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Resembling an insect
A shopping cart or trolley
A pushchair; a stroller
Infested with insects
Containing programming errors
A small motor vehicle, such as a dune buggy
A small horse-drawn cart
{a} full of or having bugs
A buggy is the same as a baby buggy
Used to carry bags and clubs Can be a simple frame with wheels, to more car like structures with motors
a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse infested with bugs
informal or slang terms for mentally irregular; "it used to drive my husband balmy"
A light, four-wheeled vehicle, usually with one seat, and with or without a calash top
Motorised or wheeled vehicle that carts the player's clubs
Among the more popular types of R/C cars, buggies are durable cars that can run on most surfaces The most popular are rear-motor two-wheel drive (2WD) electric buggies, but four-wheel drive (4WD) nitro and electric buggies are popular also
Powered cart used to transport golfer and equipment around the course
Infested or abounding with bugs
Common terms for caboose
{i} small horse-drawn carriage; baby carriage
A buggy is a small lightweight carriage pulled by one horse
infested with bugs
A hooded Gig The Americans use ‘Buggy’ to describe various two or four wheeled vehicles, but generally it refers to light carriages built for speed See the details of a Kinross Buggy for sale or a picture of Mrs Kinross showing a Piano Box Buggy
A light one horse two- wheeled vehicle
a small lightweight carriage; drawn by a single horse
buggy whip
a horsewhip once used by a driver of a buggy; "since buggies have been replaced by cars the buggy whip has become a symbol for anything that is hopelessly outmoded
bundle buggy
A bag on wheels with an extendable handle. Usually used for grocery shopping
baby buggy
A wheeled chair for the transport of a baby or infant
dune buggy
A recreational vehicle with large tyres / tires, designed for use on beaches and sand dunes
punch buggy
A game in which the first player to call "Punch buggy!" on sighting a Volkswagen Beetle gets to punch the other
rubber baby buggy bumper
A contraceptive diaphragm
An old or beat-up motor vehicle

My struggle-buggy was getting to look like a rinky-dink old tin can on wheels, so when I got back to Chicago that Fall I traded it in for a Willys Knight brougham sedan.

baby buggy
A baby buggy is a small folding seat with wheels, which a young child can sit in and which can be pushed around. = stroller, pushchair
baby buggy
a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
baby buggy
baby carriage, four-wheeled carriage in which a baby is transported
baby buggy
A baby buggy is another word for a baby carriage
beach buggy
a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes
comparative of buggy
plural of buggy
superlative of buggy
concord buggy
A kind of buggy having a body with low sides, and side springs
dune buggy
a recreational vehicle with large tires used on beaches or sand dunes
dune buggy
A recreational vehicle having oversize tires designed for use on sand dunes or beaches, especially a light vehicle with a modified engine mounted on an open chassis. Also called beach buggy. a car with big wheels and no roof that you can drive across sand = beach buggy
relating to the time before automobiles (and other inventions) changed the way people lived in industrialized nations
swamp buggy
an amphibious vehicle typically having four-wheel drive and a raised body
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çocuk arabası baby carriage, baby buggy, Brit
pram, perambulator