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Englisch - Türkisch
bir aktörün diğerine ipucu olabilecek son sözü
{i} sayfadaki ilk veya son kelime (sözlük)
sözlük veya ansiklopedilerde sayfanın tepesine yazılan ve o sayfadaki ilk veya son kelimeyi gösteren kelime
{i} replik
{i} parola
Englisch - Englisch
A word or expression repeated until it becomes representative of a party, school, business, or point of view
A word under the right-hand side of the last line on a book page that repeats the first word on the following page
{n} the last word occurring in a page
a word printed below the bottom line and matching the first word of the next page: an early binding guide
A word or phrase caught up and repeated for effect; as, the catchword of a political party, etc
a favorite saying of a sect or political group
It is seldom used in modern printing
See: Keyword
{i} slogan, memorable word or phrase
a word or phrase that refers to a feature of a situation, product etc that is considered important
the first word of the following page inserted at the right-hand lower corner of each page of a book, below the last line; or the first word or words of a new quire copied at the end of the previous quire
Among theatrical performers, the last word of the preceding speaker, which reminds one that he is to speak next; cue
A word or phrase written in the lower margin of the verso of the last leaf of a QUIRE that corresponds to the first word or phrase of the following quire Used as a device to ensure the proper ordering of quires when gathered together as a book Orientation on the page is usually horizontal, but may also be vertical in later examples, or even diagonal Catchwords may be plain or decorated See also QUIRE SIGNATURE and LEAF SIGNATURE
The first word of any page of a book after the first, inserted at the right hand bottom corner of the preceding page for the assistance of the reader
plural of catchword