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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} iri kum
{i} metanet
{i} cesaret
{i} dayanıklılık
{f} gıcırdatmak
(Tıp) pütür

Tom ağrıyan dişlerini gıcırdatıyor. - Tom is gritting his teeth in obvious pain.

kum tanesi
{f} gıcırdat

Tom ağrıyan dişlerini gıcırdatıyor. - Tom is gritting his teeth in obvious pain.

Tom dişlerini gıcırdattı. - Tom gritted his teeth.

(Mühendislik) maden talası, maden kırıntısı; iri taneli kum
diş gıcırdatmak
{i} metanet. f
{i} kum tanesi; kum tanesi gibi taş parçacığı
{f} gıcırdamak
{i} kumtaşı
kum ve çakıl gibi kaba daneler
(Mekanik) maden kırıntısı
(Mekanik) maden talaşı
grit one's teeth
dişini sıkmak
grit blasting
kırmalı püskürtme
grit collector
Kum tutucu

A grit collector for use in a waste water treatment facility to separate grit from a liquid.

grit so.'s teeth
kum kadar. 's dişleri
grit blasting
çakıl kirma
grit blasting
çakıl kırma
grit blasting test
kırmalı püskürtme deneyi
grit content
çakıl muhtevası
grit one's teeth
dişlerini kenetlemek
grit one's teeth
dişlerini gıcırdatmak
grit one's teeth
{k} metin olmak; dişini sıkmak
grit stone
grit trap
çamur tutucu
grit trap
çamur toplayıcı
steel grit
çelik taneciği
milk of lime grit
kireçsütü kumu
milk of lime grit separator
kireçsütü kum tutucu
kaba öğütülmüş tahıl
Kabuğu soyulmuş ve iri çekilmiş hububat; mısır dövmesi
hit the grit
kum vurmak
iri yulaf unu
i., çoğ. kabuksuz mısır tanelerini kaba bir şekilde öğüterek yapılan ezme
kabuksuz yulaf
kabuğu soyulmuş ve iri çekilmiş hububat
iri yulaf taneleri
{i} iri taneli yulaf
(İnşaat) mıcır serici
kumlu bir şekilde
Englisch - Englisch
A member or supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada or one of its provincial wings (except for the Quebec provincial wing)
Of or belonging to the Liberal Party of Canada
To clench, particularly in reaction to pain or anger; apparently only appears in gritting one's teeth

He has a sleeping disorder and grits his teeth.

To cover with grit
A character trait that encompasses courage, fearlessness, or guts

That kid with the cast on his arm has the grit to play dodgeball.

husked but unground oats
Inedible particles in food

Tastes like grit from nut shells in these cookies.

A measure of relative coarseness of an abrasive material such as sandpaper

I need a sheet of 100 grit sandpaper.

Collection of hard small materials, such as dirt, ground stone, debris from sandblasting or other such grinding, swarf from metalworking

The flower beds were white with grit from sand blasting the flagstone walkways.

{n} the coarse part of meal, sand, dust, a fish, an argillaceous earth or stone
Firmness of mind; invincible spirit; unyielding courage; fortitude
very tiny stones or sand that birds swallow They use it to help break up food
The name is also applied to a finer sharp-grained sandstone; as, grindstone grit
Heavy, inorganic matter, such as sand or pebbles
a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone
{i} small rough granules or particles (i.e. sand); bravery, pluck; endurance
If you grit your teeth, you make up your mind to carry on even if the situation is very difficult. There is going to be hardship, but we have to grit our teeth and get on with it
Contaminant that may be found in whole
acronym for "graduated and reciprocated initiatives in tension reduction"-a strategy designed to de-escalate international tensions
Grain, esp
clench together; "grit one's teeth"
crushed stone or sand placed in clay in order to make potter vessels stronger
A hard, coarse-grained siliceous sandstone; as, millstone grit; called also gritrock and gritstone
{f} grind the teeth together; abrade, grind; make a harsh grinding noise
Structure, as adapted to grind or sharpen; as, a hone of good grit
coarseness of texture in sanding papers or powders
Grit is very small pieces of stone. It is often put on roads in winter to make them less slippery. He felt tiny bits of grit and sand peppering his knees
Sand or gravel; rough, hard particles
An abrasive blasting media obtained from slag and various other materials
Acronym for a grantor retained income trust, which is an irrevocable trust to which a residence is transferred for a term of years, with the grantor retaining the use of the residence for that term At the end of the term, the residence becomes the property of the remainder beneficiary The present value of the retained interest is not taxed for transfer tax purposes The present value of the retained interest is the sum of: (1) the value of an income interest for the specified term, and (2) the present value of the contingent right to receive the value if the grantor dies during the specified term
a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone clench together; "grit one's teeth"
The coarse part of meal
Clench, particularly in reaction to pain, apparently only appears in gritting ones teeth
If you grit your teeth, you press your upper and lower teeth tightly together, usually because you are angry about something. Gritting my teeth, I did my best to stifle one or two remarks `It is clear that my client has been less than frank with me,' said his lawyer, through gritted teeth
Dense inorganic matter, such as sand and gravel, present in water or sewage ADVANCE \x 540
A measure of the size of abrasive particles used in the manufacturing of sandpaper Grit can also be measured as the number of particles in an square inch of sandpaper surface
To grind; to rub harshly together; to grate; as, to grit the teeth
Mineral particles used for abrasive metal removal
cover with a grit; "grit roads
- a slang term to describe a supporter or member of the Liberal Party of Canada Its leader is Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
oats or wheat, hulled and coarsely ground; in high milling, fragments of cracked wheat smaller than groats
close friends
fortitude and determination; "he didn't have the guts to try it"
To give forth a grating sound, as sand under the feet; to grate; to grind
A character trait that means to have courage, fearlessness, or guts
If someone has grit, they have the determination and courage to continue doing something even though it is very difficult. You've got to admire her grit
the abrasive material on a grinding belt or wheel used for sharpening squeegee material
a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone clench together; "grit one's teeth" cover with a grit; "grit roads
Collection of hard small materials, such as coarse dirt or ground rock
Usually applied to the grade or particle size of coated abrasives
Hard and heavier solid matter in wastewater It is generally inorganic Examples include sand, gravel, ash, glass and metal fragments
cover with a grit; "grit roads"
Cover with grit
grit one's teeth
To clench one's teeth together tightly because of pain or anger or frustration
grit one's teeth
To face up to a difficult or disagreeable situation, and deal with it

There's a storm coming, so I grit my teeth and start rowing with all my might.

plural form of grit ('hulled oats')
plural form of grit
Coarsely ground hominy which is boiled and eaten, primarily in the Southern United States
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of grit
A vehicle that applies grit to icy roads to improve traction
road grit
A mixture of grit and salt (often calcium chloride) spread on the surface of roads to prevent the formation of ice during cold, damp weather
The Liberal Party of Canada
plural of Grit
Coarsely ground wheat or corn, cooked down in water and served with salt and butter
The dried kernels of white hominy (made from corn); eaten as a cereal that is similar in texture to pudding
"Grits" refers to any coarsely ground grain such as corn, oats, or rice Today, most "grits" are hominy grits Grits are available in coarse, medium, and fine grinds
coarsely ground hulled corn boiled as a breakfast dish in the southern United States
Ground degermed corn or rice used in brewing
The word comes from the Old English "grytt," from means "bran," but the Old English "greot" also meant "something ground " Grits are coarsely ground hominy (corn with the hull and germ removed) Hominy is made from field corn that is soaked in lye water (potash water in the old days) and stirred over the next day or two until the entire shell or bran comes loose and rises to the top The kernel itself swells to twice its original size After the remaining kernels have been rinsed several times, they are spread to dry either on cloth or screen dryers In the Southern United States, it is commonly boiled and served for breakfast or as a dinner side dish Grits are considered an institution in the South, but rarely found in northern states Many cookbooks will refer to grits as hominy, because of regional preference for the name
third-person singular of grit
The dried kernels of hominy (made from corn)
Usually a breakfast item in the US Southern region Made from the kernel of corn When corn has been soaked in lye and the casing has been removed it becomes Hominy The lye is rinsed out very well and the corn is left to harden Then the swollen hominy is ground up to the texture of tiny pellets When boiled with water, milk and butter it becomes a cereal similar to cream of wheat It's used as a side dish for a good old fashioned Southern breakfast Sometimes you can make it with cheese and garlic for a casserole
Coarsely ground hominy grain Looks like mashed potatoes, but tastes like corn
Function: Noun Hominy or plain corn that's been ground until it has the consistency of coarse sand It's used as a side dish, a breakfast cereal, or as an ingredient in baked goods
Coarsely ground meal of dried and hulled corn kernels which is boiled and eaten, primarily in the Southern United States
{i} coarsely ground grain which has been boiled and then fried (eaten as a breakfast food); coarsely ground grain
– Coarsely ground corn or other grain cooked and eaten as porridge, a side dish, or in a casserole; a popular food in the southeastern United States
past of grit
a large vehicle that puts salt or sand on the roads in winter to make them less icy American Equivalent: salt truck
{i} special vehicle that scatters grit or sand or salt on icy roads
present participle of grit
schoharie grit
See the Chart of Geology
schoharie grit
The formation belonging to the middle of the three subdivisions of the Corniferous period in the American Devonian system; so called from Schoharie, in New York, where it occurs