rezil olmak

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Türkisch - Englisch
(deyim) fall into disgrace
go to the dogs
disgrace oneself
(deyim) come unstuck
to be ashamed
be disgraced
be fucked up
be ashamed
to be disgraced
to be disgraced, to disgrace oneself
make an ass of oneself
fall into obloquy
abase oneself
lose face

Because he didn't want to lose face, he refused my offer to help him. - O rezil olmak istemediği için ona yardım etme önerimi reddetti.

rezil olma
ele güne rezil olmak
to be embarrassed in the presence of others
parasıyla rezil olmak
to pay out money for something that turns out to be completely unsatisfactory, throw money down the drain
rezil ol
rezil rüsva olmak
for one's dirty laundry/the things one is ashamed of to be made public; to be greatly disgraced
Türkisch - Türkisch
Çok utanacak bir duruma gelmek
rezil olmak