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{i} baca

Yeni bir grip salgını var. (Moda mod çeviri böyle ancak bug going around salgın anlamında değilde bir çok insanın hasta olduğu anlamında kullanılır) - There is a new flue bug going around.

hava borusu
baca borusu
{i} büyük bir baca içindeki birkaç ayrı duman yolunun her biri; duman yolu
hava veya gaz borusu
{i} borulu org
ocak bacası
{i} baca deliği
{i} ince tüy
{i} bir tür balık ağı
{i} kırpıntı
hafif tüy
duman boru
bir çeşit balık ağ
baca gazı
alev borusu
duman yolu
duman borusu
flue gas
(Gıda) yanma gazı
flue gas
duman gazı
flue gas
baca gazı
flue pipe
baca borusu
flue dust
uçan kül
flue gas
baca gazi
flue gases
tepkime ürünleri,atıl gazlar ve herhangi fazla hava da dahil olmak üzere yanma odasında bulunan bütün gazlar
flue ash
uçgun kül
flue block
(İnşaat) beton baca bloğu
flue boiler
(İnşaat) alev borulu kazan
flue brush
(İnşaat) kurum temizleme fırçası
flue brush
kurum temizleme firçası
flue connection
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı bağlantısı
flue curing
fırında kurutma
flue dust
(İnşaat) uçucu toz
flue dust catcher
(İnşaat) kurum tutucu
flue gas analyzer
baca gazı analiz edicisi
flue gas loss
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı kaybı
flue gas removal
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı tasfiyesi
flue gas vent
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı çekişi
flue grouping
(İnşaat) baca gruplaması
flue liner
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca kılıfı
flue liner
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca kaplaması
flue lining
(İnşaat) baca içi kaplaması
flue loss
(İnşaat) baca kaybı
flue outlet
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı çıkışı
flue pipe
borulu org
flue pipe
org düdüğü
flue plate
kazan aynası
flue temperature
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı sıcaklığı
return flue
dönüş bacası
smoke flue
duman arnası
heating flue
ısıtma geçidi
smoke flue
duman kanalı
swine flue
Domuz gribi
air flue
(Mimarlık) air channel
balanced flue
(Otomotiv,Teknik) dengeli ekzos
balanced flue
dengelenmiş ekzos
boiler flue
kazan bacası
fresh air flue
temiz hava bacası
fresh air flue
taze hava bacası
horizontal flue
yatay çekiş
smoke flue
duman tahliye kanalı
Englisch - Englisch
A pipe or duct that carries gaseous combustion products away from the point of combustion (such as a furnace)
An enclosed passageway in which to direct air or other gaseous current along
a smoke-duct in a chimney
{n} soft down or fur, the pipe of a chimney
organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip
a conduit to carry off smoke
The passage in a chimney through which smoke, gas, and fumes rise
means an enclosed passageway for conveying flue gases (Ontario Fire Code 1996)
The space or passage in a chimney through which smoke, gas, or fumes ascend Each passage is called a flue, which together with any others and the surrounding masonry make up the chimney
Small flues are called fire tubes or simply tubes
An enclosed chamber in a fireplace that directs flames, smoke and other gases to the outside air
The space or passage in a chimney through which smoke, gas or fumes ascend Each passage is called a flue, which together with any others and the surrounding masonry make up the chimney
A flue is a pipe or long tube that acts as a chimney, taking smoke away from a device such as a heater, fire, or cooker. a metal pipe or tube that lets smoke or heat from a fire out of a building
Vent or chimney for a combustion device
A chimney channel through which gases and fumes escape from a furnace
The duct that carries the products of combustion out of a structure for a fossil- or a solid-fuel system
{i} pipe or duct that conducts heat steam or smoke; fishing net
A vertical duct, constructed of sheet metal or clay, that channels smoke from a fireplace out of the home
An inclosed passage way for establishing and directing a current of air, gases, etc
flat blade-like projection on the arm of an anchor
An enclosed ventilation shaft that transfers smoke, gases or fumes from inside the house to outside Chimneys, pipes and vents are examples
Gas or air passage which usually depends on natural convection to cause the combustion gases to flow through it Forced convection may sometimes be used
Light down, such as rises from cotton, fur, etc
A passage way for conducting a current of fresh, foul, or heated air from one place to another
One or more flues are found inside a chimney They are the spaces through which smoke, gas or fumes rise
The hollow passage that carries smoke and heat to the outside from the fireplace or furnace
an air passage A compartment or division of a chimney for conveying flame and smoke to the outer air
In stacking lumber or other wood products for air drying, a vertical space, 6 inches or less in width in the center of the pile and extending the length of the pile, intended to facilitate circulation of air within the pile In kiln drying, one or more spaces 6 to 10 inches in width built into the kiln truckloads, particularly for drying in natural circulation dry kilns
A passage way for products of combustion
Passage through which gasses pass through natural convection
A pipe or passage for conveying flame and hot gases through surrounding water in a boiler; distinguished from a tube which holds water and is surrounded by fire
very fine lint or hair
That part of a stove, fireplace, or furnace that allows the smoke to escape
The narrow windway between the languid and lower lip in a flue pipe
In an organ flue pipe, the opening between the lower lip and the languet
Large pipe through which fumes escape from a gas water heater, furnace, or fire place Normally these flue pipes are double walled, galvanized sheet metal pipe and sometimes referred to as a B Vent Fireplace flue pipes are normally triple walled In addition, nothing combustible shall be within one inch from the flue pipe
an organ pipe where sound is produced by the passage of wind over an edge, as in an orchestral flute or recorder
flue gas
A technical term for the gaseous combustion product ("smoke") that comes out of a stove or a furnace
flue gas
Any mixture of gases from the flues of chemical or smelting factories
flue gas
The air coming out of a chimney after combustion in the burner it is venting It can include nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, water vapor, sulfur oxides, particles and many chemical pollutants
flue gas
The exhaust gases from a combustion facility in the stack that discharges them to the atmosphere These gases often contain sulfur, which can be removed by a desulfurization scrubber, and particulates, which can be removed using specialized collectors like electrostatic precipitators, mechanical collectors (cyclones), fabric filters (baghouses), and wet scrubbers
flue gas
Products of combustion plus excess air plus dilution air (on natural-draft appliances) that pass through the vent
flue gas
The gases emitted to atmosphere from a production or combustion process through the flue or "smoke stack"
flue pipe
organ pipe whose tone is produced by air passing across the sharp edge of a fissure or lip
flue pipe
A pipe, esp
flue pipe
An organ pipe with a lipped opening; a flue
flue pipe
an organ pipe, whose tone is produced by the impinging of a current of air upon an edge, or lip, causing a wave motion in the air within; a mouth pipe; - - distinguished from reed pipe
flue pipe
The flute and flageolet are open pipes; a bottle acts as a closed pipe when one blows across the neck
flue pipe
Flue pipes are either open or closed (stopped at the distant end)
flue pipe
The organ has both open and closed flue pipes, those of metal being usually round in section, and those of wood triangular or square
flue stop
an organ stop with the tone of a flue pipe
flue stop
An organ stop controlling a set of flue pipes
a chamber, heated by a fire, used for drying
plural of flue
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hot flue
(Tekstil) hotflue