fall into

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Englisch - Türkisch
başlamak (konuşma vb.)
(deyim) fall into one's/someone's lap çaba harcamadan kolayca elde etmek
maruz kalmak
yer almak
fall into sin
fall into a trap
tuzağa düşmek
fall into arrears
borçları vadesinde ödememek
fall into decay
fall into error
hataya düşmek
fall into error
fall into oblivion
unutulup gitmek
fall into obloquy
rezil olmak
fall into obloquy
dillere düşmek
fall into place
yere düş
fall into ruin
tahrip ol
fall into a, the trap
tuzağa düşmek
fall into decline
Düşüşe geçmek, çöküşe geçmek

The Roman Empire fell into decline as a result of corruption and depravity.

fall into deficit
(Hesap) Açık vermek

Eurozone trade falls into deficit - Avro Bölgesi ticareti açık veriyor.

fall into sleep
Uykuya dalmak
fall into the clutches of
k. dili -in pençesine düşmek
fall into a coma
komaya girmek
fall into a habit
adet edinmek
fall into abeyance
hükümsüz olmak
fall into abeyance
askıya alınmak
fall into confusion
karmakarışık olmak
fall into decay
(Fiili Deyim ) yıkılmaya yüz tutmuş
fall into decay
fall into desuetude
yürürlükten kalkmak
fall into desuetude
fall into disfavor
gözden düşmek
fall into disorder
çığrından çıkmak
fall into disrepair
bakıma muhtaç hale gelme
fall into disrepute
adı kötüye çıkmak
fall into disuse
artık bırakılmış olmak
fall into disuse
kullanılmaz olmak, bırakılmak, terkedilmek
fall into disuse
kullanılmaz olmak
fall into disuse
fall into disuse
tedavülden kalkmak
fall into error
hataya düşmek. fall into the clutches k.dili. -in pençesine düşmek
fall into oblivion
fall into obloquy
iftiraya uğramak
fall into step with
ayak uydurmak
fall into temptation
şeytana uymak
to fall into a dilemma
ikileme düşmek
fall down into one's knees
dizlerinin üzerine düşmek
Englisch - Englisch
To enter something (especially a profession) without having planned it

Most of us didn't plan to be designers, we just fell into the job.

To be classified as; to fall under

That falls into three categories.

To go into something by falling

The cat might fall into the pool if you're not careful.

Be included in or classified as; (synonym) fall under
If you fall into conversation or a discussion with someone, usually someone you have just met, you start having a conversation or discussion with them. Over breakfast at my motel, I fell into conversation with the owner of a hardware shop
fall into the hands of, be captured by; drop within, descend toward
be included in or classified as; "This falls under the rubric 'various'
be included in or classified as; "This falls under the rubric 'various'"
fall into disfavor
lose favor, cease to be liked
fall into line
join in, become a part of; get in line
fall into line with
comply with a particular course of action, agree with, come together, be compatible with
fall into place
work out, come together, go smoothly
fall into routine
become accustomed to a usual set of procedures; become "stuck" in a boring and unimaginative series of activities
fall into the hands of
be captured or attained by
all rivers fall into the sea
everything eventually ends up in the same place
fall into


    Fall in·to

    Türkische aussprache

    fôl întı


    /ˈfôl əntə/ /ˈfɔːl ɪntə/


    [ 'fol ] (verb.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English feallan; akin to Old High German fallan to fall and perhaps to Lithuanian pulti.


    ... to secure all loose nuclear materials so they can never fall into the hands of terrorists, ...

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