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An English occupational surname for a cropper
a breed of domestic pigeon with large crop
a person who nurtures and gathers a crop
a variety of plant producing a good harvest

That potato I grew last year was a good cropper.

A fall on one's head when riding at full speed, as in hunting; hence, a sudden failure or collapse
One that crops
{i} reaper, harvester, one who raises crops
If you say that someone has come a cropper, you mean that they have had an unexpected and embarrassing failure. internet businesses that came a cropper. come a cropper a to fail in something, especially unexpectedly
A machine for cropping, as for shearing off bolts or rod iron, or for facing cloth
A variety of pigeon with a large crop; a pouter
a fall; see come a cropper
small farmers and tenants
come a cropper
To suffer some misfortune; to fail

You couldn't help feeling he'd be caught out one day, and then what an almighty cropper he'd come!.

come a cropper
To fall headlong from a horse
plural of cropper
a poor farmer who uses someone else's land, and gives the owner part of the crop in return



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    /ˈkräpər/ /ˈkrɑːpɜr/


    [ krä-p&r ] (noun.) 15th century. ====Noun==== cropper (plural croppers) #a fall; see come a cropper #* 1900, Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams, Avon Books, (translated by James Strachey) pg. 185: #*: But to myself I thought: ‘Considering that for eight whole years I sat on the front bench as top of the class while he drifted about somewhere in the middle, he can hardly fail to nourish a wish, left over from his schooldays, that some day or other I may come a complete cropper.’

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