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Parti bir fiyaskoydu. - The party was a flop.

Eğer bu konuda hiçbir şey yapmazsan, parti bir fiyasko olacak. - If you don't do anything about it, the party will be a flop.

suya düşmek
flop sesi
{f} çırpın
(plan/vb.) batmak
düşme sesi
başarısızlığa uğramak
(Genellikle bir fim, televizyon programı ve şaire ile ilgili olarak) Fiyasko
şlap diye
birden düşürmek
{f} (bir şeyi) birden sertçe bırakıvermek. i., k.dili. başarısızlık, fiyasko
{f} cup diye düşmek
{f} k.dili. başaramamak
{i} cup sesi
argo uyumak
{i} uyuyacak yer
birden sertçe bırakıvermek
flop down
flop down on
üstüne çökmek
flop down on
(Fiili Deyim ) -ın üstüne çökmek
flip flop
iki durumlu
flip flop
(Bilgisayar) tahteravalli
flip flop
iki duraklı
bir çeşit takla
flip flop
çarpma sesi yapmak
flip flop
Tokyo, sandalet
flip flop sandals
parmak arası terlik
Fikrini, görüşünü değiştirme; karşı görüşün yanına geçme. - We often see politicians do a flip-flop after they're elected
Tokyo terlik
Parmak-arası terlik
(Elektrik, Elektronik) Flipflop elektronikteki en basit şalterdir ve bu şalterin içine bir bite ait bilgi kümesinin kaydedilmesini sağlar. Bu durum elektronikteki tüm temel elektronik şalterleri oluşturur
flip-flop note
(Ekonomi) Yatırımcıların iki farklı borç türü arasında birinden diğerine geçmesine olanak sağlayan bono
flip flop
takla atmak
belly flop
gövde üstü suya iniş (uçak)
data flip flop
veri yazbozu
tavuk pençesi
{i} çırpınma
{f} çırpın
real flop
(deyim) Fiyasko
real flop
(deyim) Hüsran, tam bir başarısızlık
belly flop
karın üstü dalış
Biyophyllum pinnatum
take a flop
(Fiili Deyim ) cop diye düşmek
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floating point operation
A complete failure, especially in the entertainment industry
An incident of a certain type of fall; a plopping down
A unit of measure of processor speed, being one floating-point operation per second
A ponded package of dung, as in a cow-flop

Cow flop in a neat package is still cow flop. What did Cable stand to gain from the flood?.

A place to stay, sleep or live. See flophouse

Hugh and the boys playing in beautiful settings with beautiful young babes was a far cry from grungy hippies doing it in a filthy flop house, .

Right, squarely, flat-out
The first three cards turned face-up by the dealer in a community card poker game

The strength of your hand now has nothing to do with how strong it may have been before the flop.

With a flopping sound
To fail completely, not to be successful at all (about a movie, play, book, song etc.)

The latest album flopped and so the studio canceled her contract.

To fall heavily, because lacking energy

He flopped down in front of the television as he was exhausted from work.

{v} to clap the wings with noise, bear, flap
A flop is a slang term for failure; in the entertainment world, usually referring to a movie or TV show that does not do well, or is expected to do well and falls short
A series of games with five community cards These are called flop games Hold'em and Omaha are two popular flop games The flop is the first three community cards dealt
The first three community cards which are dealt into the centre of the table
fail utterly; collapse; "The project foundered"
the act of throwing yourself down; "he landed on the bed with a great flop"
To clap or strike, as a bird its wings, a fish its tail, etc
To turn suddenly, as something broad and flat
{f} fall heavily, fall with a thud; plunk down; flap back and forth; fail (Slang)
The reverse side of an image
To fail completely, not to be successful at all (about a movie, play, book, song, etc.)
If something is a flop, it is completely unsuccessful. It is the public who decide whether a film is a hit or a flop. = failure
Reversing a transparency or negative so that what was on the right side is now on the left
To rotate an image along a vertical line To turn a negative face down before exposure to a metal plate in order to create a mirror image
an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers; "this computer can perform a million flops per second"
with a flopping sound; "he tumbled flop into the mud"
exactly; "he fell flop on his face"
the act of throwing yourself down; "he landed on the bed with a great flop" a complete failure; "the play was a dismal flop" someone who is unsuccessful fall suddenly and abruptly fall loosely; "He flopped into a chair" with a flopping sound; "he tumbled flop into the mud
{i} act of flopping, act of falling heavily; plunk, thud; huge failure (Slang)
If something flops, it is completely unsuccessful. The film flopped badly at the box office. Computer Science. floating-point operation
FLoating point OPeration: An operation is a computer action which is specified by a single computer instruction or a high level language statement, and a floating point operation is an operation made on a floating point number The time used for an average FLOP is a measure of a computer's speed (see Megaflop)
Act of flopping
Floating point operations per second A measure of how fast a computer is based on calculations per second A floating point is a number representation consisting of a mantissa, an exponent, and an assumed radix The number represented is M multiplied by R raised to the power of E (M*R^E) where R is the radix or base of the number system (For example, 10 is the radix of the decimal system ) [National Center for Supercomputing Applications, MetaComputer Glossary, Univ of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign 1995] http: //archive ncsa uiuc edu/Cyberia/MetaComp/MetaGlossary html
Turning a negative over to create a mirror image In an electronic environment, flop or mirror is a function that creates a mirror image, either horizontally or vertically, of an image or a portion of an image
In Texas Hold'em, the set of 3 face-up community cards; the first three cards on the board, all dealt at the same time
someone who is unsuccessful
Where two different painted panels appear to be a good match for colour when viewed at a given angle, but which appear different in colour at all other angles Also known as Geometric Metamerism
fall suddenly and abruptly
A swollen lettering situated between the Tag and the Graffiti
a complete failure; "the play was a dismal flop"
If something flops onto something else, it falls there heavily or untidily. The briefcase flopped onto the desk His hair flopped over his left eye
A number of games, such as hold'em and omaha, are played with five community cards The first three of these cards are dealt all at once, and are called the flop Games with a flop can be called flop games To flop a hand is to make that hand on the flop To "see" the flop is to still be in the hand when the flop comes I missed my pre-flop raise, and lost the hand when the big blind made a gutshot on the river
someone who is unsuccessful fall suddenly and abruptly fall loosely; "He flopped into a chair"
If you flop into a chair, for example, you sit down suddenly and heavily because you are so tired. Bunbury flopped down upon the bed and rested his tired feet She flopped, exhausted, on to a sofa. = collapse
with a flopping sound; "he tumbled flop into the mud
Floating Point OPeration A processor instruction for a basic operation on floating point numbers Most processors need 1 Flop for addding or multiplying two floating point numbers More complex operations involve a certain number of instructions Flops is the plural of Flop Flop/s is Flops per second wallclock time and is a measure for performance of a piece of program code on a given platform under given conditions Usually, SI prefixes like M (mega = 106) or G (giga = 109) are applied
To strike about with something broad and flat, as a fish with its tail, or a bird with its wings; to rise and fall; as, the brim of a hat flops
(10) - Pokémon with this attack: Magikarp L6
To turn over an image (negative) so that it faces the other way
The color of a finish when viewed from a side angle, other than direct
In Hold'em and Omaha, the first three community cards that are dealt face-up in the center of the table all at one time The "flop" also indicates the second round of betting
A number of games, such as Hold 'Em and Omaha, are played with 5 community cards
fall loosely; "He flopped into a chair"
To fall, sink, or throw one's self, heavily, clumsily, and unexpectedly on the ground
PH: a circle on the "leather" or a pommel Flops are the fundamental building bolcks oc a pommel horse routine
The first three community cards, put out face up, all together
to flap
When an images in printed in reverse on a film tool to allow blasting on the back side of glass
An electronic circuit (a bistable multivibrator) that has two stable states and is thereby capable of serving as one bit of memory
An item of footwear, usually of rubber, secured by two straps mounted between the big toe and its neighbour
An instance of [[#Verb|flip-flopping]], of repeatedly changing one's stated opinion about a matter
To alternate back and forth between directly opposite opinions, ideas, or decisions
flip flop
A flip-flop is a type of footwear normally worn at beaches,often made with a foam rubber sole and two rubber straps that go between the middle side of the outer edge of the sole and the big toe-to second toe gap.It may also refer to: - Flip-flop (electronics), the bistable multivibrator, a circuit with two stable states- Flip-flop (politics), a sudden change of position on an issue, also called a U-turn- Flip-flop hub, a type of hub used in bicycle wheels- Flip-flop sandal, a type of sandal with no back strap.- Flip/flop is a crucial interchangeable sequence in an AMPA receptor subunit conferred by alternative splicing- A flip-flop is the translocation of a phospholipid in cell membranes carried out by flippase proteins- Flip-Flop, a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the British science fiction television series Doctor WhoHandspring (gymnastics), or flip-flop- Flip Flop (pricing game), a game played on The Price Is Right
A backward somersault or handspring
Informal. A reversal, as of a stand or position: a foreign policy flip-flop
The movement or sound of repeated flapping
A backless, often foam rubber sandal held to the foot at the big toe by means of a thong
Electronics. An electronic circuit or mechanical device capable of assuming either of two stable states, especially a computer circuit used to store a single bit of information
flip-flop note
(Ekonomi) Note that allows investors to switch between two different types of debt
a backward somersault an electronic circuit that can assume either of two stable states a backless sandal held to the foot by a thong between the big toe and the second toe
A bistable circuit that can be triggered from one state to the other by an electrical signal; extensively used as a frequency divider
a decision to reverse an earlier decision
A term used to describe a terminal or logical which operates in half-plex, flip-flop mode, sending and receiving data in an alternating manner, but not both at the same time (full duplex)
reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action)
an electronic circuit that can assume either of two stable states
  A device that may assume either one of two reversible, stable states   Note 1: The flip-flop is used as a basic control element in computer and communications systems   Note 2: In a flip-flop, the transition from one stable state to the other is unstable, i e , for the very short period during which the transition takes place, both outputs may assume the same state, which state may be unpredictable   Synonyms bistable circuit, bistable multivibrator, bistable trigger circuit
An electrical circuit having two stable states: on and off A basic logic circuit component
disapproval If you say that someone, especially a politician, flip-flops on a decision, you are critical of them because they change their decision, so that they do or think the opposite. He has been criticized for flip-flopping on several key issues He seemed so sure of his decision, how could he flip-flop so dramatically now? Flip-flop is also a noun. The President's flip-flops on taxes made him appear indecisive. to change your opinion about something
a backless sandal held to the foot by a thong between the big toe and the second toe
(Informal) abrupt reversal or change (esp. of opinion); back flip; sound of something flapping; backless thong sandal; circuit that can toggle between two modes (Electronics)
A binary cell capable of storing one bit See register
A digital logic circuit that can be switched back and forth between two states
Flip-flops are open shoes which are held on your feet by a strap that goes between your toes
See: Jordan
Same as flic-flac
(v) to hike the AT from one end to a mid-point, then jump ahead and hike from the opposite end to the mid-point, thus completing the entire trail in one year; a method often used when hikers find they can't reach the northern terminus before bad weather
a backward somersault
A teacher behavior that disrupts smoothness of lesson delivery by starting one sentence, dropping it, and starting another, then dropping it and returning to the first one
1 A device having two stable states and two input terminals (or types of input signals) each of which corresponds with one of the two states The circuit remains in either state until caused to change to the other state by application of the corresponding signal
floating point operations per second
Fosbury flop
A high jump technique in which the jumper arches the back over the bar
belly flop
A style of diving into a body of water in which the surface impact is made mostly by one's abdomen
Alternative spelling of belly flop
an application procedure in which roofing elements (insulation boards, felt plies, cap sheets, etc.) are initially placed upside down adjacent to their ultimate location; coated with adhesive or bitumen; and turned over and adhered to the substrate
belly flop
a way of jumping into water, in which the front of your body falls flat against the surface of the water
belly flop
a dive in which the abdomen bears the main force of impact with the water
{i} type of dive in which one plunges stomach-first into the water
dive so that one hits the water with one's belly
past of flop
{i} one who fails, one who messes up
present participle of flop
plural of flop
third-person singular of flop
fosbury flop
jumping over the horizontal bar backwards and head first
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flop disk
(Bilgisayar) flip-flop
flip-flop bellek
flip-flop storage
flip-flop dizgisi
flip-flop string
flip-flop tamponlama
flip-flop buffering