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Englisch - Türkisch
{f} paylaştırmak
{f} pay etmek
{f} bölüştürmek
apportionment pay
hisselere ayırma
(Ticaret) tahsis etmek
(Ticaret) tahsis etme
Englisch - Englisch
Specifically, to do so in a fair and equitable manner; to allocate proportionally

The children were required to dump all of their Halloween candy on the table so that their parents could apportion it among them.

To divide and distribute portions of a whole

The controlling party had apportioned the voting districts such that their party would be favored in the next election.

divide up and distribute by shares, as in: I want to apportion the money among all the children
to spread out, divide, or distribute efficiently
{f} allocate, allot; divide, distribute
give out as one's portion or share
{v} to divide or part out, to assign
is to divide and share out according to a plan APPRECIATION is the increase in the value of an asset in excess of its depreciable cost, which is due to economic, and other conditions, as distinguished from increases in value due to improvements or additions made to it
Once the amount of taxes to be levied by each taxing district has been determined, the total tax levy must be divided, or apportioned, among all the taxation districts which contain territory in the jurisdiction (Guide for the Property Owner, Wisconsin Department of Revenue, 1993, p 1)
distribute according to a plan or set apart for a special purpose; "I am allocating a loaf of bread to everyone on a daily basis"; "I'm allocating the rations for the camping trip"
- To pay registration fees to a jurisdiction based on the percentage of miles operated in
To divide and assign in just proportion; to divide and distribute proportionally; to portion out; to allot; as, to apportion undivided rights; to apportion time among various employments
When you apportion something such as blame, you decide how much of it different people deserve or should be given. The experts are even-handed in apportioning blame among EU governments. to decide how something should be shared between various people (apportionner, from portionner )
given out in portions
past of apportion
the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan; "the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives is based on the relative population of each state"
present participle of apportion
third-person singular of apportion
to apportion