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Englisch - Türkisch
{ü} işte
{ü} bak
Lo and behold! işte! Al sana Karşına ne çıksa beğenirsin
(Askeri) tektik telsiz komünikasyonu; ileti gönderme kodu (tactical radio communication; transmission release code)
Türkisch - Türkisch
Eski çin'de gür ses veren ve cinleri kaçırdığına inanılan gong
Englisch - Englisch
Local Oscillator
hello ('lo; see hallo)
Look, see, behold (in an imperative sense)
Informal spelling of low

Can you turn the fan down to lo?.

{e} look! see! behold! view!
Low Order
{ü} behold, see, look (Old English)
like, in the manner of
Left On
Learning Objective
Low Oscillator - Refers to the frequency conversion CW source used in the RF mixing process
Short for Loved One (with dementia) Generally accepted in emails and on chat lines as an abbreviated form denoting, and used throughout this web-site to denote, a/the person with dementia Some folk have complained about the use of "LO" because not every LO actually is "loved" (due to family conflict, or the nature of the disease) Some prefer the term "FM" or family member, but not every LO is a family member either Some have suggested "PWD" or Person With Dementia, but that is an acronym with which I am not in favour (See "PWD") [Quick find]
CRS Domestic transportation tax
A shortened form of "hello" (lo)"
Leading Order
emphasis Lo and behold or lo is used to emphasize a surprising event that is about to be mentioned, or to emphasize in a humorous way that something is not surprising at all. He called the minister of the interior and, lo and behold, within about an hour, the prisoners were released I looked and lo! every one of the fifteen men who had been standing with me had disappeared. Used to attract attention or to show surprise
a synthesizer, produces one more more tones
Simplified spelling variant of low
Look; see; behold; observe
Liaison Officer
VR of type Long String

    Türkische aussprache


    /ˈlō/ /ˈloʊ/


    [ 'lO ] (interjection.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English lA.

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