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Something or someone disagreeable, dispiriting or depressing; a killjoy

You don't really need to know me. I'm kind of a downer.

A negative drug trip

Normally those pills give me a boost, but last night they gave me a downer.

A drug that has depressive qualities
{i} (Slang) barbiturate, depressing drug; depressing experience, bummer
If you describe a situation as a downer, you think that it is very depressing. For divorced people, Christmas can be a downer. If you are on a downer, you are feeling depressed and without hope. We've been on a bit of a downer since the Liverpool game
Someone or something that brings you down, makes you sad Derogatory "It's a downer having Nixon as president!"
slang n low point of experience, bad part, unhappy part
a drug that reduces excitability and calms a person
Depressing experience; cf Bring Down
downer cow
A downer cow is a live cow that cannot walk. This state can be caused by disease or injury. In nearly all cases it is considered by most farmers to be both humane and cost-effective to slaughter the animal when it becomes a downer, rather than keeping it alive and unhealthy. A "splitter" cow is a live beef or dairy animal that the hindquarters have done the complete splits and looks spraddle legged upon initial viewing. The cattle that go down that are able to still sit somewhat up on their briskets have a better chance of recovery than the cattle that are laid out on their side. Recovery is a study in patience
plural of downer