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{i} cemaat

Sami dinsel bir cemaat üyesiydi. - Sami was a member of the congregation.

Müthiş insanları olan bir cemaatimiz var. - We have a congregation with terrific people.

{i} toplama
congregationalism her cemaati bağımsız sayan kilise idare sistemi
{i} dinsel örgüt
{i} toplama, toplantı
{i} senato toplantısı
idaresi cemaatin elinde olan
{i} toplanma
congregational cemaate ait
Englisch - Englisch
A corporate body whose members gather for worship, or the members of such a body
Any large gathering of people
A Roman Congregation, a main department of the Vatican administration of the universal church
A gathering of faithful in a Christian church, Jewish synagogue, mosque or other place of worship. It can also refer to the people who are present at a devotional service in the building, particularly in contrast to the pastor, minister, imam, rabbi etc. and/or choir, who may be seated apart from the general congregation or lead the service (notably in responsary form)
The collective noun for eagles
{n} a collection, assembly, mass, pile
A company of religious persons forming a subdivision of a monastic order
The groups of people who make up the local church, or the members of a local church who are present for worship
A collection or mass of separate things
the name assumed by the Protestant party under John Knox
An assembly of persons; a gathering; esp
the act of congregating
A large gathering of people
A body of cardinals or other ecclesiastics to whom as intrusted some department of the church business; as, the Congregation of the Propaganda, which has charge of the missions of the Roman Catholic Church
1 The entire collection of 144,000 {spiritual Israelites}, in heaven and on earth (Compare Act 9: 31; 1Co 15: 9 ) 2 All true worshipers of Jehovah as a collective entity, including {other sheep} and {unbaptized associates} <<When we read about {persecution} of our brothers and sisters in other parts, it affects the whole congregation >> (Also compare Act 20: 28 ) 3 Organized groups of Christians who regularly meet together at the same time and place Context normally helps to clarify which sense is meant When speaking to someone in one's own congregation, ``the congregation'' usually means that particular group, as distinct from others <<It seems as though the congregation has been lax about turning in field service reports on time lately >>
The assemblage of Masters and Doctors at Oxford or Cambrige University, mainly for the granting of degrees
The legislative body consisting of most of the academics in the University which refused to give Maggie Thatcher her honorary Oxford degree It also decides on various other University matters You must wear a gown to attend so not many people do - except where an ex-Prime Minister is concerned
A term that refers to the local religious group, typically members of a given church, mosque, parish, synagogue, worship community, etc
The whole body of the Jewish people; called also Congregation of the Lord
Literally, the people who have gathered for worship The term has two meanings: Those presently assembled for worship All of the people who make up the local church’s constituency
{i} coming together, assembling; gathering of people; group of people assembled at a religious meeting; regular members of a religious group
The people who are attending a church service or who regularly attend a church service are referred to as the congregation. Most members of the congregation begin arriving a few minutes before services
The act of congregating, or bringing together, or of collecting into one aggregate or mass
Local group of a religious denomination
an assemblage of people or animals or things collected together; "a congregation of children pleaded for his autograph"; "a great congregation of birds flew over"
A gathering of people in a Christian church, Jewish synagogue, mosque or other religious assembly. It can also refer to the people who are present at a worship service in the building, particularly in contrast to the minister, rabbi or choir who may be seated apart from the general congregation
The leaders called themselves (1557) Lords of the Congregation
an assembly of persons met for the worship of God, and for religious instruction; a body of people who habitually so meet
a group of people who adhere to a common faith and habitually attend a given church
the group of people who attend church; the members present for the worship service
Congregation of the Mission
{i} Vincentians, Lazarists, Lazarites, community of Roman Catholic priests and brothers founded by St. Vincent de Paul in 1625
Roman congregation
Any department of the Curia dealing with rites, legal and administrative problems, questions of faith and morals, and other ecclesiastical matters
plural of congregation



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    /ˌkäɴɢgrəˈgāsʜən/ /ˌkɑːŋɡrəˈɡeɪʃən/


    [ "kä[ng]-gri-'gA-sh&n ] (noun.) 14th century. From Latin congregātiō, from congregare "to herd together", itself from com- "together" + gregare "to collect into a flock, gather" (from grex "a flock, herd"); adopted c.1340 by the English Bible translator William Tyndale, to render the Greek (ekklesia) ('those called together, (popular) meeting'; hence Latin ecclesia 'church') in his New Testament, and preferred by 16th century Reformers instead of church


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