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Englisch - Englisch
boiling, agitated, enthusiastic

Marina's oddly ebullient words seemed to come to her slow as balloons. - Middle Age : A Romance (2001) by Joyce Carol Oates (Fourth Estate, paperback edition, 233).

showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling
{s} enthusiastic, exuberant, effusive; (Archaic) boiling, agitated, revealing excitement or thrill
joyously unrestrained
If you describe someone as ebullient, you mean that they are lively and full of enthusiasm or excitement about something. the ebullient Russian President. + ebullience ebul·lience His natural ebullience began to return. very happy and excited (ebullire )
Boiling up or over; hence, manifesting exhilaration or excitement, as of feeling; effervescing
exuberantly, effusively; in a bubbly manner
in an ebullient manner; "Khrushchev ebulliently promised to supply rockets for the protection of Cuba against American aggression
in an ebullient manner