, or other NSAIDs. Chronic daily headaches are similar but more frequent. They usually have a psychological cause and respond to certain antidepressants. They may also come from overuse of pain relievers. Migraine and cluster headaches are vascular headaches. Headaches may also be caused by distension of arteries at the base of the brain, from fever, hangover, or an attack of high blood pressure. Headache can be a symptom of meningitis, hemorrhagic stroke, or tumour
If you have a headache, you have a pain in your head. I have had a terrible headache for the last two days
n sakit kepala (sakit)
{i} cephalalgia
{i} encephalalgia
headache tablets
{i} pills taken for headaches
cluster headache
An extremely painful, cyclical and unilateral headache
ice cream headache
An unpleasant sensation or ache in the head experienced when biting into something extremely cold
icecream headache
A type of headache caused by cold around the brain, either at the back of the throat when eating icecream (as the name suggests), or from cold around the outside of the head. The latter is well known to surfers in cold windy conditions

1997: In my wilder days as a winter surfer we all knew about the sickening frontal headache that resulted within seconds of driving through a breaking wave. The pain continued for 20 to 30 seconds, only to be reinforced by the next breaking wave. Even then (35 years ago) we always referred to the pain as the ice cream headache. — physician Mark Harris, letter to the British Medical Journal, 315:609 (6 September 1997).

{n} a pain in the head, trouble, sorrow
cluster headache
A recurring headache similar to migraine and characterized by severe pain in the eye or temple on one side of the head, watering of the eye, and a runny nose
dull headache
mild persistent headache (as opposed to a throbbing or acutely painful headache)
gave him a headache
caused him to have a pain in the head; aggravated or disturbed him
had a headache
came down with a headache, suffered from a headache (sharp pain in the head)
plural of headache
{s} having a headache; accompanying a headache
Afflicted with headache
histamine headache
a painful recurring headache associated with the release of histamine from cells
sick headache
migraine headache, headache which causes nausea
sick headache
a headache accompanied by nausea
sinus headache
a headache resulting from congestion or infection in the paranasal sinuses
splitting headache
very severe headache, strong pain in the head
tension headache
a headache located at the back of the head; usually caused by body tension resulting from overwork or psychological stress
tension headache
common, accounting for nearly 90% of all headaches and is probably experiences by most people at some time during their lifetime; frequently associated with fatigue and stress and generally respond to simple measures, such as, rest or over-the-counter pain medicine; pain is usually bilateral (on both sides of head), consisting of a dull, steady ache
tension headache
Unlike a migraine, a headache in which steady pain, usually mild, is on both sides of the head, and does not cause incapacity and is not worsened by activities There is no associated nausea or sensitivity to light and noise