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the profession of an advocate
the practice of supporting someone to make their voice heard
the act of arguing in favour of, or supporting something
the act of pleading a cause
Telling people about the good work that is being done
{n} intercession, plea
the act of supporting or arguing in favour of a cause, policy or idea It is undertaken to influence public opinion and societal attitudes or to bring about changes in government, community or institutional policies (Kidney Foundation of Canada Advocacy Handbook, Adapted )
encouragement or support
the act of supporting or defending a child's interests and rights
Actively supporting a cause or issue
Advocacy is the process of taking and working for a particular side=s interests in a conflict Lawyers engage in advocacy when they represent a client in a legal proceeding Disputants can also engage in advocacy themselves--arguing for their own position in negotiation, mediation, or a political debate Any attempt to persuade another side to agree to your demands is advocacy
Any activity done to help a person or group get something the person or group wants or needs
A way of advancing a particular point of view It is characterised by a lawyer in a court room who presents arguments purely to sway the judge or jury in favour of his client As far as possible, facts failing to conform to his side's case are ignored It is the job of the opposing lawyer to raise such points An advocate, doing his job properly, will, without actually lying, try to use any legal technicalities to keep inconvenient evidence away from the jury and may seek to give a false impression
Any activity done to help a person or group to get something the person or group needs or wants ''
The process of actively speaking out, writing in favor of, supporting, and/or acting on behalf of oneself, another person, or a cause Advocacy can be any action to assure the best possible services for or intervention in the service system on behalf of an individual or group
the collective term for work done to promote conservation to the public and outside agencies by the Department of Conservation, conservation boards and the New Zealand Conservation Authority Advocacy includes taking part in land use planning processes and using a range of methods to inform and educate the public and visitors on conservation issues
trying to assure that the services appropriate for the child are received
representing the cause or interest of another, even if that cause or interest does not necessarily coincide with one's own beliefs, opinions, conclusions, or recommendations
is the act or process of defending or maintaining a cause or proposal An organization may have advocacy as its mission (or part of its mission) to increase public awareness of a particular issue or set of issues
Pleading for, speaking on behalf of or recommending something or someone UNDP's advocacy role is one of promoting the human development agenda at the global, regional and national level through issues as diverse as debt relief, gender equality, poverty eradication, climate change and good governance Part of "soft assistance"
Taking an active role in the education and care of an individual with deafblindness
(ad·vo·ca·cy) NOUN: The act of pleading or arguing in favor of something, such as a cause, idea, or policy; active support
Another key component of "coaching" for children with ADD is advocacy Children with ADD often feel that they have been treated unfairly and have difficulty trusting their resolving conflict with their parents and teachers The child has, in the therapist, an adult who can help them to present themselves to their parents and teachers
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active support; especially the act of pleading or arguing for something
The act of supporting or promoting a cause Speaking out
The act of speaking and defending on behalf of another Used many times in education in an effort to obtain needed services for a child Advocacy can be performed by a parent, advocate or attorney
Any activity done to help a person or group to get something the person or group needs or wants
Efforts by parents and professionals to establish or to improve services for children and students with exceptional needs Self-advocacy describes efforts made by the individual who will benefit from the results of the advocacy
Speaking or writing in support of something
supporting or speaking on behalf of a young person, someone with special needs or an elderly person who may not be able to be effectively heard on their own
An advocacy group or organization is one that tries to influence the decisions of a government or other authority. = lobby. public support for a course of action or way of doing things
The act of pleading for or supporting; work of advocating; intercession
Someone's advocacy of a particular action or plan is their act of recommending it publicly. I support your advocacy of free trade. = support
the act of arguing in favour of or supporting something
{i} defense; advocation; support, endorsement
advocacy journalism
Journalism in which the writer or the publication expresses a subjective view or promotes a certain cause.advocacy journalist n
advocacy tank
A research and problem-solving institution functioning essentially as a lobby in attempting to persuade legislators through seminars and studies to adopt the views held by its staff, as on matters of foreign policy or economics
media advocacy
An advocacy-group tactic of framing issues as public issues, exposing questionable, exploitative, or unethical practices, and forcing media coverage by buying media time or creating controversy that is likely to receive extensive news coverage
Counterattitudinal advocacy
The process that occurs when a person states an opinion or attitude that runs counter to his or her private belief or attitude
legislative advocacy
Legislative advocacy refers to efforts to influence the introduction, enactment, or modification of legislation. This can include lobbying, ballot initiatives, legislative networks and campaigns, and explanations of legislative processes. Legislative advocacy can also encompass instruction on how to conduct campaigns, educating legislators, communications strategies to implement lobbying campaigns, rules regarding lobbying, building legislative networks, and tracking legislation and committee votes
State Advocacy
public prosecutor's office, legal body representing the state's interest in courts of law
child advocacy
support and defense of the rights of children
military advocacy
support of the military
peace advocacy
any policy that advocates maintaining peaceful international relations