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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} kurutulan arazi
(Tarım) süzme
süzülen su
(Denizbilim) boşaltmak
(Denizbilim) boşalmak
boşaltma sistemi
(Kimya) direnaj
lağım döşemi
suları akıtma
fitil veya tüple cerahat çekme
{i} iltihabı boruyla boşaltma
{i} lağım şebekesi
suyu bir nehir ve kolları tarafından çe
{i} drenaj
(Tıp) Patolojik sııların bir lastik boru konarak akıtılması, drenaj (fitil veya tüple cerahat çekme)
{i} akıtma, boşaltma
{i} çekilen su
drainage basin akaçlama havzası
su mecraları
lağım ve kanalizasyon sistemi
{i} süzülme
kanalizasyon sistemi
drainage basin
(Coğrafya) su toplama havzası
drainage canal
(Coğrafya,Teknik) drenaj kanalı
drainage channel
drenaj kanalı
drainage network
(Jeoloji,Teknik) drenaj ağı
drainage tube
(Tıp) boşaltma borusu
drainage tube
(Tıp) drenaj
drainage water
drenaj suyu
drainage area
drenaj alanı
drainage area
kurutma alanı
drainage basin
drenaj havzası
drainage basin
akaçlama havzası
drainage coefficient
drenaj katsayısı
drainage density
drenaj yoğunluğu
drainage ditch
drenaj hendeği
drainage ditch
akaçlama hendeği
drainage fitting
pissu boru donanımı
drainage fitting
drenaj boru donanımı
drainage gallery
drenaj galerisi
drainage gate
drenaj kapağı
drainage pattern
drenaj modeli
drainage pipe
drenaj borusu
drainage pipe
süzme künkü
drainage pit
drenaj çukuru
drainage plough
drenaj pulluğu
drainage pump
drenaj pompası
drainage system
drenaj sistemi
drainage terrace
drenaj terası
drainage tile
drenaj tuğlası
drainage trap
drenaj sifonu
drainage trench
drenaj hendeği
drainage tube
drainage tunnel
drenaj tüneli
drainage water
süzülen su
drainage well
drenaj kuyusu
drainage divide
su ayrım çizgisi
drainage adit
(Madencilik) akaçlama galerisi
drainage adit
(Madencilik) drenaj galerisi
drainage area
akarsu havzası
drainage area
drenaj sahası
drainage basin
drenaj alanı
drainage basin
akarsu havzası
drainage blanket
drenaj blanketi
drainage by gravity
cazibe ile drenaj
drainage by pumping
pompalama ile drenaj
drainage by suction
emme ile drenaj
drainage by surcharge
sürşarjla drenaj
drainage capability
drenaj kapasitesi
drainage capability
drenaj gücü
drainage capacity
drenaj kapasitesi
drainage coefficient
akaçlama katsayısı
drainage cover
drenaj kapağı
drainage culvert
drenaj galerisi
drainage curve
drenaj eğrisi
drainage density
akaçlama yoğunluğu
drainage discharge
(Coğrafya) drenaj boşaltımı
drainage ditch
kurutma hendeği
drainage ditch
(İnşaat) akaçlama kanalı
drainage effluent
drenaj atığı
drainage facilities
(Askeri) drenaj tesisatı
drainage hole
drenaj deliği
drainage holes
drenaj delikleri
drainage layer
drenaj tabakası
drainage lines
(Askeri) drenaj hatları
drainage lines
(Askeri) DRENAJ HATLARI: İçinden, devamlı olarak veya fasılalarla, su akan alçak sel yatakları veya kanallar
drainage main
ana drenaj hattı
drainage path
drenaj yolu
drainage pattern
(Jeoloji) drenaj şekli
drainage pipeline
drenaj boru hattı
drainage piping
drenaj borulaması
drainage pump
boşaltma pompası
drainage pump
akıtma pompası
drainage pump station
(Askeri) drenaj pompa istasyonu
drainage retic
belli bir alanda, belli süreli yağış yağışlarla belli süredeki akışlar arasındaki oran
drainage roadway
yol drenajı
drainage system
drainage system
drenaj düzeni
drainage system
akaçlama düzeni
drainage system
boşaltma devresi
drainage system
(Askeri) su yolları sistemi
drainage table
zemin drenaj seviyesi
drainage tile
dren künkü
drainage tube
iltihap çekme tüpü
drainage valve
dren vanası
drainage wind
(Meteoroloji) drenaj rüzgarı
drainage works
drenaj işleri
drainage works
(Çevre) drenaj çalışması
degree of drainage
drenaj derecesi
intercepting drainage
(Tarım) kuşaklama drenajı
aeretion drainage
havalandırma drenajı
intercepting drainage
kuşaklama drenaji
interior drainage
iç drenaj
land drainage
arazi drenajı
methane drainage
metan drenajı
soil drainage
toprak drenajı
acid mine drainage
asit maden drenajı
aeration drainage
havalandırma drenajı
excessive drainage
aşırı drenaj
farm drainage
çiftlik drenajı
field drainage
tarla drenajı
surface drainage
yüzey drenajı
vertical drainage
dikey drenaj, kuyu drenajı
water drainage
su drenajı
agricultural drainage
zirai drenaj
agricultural drainage
tarımsal akaçlama
antecedent drainage
jeolojik bir yapıyı kesen bir drenaj yada vadi yatağının, sözkonusu jeolojik yapıdan daha genç olduğunu ifade eden hipotez
antecedent drainage
(Jeoloji) antesedent drenaj
ballast drainage
safra drenajı
bilge drainage
sintine boşaltımı
combined drainage system
birleşik kanalizasyon sistemi
contaminated drainage system
(Mekanik) kirli drenaj sistemi
contour drainage
çevre drenajı
dendrite drainage
(Tarım) dallı drenaj
dendritic drainage
(Jeoloji) dendritik drenaj
ditch drainage
drenaj hendeği
equipment and floor drainage system
(Nükleer Bilimler) donanım ve zemin drenaj sistemi
external drainage
eksternal drenaj
farm drainage
(Tarım) tarla drenajı
gravity drainage
(Tarım) cazibe drenajı
gravity drainage
yerçekimi ile drenaj
gravity drainage
(Tarım) çekim drenajı
gravity drainage
(Tarım) gravite drenajı
gravity drainage system
cazibeli drenaj sistemi
grease drainage
gres tahliyesi
gridiron drainage system
(Tarım) ızgara drenaj sistemi
herringbone drainage
balıkkılçığı drenaj
linear drainage
lineer drenaj
longitudinal drainage
boyuna drenaj
lymph node drainage
(Tıp) lenf bezi drenajı
mole drainage
(Tarım) köstebek drenajı
mole drainage
(Tarım) mol drenaj
pumping drainage
(Askeri,Teknik) pompalı drenaj
radial drainage
radyal drenaj
radial drainage
işınsal drenaj
radial drainage pattern
radyal drenaj paterni
radial drainage system
radyal drenaj sistemi
temporary drainage
geçici drenaj
tunnel drainage works
(Çevre) tünel suyu tahliyesi
underground drainage
kapalı drenaj
underground drainage
yeraltı drenajı
Englisch - Englisch
A system of drains
A natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area
the means of draining collectively, as a system of conduits, trenches, pipes, etc
{n} a drawing off
An area (basin) mostly bounded by ridges or other similar topographic features, encompassing part, most or all of a watershed
A system of gutters and drainpipes that carry water away from the foundation of a house
1 The frequency and duration of periods when the soil is free of saturation with water 2 That part of the water in the soil that passes through to deeper layers, that is, past the root zone, and eventually to the water table
a system of drains or an area to be drained
Drainage is the system or process by which water or other liquids are drained from a place. Line the pots with pebbles to ensure good drainage. the process or system by which water or waste liquid flows away
Area or district drained; as, the drainage of the Po, the Thames, etc
Formation of a paper or board web on the wire by removing water at the paper machine wet end
The sheet water flow and ability of a site to divert and drain excess water
In cartography, all features on a map associated with water, for example, rivers, lakes, shoreline or marshes
{i} emptying of liquid, channeling; sewage, waste water
1 The manner by which the waters of an area flow off in surface streams or subsurface conduits (Bates & Jackson 1984)
The act, process, or means of drawing off the pus or fluids from a wound, abscess, etc
The process of removing surplus ground or surface water either by artificial means or by gravity flow
1 The removal of excess surface or ground water from land by means of surface or subsurface drains 2 Soil characteristics that affect natural drainage
The rapidity and extent of the removal of water from the soil by surface runoff and by down-draw flow through the soil Also, the natural and artificial means for improving this removal by a system of surface and subsurface conduits
The system of gutter and drainpipes used to carry water away from the foundation of a home
A draining; a gradual flowing off of any liquid; also, that which flows out of a drain
A system of drains; the act or means of draining
Drainage is the natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water from a given area
The act of draining water through the soil Sandy soil has better drainage (loses water faster) than does clay soil (loses water slower)
a roof system's design features, such as shape, slope and layout that affect its ability to shed water
emptying accomplished by draining
a watershed
  Area drained by a river or stream   Usually includes at least one main canyon and several side canyons
removing water from the landForestry Commission - the organisation that plants and looks after forests in the UK irrigation - putting extra water onto farmlandland use - the way people use the land e g farming, forestry, settlementnational park - a large area of countryside whose scenery is protected for the publicrecreation - an activity undertaken for pleasurerural - the countrysideterraces - steps cut into the sides of hills to make extra flat land for farmingurban - cities, built up areascountry park - a small area of countryside near a city set aside for recreation
manner by which waters of an area flow off in surface streams
The system of drains and their operation, by which superfluous water is removed from towns, railway beds, mines, and other works
The process of draining a lake or stream
a general term applied to the removal of surface or subsurface water from a given area either by gravity or by pumping
a system designed to remove water from a structure
the process of improving the productivity of some agricultural land by removing excess water from the soil by such means as ditches or subsurface drainage tiles
The natural or artificial removal of surface and sub-surface water
Improving the productivity of some agricultural land by removing excess water from the soil by such means as ditches or subsurface drainage tiles
The mode in which the waters of a country pass off by its streams and rivers
drainage basin
A topographic region in which all water drains to a common outlet; a watershed
drainage basins
plural form of drainage basin
drainage pipe
conduit for the removal of water or waste water
drainage basin
An area drained by a river system
drainage canal
ditch or conduit for the removal or emptying of water
drainage ditch
ditch that carries sewage or excess water
drainage ditch
a ditch for carrying off excess water or sewage
drainage of swamps
drawing off of water from a wet area of land
drainage system
a system of watercourses or drains for carrying off excess water
drainage system
organization of pipes and canals for disposing of unwanted or waste water
air drainage
General term for gravity-induced, downslope flow of relatively cold air. Winds thus produced are called gravity winds
positive drainage
the drainage condition in which consideration has been made during design for all loading deflections of the deck and additional roof slope has been provided to ensure drainage within 48 hours following rainfall during conditions conducive to drying
autogenetic drainage
A system of natural drainage developed by the constituent streams through headwater erosion
lymphatic drainage
A specialised massage technique that encourages lymphatic drainage
lymphatic drainage
A speciality therapeutic massage using a gentle pumping technique to drain away pockets of water retention and trapped toxins Can be achieved through manual massage, hydromassage or aromatherapy massage
swamp drainage
drying out of swamps, removing of water from swamp areas
water drainage
The draining off of water