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An increase in the severity of something (such as a disease)
{n} the highth of a disease, a taunt
Refers to activities by the owner or operator that cause existing contamination to migrate beyond the boundaries of the source of contamination or cause an increased response cost
A flare-up or worsening of a condition
violent and bitter exasperation; "his foolishness was followed by an exacerbation of their quarrel"
an increase in the severity of symptoms
violent and bitter exasperation; "his foolishness was followed by an exacerbation of their quarrel
action that makes a problem or a disease (or its symptoms) worse; "the aggravation of her condition resulted from lack of care"
{i} aggravation, intensification, increase in severity; irritation
a period when a disease or medical condition becomes worse
The act rendering more violent or bitter; the state of being exacerbated or intensified in violence or malignity; as, exacerbation of passion
flare-up or attack of symptoms such as numbness or tingling of hands and feet that typically last for a few weeks; exacerbations come and go throughout the disease course of MS
A periodical increase of violence in a disease, as in remittent or continious fever; an increased energy of diseased and painful action
The initial inflammation in the demyelinization process in Multiple Sclerosis, or a relapse and return of symptoms
an increase in the severity of a disease or of its symptoms
The appearance of new symptoms or the aggravation of old ones, lasting at lease 24 hours (synonymous with attack, replace, flare-up, or worsening); usually associated with inflammation and demyelination in the brain or spinal cord
A recurrence or worsening of symptoms
To irritate
To make (pain, anger, etc.) worse; aggravate

The proposed shutdown would exacerbate unemployment problems.

to make more sharp, severe, or virulent
make worse; "This drug aggravates the pain"
make (pain, anger, etc) worse; aggravate
To render more violent or bitter; to irritate; to exasperate; to imbitter, as passions or disease
If something exacerbates a problem or bad situation, it makes it worse. Longstanding poverty has been exacerbated by racial divisions. = aggravate + exacerbation ex·ac·er·ba·tion the exacerbation of global problems. to make a bad situation worse (past participle of exacerbare, from acerbus )
{f} worsen, intensify, aggravate
exasperate or irritate