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Englisch - Türkisch
çıkan gaz
dışarı akma
{i} radyoaktif gaz
{i} ortaya çıkma
{i} çıkan şey
(Tıp) Emanasyon: Bir cisimden intişar eden koku veya buhar veya ışın, radiumun parçalanmasından meydana gelen radyoaktif soy gaz
{i} sızıntı
{i} fışkırma
(Sosyoloji, Toplumbilim) türüm
emanation deposit
yeryuvarı yüzeyinde magma gazlarından çökelen cevher
radium emanation
radyum fışkırma
'Radar Beacon' için kısaltma
compromising emanation
(Askeri) bilgi içeren kaçaklar
(Tıp) Rn sembolü ile bilinen, atom no: 86 ve atom ağırlığı 222 olan kimyasal element
radon elementi
(Nükleer Bilimler) (rn) radon
Englisch - Englisch
That which issues, flows, or proceeds from any object as a source; efflux; an effluence; as, perfume is an emanation from a flower
The act of flowing or proceeding from a fountain head or origin
{n} the act of issuing or flowing out
something that is emitted or radiated (as a gas or an odor or a light etc )
{i} flowing, proceeding forth; something which is emitted, radiation
An emanation is an intellectual concept from the Emanator clothed with material density, which proceeded from the Emanator, proceeded from itself An emanation may be independent of its emanator
An area descriptor for spells and magical effects An emanation expands in all directions from a point of origin designated by the caster, affecting all eligible targets within its radius, just like a burst However, an emanation continues to radiate from the point of origin for the duration of the spell Emanations most often use the phrase "emanating from" in their Area description
Undesired electromagnetic energy radiated or conducted from a system
An emanation is a form of energy or a mass of tiny particles that comes from something
the act of emitting; causing to flow forth
(theology) the origination of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost; "the emanation of the Holy Spirit"; "the rising of the Holy Ghost"; "the doctrine of the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son"
something that is emitted or radiated as a gas or an odor or a light etc
That which inevitably flows outward from the transcendental central principle of reality ("the One") in the neoplatonic philosophy of Plotinus Individual things, including human beings, are therefore presumed to be nothing more than the faint ripples left by a primordial big splash The timeless reality of a central intelligence, Plotinus held, inexorably results in the formation of both soul as an active principle of organization and, eventually, inert matter Recommended Reading: Plotinus, The Enneads, ed by John Dillon and Stephen MacKenna (Penguin, 1991) {at Amazon com} and The Cambridge Companion to Plotinus, ed by Lloyd P Gerson (Cambridge, 1996) {at Amazon com} Also see IEP, ColE, noesis, and ISM
plural of emanation
radium emanation
radon (Chemistry)