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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} fahişe

O bir fahişenin kibirli oğludur. - He's an arrogant son of a bitch.

Bir menopozlu lanet yaşlı fahişe, hiç neden yokken benim hakkımda şikayetçi oldu. - A fucking menopausal old bitch was complaining about me for no reason.

bitchyorospu tabiatlı

O acımasız bir kaltak. - She's a cold hearted bitch.

Hayat bir kaltak, öyleyse sen ölürsün. - Life's a bitch, then you die.

{i} cadaloz
{i} sevimsiz şey
{i} cadı kadın
{i} cadı
(Argo) kafa şişirmek
{i} dişi köpek

Bu dişi köpek kendi sahibini ısırıyor. - The bitch is biting her owner.

{f} şikayet et

Ben bir orospu çocuğunun annesiyim. - I'm the mother of a son of a bitch.

dırdır etmek
{f} şikâyet etmek
dişi köpek veya kurt
acemice iş yapmak
Şirret kadın
{f} berbat etmek
{i} k.dili. cadaloz kadın, şirret. f., k.dili. şikâyet etmek, sızlanıp durmak, dırdır etmek
dırdır et
{f} rezil etmek
bitch please
(Argo) Karşıdaki kişinin söylediğinin saçma olduğunu belirtmek amacıyla kullanılan söz
bitch about
şikayet etmek
bitch up
(Dilbilim) bozmak
bitch about
şikayet et
bitch out
(deyim) Basının etini yemek, dırdır etmek

When I called her, she started bitching me out.

bitch slap
orospu tokat
bitch fox
dişi tilki
bitch up
berbat etmek
bitch up
rezil etmek
bitch up
bitch wolf
dişi kurt
son of a bitch
piç kurusu
son of a bitch
(Argo) itoğlu it
son of a bitch
(Argo) aşağılık herif
son of a bitch
(Argo) fırlama
son of a bitch
(Argo) it herif
son of a bitch
orospu çocuğu

Ben bir orospu çocuğunun annesiyim. - I'm the mother of a son of a bitch.

son of a bitch
have a bitch about
We have a bitch about people or things when we complain about them

I went out with Julie last night and had a good bitch about work.


she has the rich-bitch personality.

son of the bitch
orospu çocuğu
sun of a bitch
Orospu çocuğu
sun of bitch
son of a bitch
kaba it oğlu it, it herif, it, eşşoğlu eşek
son of a bitch
whine like a bitch
(Argo) karı gibi mızmızlanmak
Englisch - Englisch
Term of contempt by extension applied to a man, conveying a judgement that he or his behavior are despicable, disagreeable, etc

You called me a bitch, didn’t you?.

To make derogatory comments (about a person)

Look, I saw you bitching about me yesterday, I know how you feel: why can't you say it to my face?.

A person who is made to adopt a submissive role in a relationship. Often preceded by the

Now that you're stinking rich, we'd gladly be your bitch.

A female dog or other canine. In particular one who has recently had puppies

My bitch just had puppies: they're so cute!.


How my bitches been doin'?.

Term of contempt applied to a woman, conveying a judgement that she or her behavior are despicable, disagreeable, etc

'Look at the children, you nasty little bitch!' he sneered.

A queen (playing card), particularly the queen of spades in the card game of hearts
A complaint
To criticize (something) spitefully, often for the sake of complaining rather than in order to have the problem corrected

All you ever do is bitch about the food I cook for you!.

A difficult or confounding problem

That's a bitch of a question. (Or, a bitch of a problem, etc.).

{n} the female of canine animals
An angry retort directed to a close buddy
an unpleasant difficulty; "this problem is a real bitch"
A person in an unfavorable, undesirable position
say mean things
informal terms for objecting; "I have a gripe about the service here"
female of any member of the dog family an unpleasant difficulty; "this problem is a real bitch
An opprobrious name for a woman, especially a lewd woman
a woman who is thoroughly disliked; "she said her son thought Hilary was a bitch"
To make derogatory comments about (a person) without the persons knowledge
{i} female dog; highly offensive term for a difficult or lewd woman (Slang)
Ones friend
A queen (the playing card)
disapproval If someone calls a woman a bitch, they are saying in a very rude way that they think she behaves in a very unpleasant way. see also son of a bitch
The female of the canine kind, as of the dog, wolf, and fox
By extension, a man with any of these qualities, especially a gay man (suggesting his behavior is womanly)
{f} complain, grumble, be embittered (Slang)
A malicious, spiteful, unbearable, intrusive or mean woman or girl
The female of the dog or other canine. In particular one who has recently had puppies
A person in a relationship who is made to adopt a submissive role
disapproval If you say that someone is bitching about something, you mean that you disapprove of the fact that they are complaining about it in an unpleasant way. They're forever bitching about everybody else
A bitch is a female dog
female of any member of the dog family
(Argo) beesh
bitch fight
a fight between women and/or between gay men
bitch fights
plural form of bitch fight
bitch magnet
A male who continually meets and dates attractive but very unpleasant women
bitch slap
Alternative spelling of bitch-slap

Things are a little better when Doris ends up spending her “honeymoon” night in the tub with the sprinklers going off, and there is a genuinely amusing catfight between Ethel and Marcia in which Doris actually—there’s no other phrase for it—bitch slaps Marcia; it’s funny because Marcia is a loser, a whiny, imperious daddy’s girl, and worth neither Ethel’s time nor Winthrop’s attention.

bitch slap
An open-handed slap to the face; see usage notes below

Top this all off with an occasional bitch slap or ass-chewing and you’ve got yourself a real recipe for breaking even the strongest spirit.

bitch slapped
Simple past tense and past participle of bitch slap
bitch slapping
Present participle of bitch slap
bitch slaps
plural form of bitch slap
Alternative spelling of bitch slap
To slap somone powerfully in the face, meant to assert dominance or control over the receiver; to deliver a bitch slap to

For additional quotations, see bitch slap.

bitch please
A response used when someone says something stupid or when somebody tries you
bitch out
(deyim) 1. to not do something out of fear; CHICKEN OUT.2. to back out of an agreement for any reason.3. to complain to; yell at
{f} (US Slang) slap a person with an open hand in order to humilate them
dish bitch
An employee of a restaurant who washes dishware, typically a minimum wage position where workers are not well-treated
dish bitch
In journalism, reporters who appear via satellite connections, and correspondingly have to be close to their satellite dishes
flip a bitch
To make a rapid and illegal U-turn

That's a cop up there! Flip a bitch and see if we can lose 'em.

A man who behaves obnoxiously or promiscuously, such that he would be described as a bitch if female
life's a bitch
An expression of acceptance of misfortune
a male homosexual
payback's a bitch
usually a complete sentence as an interjection: I am amused that someone got their revenge on you...but you certainly had it coming
payback's a bitch
Usually a complete sentence: I will get revenge when you least expect it
son of a bitch
An objectionable person

Count Davia, like a Son of a Bitch as he is, Chop'd upon mine and the Duke of Mantuu's Equipage, and rubb'd off with our Plate, Jewels, and other Knicknacks of Inestimable Value.

son of a bitch
Any objectionable thing

This son of a bitch won’t move! Marty exclaimed as he grappled with the supermarket cart.

Alternative spelling of son of a bitch
riding bitch
The middle seat of three in the backseat of small cars usually designed just for two; usually has a slight contoured hump making it a not so comfortable ride. The bitch seat. Example: I'm not sliding over. I rode bitch on the way here. It's your turn
The Bitch Heidi
nasty character played by comedienne Joan Rivers in a comedy routine
Simple past and past participle of to bitch
third-person singular of bitch
plural of bitch
present participle of bitch
brood bitch
a bitch used for breeding
son of a bitch
insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous
son of a bitch
nasty or disagreeable person, contemptible person (Vulgar Slang)
son of a bitch
disapproval If someone is very angry with another person, or if they want to insult them, they sometimes call them a son of a bitch. Used to express annoyance, disgust, disappointment, or amazement
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kıçına kına yaksın. vulg. So let the son of a bitch gloat
(over our misfortune)