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Englisch - Türkisch
kont gibi stylishly dressed
kelle kulak yerinde strapping, big and robust
kadın ağızlı garrulous and gossipy
ızbandut gibi big and fierce-looking
kalıp kıyafet yerinde/ı kıyafeti yerinde imposing and well-dressed
filinta gibi handsome
kalıpsız kıyafetsiz small and unprepossessing
garbage man
{i} adam

O sağlam genç bir adam. - He is a robust young man.

Sağlıklı olan adam sağlığın değerini bilmez. - A healthy man does not know the value of health.

young man
{ç} men (men)
blind man's buff
Körebe oyunu
{i} işçi

Onun ayrıca çok sayıda işçiye ihtiyacı var. - He also needs many workers.

Birçok işçi kömür madeninde mahsur kaldı. - Many workers were trapped in the coal mine.

man's history
İnsanlık tarihi
moral man
Ahlaklı insan
{i} insan

Bugün, bir sürü insan işsiz kalma konusunda endişeleniyor. - Today, many people worry about losing their jobs.

İnsanın iki ayağı vardır. - The man has two feet.

brave man
fancy man
{i} erkek

Bir kadın erkeksiz bir şey değildir. - A woman without a man is nothing.

Odada kaç tane erkek çocuk var? - How many boys are there in the room?

{ü} Bir erkeğe hitap ederken bir sözü vurgulamak için kullanılır: Man, what a game! Aman Allahım, ne harika bir maç!
man at arms
right hand man
sağ kol
working man
erkek cinsi
bogy man
to be given to the right man
adamına düşmek
man to man
samimi olarak
man to man
erkek erkeğe

Erkek erkeğe konuşalım. - Let's talk man to man.

man to man
(spor) adam adama
man to man
erkek erkeğe, samimi olarak, açıkça
man's man
adamın adam
morally bad man, wicked man, sinful man
ahlaken kötü adam, kötü adam, günahkar adam
topuz gibi short and stocky
deve gibi huge and awkward
tazı gibi lean and agile
maymun gibi small, wiry, and energetic
helal süt emmiş good, upright, worthy
tokmak gibi solidly built, stocky
ileri görüşlü foresighted, foresightful, farsighted, prescient
perdesi yırtık/sıyrık shameless, brazen
şeytan gibi very clever
tutkal gibi unpleasant and pertinacious
içi dar impatient, restless
ince yapılı slightly built
eşkıya gibi wild-looking
zebella gibi big and frightening, ogreish, ogrish
servi boylu tall, slender, and graceful
kıçtan bacaklı short-legged
nüfuz sahibi influential
sırım gibi wiry
ince kesim thin and slightly built
söz ehli eloquent
çıyan gibi blond and unpleasant-looking
meşin suratlı brash and unprincipled
tasvir gibi very good-looking
maşa gibi thin and dark-complexioned
gündüz feneri jocular Black
şamama gibi small, cute-looking
yılan gibi malevolent and sneaky
kendini bilen/bilir upright and honorable
öksürüklü tıksırıklı sickly
mercimek gibi irresolute, inconsistent
manda gibi big, fat, and clumsy
yüzüne bakılmaz very ugly
suna gibi/boylu tall and handsome
teke burunlu hook-nosed
laf körüğü windbag
eski kafalı oldfashioned
geçmişi boklu vulg. damned
man to man
(deyim) man to man (talk...) samimi olarak ,acikca
Englisch - Englisch

Definition von (man) im Englisch Englisch wörterbuch

Someone (implied male) who is an expert in an area; e.g. horseman, sportsman
Someone (implied male) who is employed or holds a position in an area; e.g lawman, newsman
Someone (implied male) who has special characteristics relating to an area, e.g. freeman, iceman, superman
In certain cases, someone (implied male) who derives from a particular nationality; e.g. Scotsman, Chinaman
Abraham man
One of a set of vagabonds / vagrants who, in the 1700s and 1800s, roamed through England, feigning mental illnesses to obtain alms
Variant of Abraham man
Angry Young Man
Any of a group of mostly working-class and middle-class British playwrights and novelists who rose to prominence in the 1950s, their works being characterized by harshness, realism, and disillusionment with traditional norms
Essex Man
A stereotype of a working class Conservative voter in the south-east of England, characterized by brash and right wing views and few cultural or intellectual interests but an interest in wealth and material goods
Fat Man
The nickname given to the nuclear bomb dropped over Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945
Any person working for the US Government, especially in undercover work
A fictional character based on this definition, eg, Dick Tracy
A US government agent fighting organized crime in the interwar years
I see, said the blind man
Said to express confusion
Isle of Man
An island in the Irish Sea, a British Crown dependency that is part of the British Isles but not of the United Kingdom
Java man
A purported species of primate, a supposed ancient descendant of human beings, given the scientific name Pithecanthropus erectus
Metropolitan Area Network; a large computer network usually spanning a city
Manitoba, a province of Canada
The genus Homo
The Isle of Man
Man U
Abbreviation of Manchester United Football Club
Man United
Manchester United Football Club
Man Upstairs

God can't be found in unsanctified imaginations or in the caricatures of pop culture. He is not The Man Upstairs. He does not help those who help themselves..

Man in Black
the country musician Johnny Cash
Man of the Match
A player chosen as having made the most outstanding achievement during a match; awarded a small prize
Mister Man
Used to address a male, especially one whose name is not known to the speaker

'Who are you, Mister Man?' The boy sensed more about Burton than his name, but what a bust-up it would cause if I told him, Alma thought.

New Man
a man who, rejecting sexist attitudes, aims to be caring and sensitive, and to take a substantial role in the domestic routine
Anything that consumes indiscriminately

Like the Pac-Man of garbage, Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI) is gobbling up smaller waste disposal firms — 113 in 1994 alone — as that industry becomes increasingly consolidated.

Portuguese man-of-war
A floating colony of hydrozoans (Physalia physalis) attached to a float; it superficially resembles a jellyfish
Pr. of Man.
An abbreviation used for the Prayer of Manasseh, a book of the Apocrypha
Son of Man
Jesus Christ
Tin Man
The Tin Woodsman, a metallic character in the fictional Land of Oz who travels with Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion to the Emerald City in search of a heart
Vitruvian Man
A drawing of anatomy created by Leonardo da Vinci around the year 1487
Wicker Man
A giant effigy of a man used in Celtic rituals involving human sacrifice
a good man is hard to find
Men who make good husbands or workers are rare
a man is known by the company he keeps
People are similar in character to their friends
a man's home is his castle
a proverbial expression of personal privacy and security
advance man
A male advance person
a body snatcher or grave robber
aye man
barrow man
A man under sentence of transportation; alluding to the convicts at Woolwich, who are principally employed in wheeling barrows full of brick or dirt
batty man
A homosexual man
bin man
a male with the job of collecting refuse from people's homes and transporting it to a refuse tip for processing
black man
An evil spirit, a demon

he suspects everything he hears and sees to be a devil, or enchanted, and imagineth a thousand chimeras and visions, which to his thinking he certainly sees, bugbears, talks with black men, ghosts, goblins, etc.

black man
A (male) member of a racial group having dark skin colouring, typically of sub-Saharan African descent
blind man's bluff
A game where one person is blindfolded and tries to touch the other players
blind man's buff
A game where one person is blindfolded and tries to touch the other players
butter-and-egg man
A prosperous dairy farmer (or other wealthy rural citizen), seen as coming into the big city and ostentatiously living it up

He puffed on the big cigar that he always had stuck in his face and posed back like a big butter-and-egg man.

button man
A contract killer; a professional assassin
can man
A firefighter whose task is to haul a fire extinguisher

Douglas Oelschlager was the can man, bringing up extinguishers.

candy man
A person who sells sweets, especially a sidewalk or street vendor

There comes the candy-man! exclaimed a little fellow, pressing up to the side of the lady. Quick, ma! Here, candy-man! calling after an old man with a tin cylinder under his arm.

candy man
A drug dealer
Alternative spelling of candy man
chi chi man
A homosexual man
clothes don't make the man
An aphorism meaning that you cannot judge a person solely by his appearance. Usually pertains to men
common man
The average citizen, as contrasted with the social, political or cultural elite
confidence man
Someone who conducts a confidence game: who defrauds someone after winning his trust
dead man walking
Someone who is about to die; someone condemned
dead man's brake
A brake that normally operates under pressure, but engages fully when all pressure is released
dead man's brakes
plural form of dead man's brake
dead man's hand
An ace and an eight as a starting hand in Texas hold 'em
dead man's hand
Other various hands, among them a full house of three jacks and two tens
dead man's hand
A pair of aces and a pair of eights, in a player's hand
dead man's switch
a switch that automatically stops a machine or vehicle after a set period of inactivity from the operator
dimber damber upright man
The chief of a gang of thieves or gypsies
dirty old man
An adult male - usually middle-aged or elderly - who acts in a lecherous or lewd manner

Always shouts out something obscene / Such a dirty old man.

drinking man's degree
A lower second class honours or 2.2 degree
early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
platitude from Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym Poor Richard
every man Jack
All the members of a group with no exceptions

When the captain offered a free round of grog to the crew, every man Jack of them lined up for a cupful.

every man for himself
An expression of panic, that everyone should forget about comradeship and save themselves
every man for himself

I quit showbusiness because there was too much of an every-man-for-himself attitude going on.

every man has a price
Everyone can be bribed or corrupted for a certain price
every man jack
Alternative spelling of every man Jack
face man
A person who is used to present a good public face for an organization
family man
An adult male with a spouse and children to whose well-being he is dedicated
fancy man
: A woman's lover
fellow man
A kindred member of humanity
footplate man
The engineer, or driver of a locomotive

Kit had fallen into conversation with a footplate man who was deadheading back out to Samarkand, where he lived with his wife and children.

front man
The lead singer in a musical group

Pete Doherty is the front man of the Libertines.

front man
striker, attacker, forward
garbage man
Someone whose job it is to collect refuse from people's homes and take it to be processed
gingerbread man
A biscuit/cookie in the shape of a person and flavoured with ginger
give a man a fish
Shortened form of give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime
give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed h
It is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something, than to do something for them
government man
In the days when Australia was a penal colony: a convict

1888: Whatever it was that had happened to him in the old times when he was a Government man he didn’t talk about. — Rolf Boldrewood, Robbery Under Arms.

government man
A supporter of the government
government man
A representative of the government
green man
A character in British folklore often depicted as a foliate head
hatchet man
A professional killer
hatchet man
Someone who carries out brutal and unpleasant duties on behalf of another, such as firing dead wood employees
A strong, virile or sexually active man
head man
The person in charge of an organization, clan, tribe, or other group
hit man
Someone who kills for a living; a hired assassin
hoo man
An attention grabber

Hoo man, slow doon like!.

hype man
A hip-hop performer responsible for backup rapping and singing and increasing an audience’s excitement with call-and-response chants
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
Among others with a disadvantage or disability, the one with the mildest disadvantage or disability is regarded as the greatest
in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
Even someone without much talent or ability is considered special by those with no talent or ability at all
it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man t
The rich can afford more immoral behavior than the poor
joss pidgin man
Alternative spelling of joss-pidgin-man
kurdaitcha man
An aboriginal mystic who made an expedition to perform sorcery wearing slippers made from the feathers of emus
ladies man
Alternative spelling of lady's man
ladies' man
Alternative spelling of lady's man

Among the Kro-lu she would find another mate after the manner of the strange Caspakian world; but she told me very frankly that whenever I returned, she would leave her mate and come to me, as she preferred me above all others. I was becoming a ladies' man after a lifetime of bashfulness!.

lady's man
A womanizer

He was the most celebrated portrait painter of his day, a notorious ladies man, obsessed with women, pale beauties dressed in extravagant gowns . . . or nothing at all.

lady's man
A man who attracts women and enjoys their company

This promenading was chiefly patronised by the marines, and particularly by Colbrook, a remarkably handsome and very gentlemanly corporal among them. He was a complete lady's man; with fine black eyes, bright red cheeks, glossy jet whiskers, and a refined organisation of the whole man.

like a man
bravely, decisively and without complaining

Don't be a wimp, deal with it like a man!.

little green man
A Martian
little green man
One of the supposed extraterrestrial occupants of UFOs
little man in the boat
The clitoris
lollipop man
A male school crossing attendant
made man
A man whose fortune has been made

I had no money, but if I could only find workable country, I might stock it with borrowed capital, and consider myself a made man.

made man
A person who has been through an induction ceremony into the Mafia or similar organisation
main man
One's closest male friend

As Moody says of his main man, Diz influenced me from every standpoint. He was a friend, a father, a confidante, just everything to me.

An interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone

Geordie Giv'is a bottle of dog man!.

To take up position in order to operate something

Man the machine guns!.

A person, often male, with duties or skills associated with a specified thing

I always wanted to be a guitar man on a road tour, but instead I'm a flag man on a road crew.

An abstract person; a person of either gender, usually an adult

every man for himself.

To supply with staff or crew (of either sex)

The shipped was manned with a small crew.

A person, usually male, who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing

Some people prefer apple pie, but me, I'm a cherry pie man.

A piece or token used in board games such as chess
An adult male human
All humans collectively; mankind, humankind. Also Man

God created man male and female, after his own image, in knowledge, righteousness, and holiness, with dominion over the creatures.

A mensch; a person of integrity and honor

He's more a man than any pair of rats of you in this here house.

man Friday
A right-hand man
man about town
A worldly, social man who gets "about"

To Bertha this was a charm rather than a defect; his bashful candour touched her, and she compared it favourably with the foolish worldliness of the imaginary man about town whose dissipation she always opposed to her husband's virtues.

man alive
An expression of surprise
man alive
man boob
Large or womanly breasts on a man caused by pectoral fat, or sometimes a hormonal condition as gynecomastia
man boobs
plural form of man boob
man cave
A part of a home specifically reserved for adult male activities, such as drinking beer, playing games and watching TV; often a garage or den
man caves
plural form of man cave
man child
A male human being of a young age. A boy

Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, If a woman have conceived seed, and born a man child: then she shall be unclean seven days; according to the days of the separation for her infirmity shall she be unclean.

man children
plural form of man child
man crush
A crush on (sexual attraction toward) a man

for a certain faction of American women, the accent is swoon-worthy on its own. I will confess that the Darcy accent I concocted in my head while reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time was a huge contributor to my fictional man crush.

man crush
A crush-like but non-sexual feeling of attraction toward and admiration for a man.“man crush” in Aaron Peckham (ed.), Urban Dictionary: Fularious Street Slang Defined, Andrews McMeel Publishing (2005), ISBN 0-7407-5143-3, page 217.“man crush” in KTCK's online “Ticktionary”: “One male being in awe of another male for any reason”, quoted in John Mark Dempsey, “KTCK, ‘The Ticket,’ Dallas-Fort Worth: ‘Radio by the Everyman, for the Everyman”, in John Mark Dempsey (ed.), Sports-talk Radio in America: Its Context And Culture, Haworth Press (2006), ISBN 0789025906, page 27

It's no secret that Texas has become my favorite college hoops team; my man-crush on Durant has reached the point that I should probably remain at least 100 yards away from him at all times.

man crushes
plural form of man crush
man day
The amount of work that one person can complete in one day, often considered to be equivalent to eight man hours
man flu
A cold or similar ailment as suffered by a male seen as wildly exaggerating the severity of his symptoms
man ho
A promiscuous man

Man, you crazy,” said Mikel. “ You just a straight up man ho, yo. You can’t be a playa for ever though.”.

man in the moon
A human face perceived in the full moon, comprising dark maria and light highlands
man in the street
A typical person, unversed in a given subject; an inexpert commoner
man magnet
A person, especially a woman, who is attractive to men
man of God
a minister or priest
man of God
a prophet
man of God
any godly man
man of few words
A man who doesn't speak much, or speaks only for a short period of time
man of means
A man who possesses sufficient wealth to be regarded as prosperous or well off
man of parts
A man that is talented in multiple areas of life. This includes but is not limited to the area of seduction. He puts very little emphasis on memorized scripts or "peacocking" and instead relies on individualized ways to charm a woman
man of straw
A weak person

When push came to shove he gave in almost immediately, showing that he was a man of straw after all.

man of straw
A tactic used in debates and arguments where a weaker thesis is substituted for the opponent's real proposition, this thesis then being refuted, thereby creating the illusion of winning the argument against the original proposition
man of the cloth
A male member of the clergy
man of the hour
A man who has recently caught the attention of, or is being admired or honoured by, a large number of people
man of war
a military man
man of war
man of war bird, the magnificent frigatebird
man of war
an armed naval vessel
man of war
Portuguese man-of-war, a type of jellyfish
man on
A cry warning a teammate of an incoming opponent
man on the Clapham omnibus
Any ordinary person; everyman
man on the street
Someone not an expert; a member of the general public

It is not only the man on the street who is characterized by taking one's own system of relevance for granted. This holds true for the expert,.

man overboard
A cry used to announce that one of the crew has fallen over the side of the vessel
man page
A helpfile in the Unix operating system
man pages
plural form of man page
man proposes, God disposes
Things don't always work out as they were planned
man talk
A discussion between male colleagues seen as inappropriate for female ears. Often involves dirty jokes and discussions about sports
man tit
Gynecomastia, large or womanly breasts on a male
man tits
plural form of man tit
man up
to staff adequately; to staff up; to successfully fill all needed labor positions
man up
to "be a man about it"; to do the things a good man is traditionally expected to do, such as: taking responsibility for the consequences of one's actions; displaying bravery or toughness in the face of adversity; providing for one's family, etc

Hey son, man up, ok? There will be time for tears later.

man up
to vigorously guard the opponent to which one is assigned

I had to man up on their rover, and every time I went for the ball he tried to hit me.

man up
to assemble, each person manning (attending to) his station, prepared for departure of an aircraft, ship, etc
man's man
A man who is popular among men
The early Japanese syllabary using Chinese characters to represent Japanese sounds; the predecessor of hiragana and katakana
A letter thereof
Denoting a relation to humans or humanity
Denoting a relation to men or masculinity
Alternative spelling of man about town. (A worldly, social man.)

The man-about-town began to follow her, but along the other side of the boulevard, keeping his eyes trained on her.

A medieval heavily armed mounted member of the cavalry
The equivalent of a woman's small handbag designed for use by men, having compartments for mobile phones etc

Unisex styling gave the ‘man-bag’ its brief moment and many rough hewn embroidered denim and handtooled leather shoulder bags were worn by both sexes.

Alternative spelling of man boob
Alternative spelling of man child
One person's working time for a day, or the equivalent, used as a measure of how much work or labor is required or consumed to perform some task
A woman with a threatening attitude, often readily taking and discarding male romantic partners
A cannibal
An animal that has a reputation for eating humans, such as the tiger or shark
The amount of work that can be done by one person in an hour

Since 1950 our agricultural output per man-hour has actually doubled!.

An adversary that intercepts, and often modifies, communications
A murderer
An animal that kills humans
Someone who habitually seduces men
Of or pertaining to a system that includes both human and machine and/or their interface

The man-machine system is a combination of people and equipment interacting to produce a desired result from given inputs. .

A state of "oneness", between a programmer and his computer. When the observer cannot readily identify the transition between the human programmer (usually some form of system engineer) and the computer
To mark an opposition player closely
One person's working time for a month, or the equivalent, used as a measure of how much work or labor is required or consumed to perform some task
an armed naval vessel
man-o'-war suit
A suit, especially worn in the 19th century, with long trousers and wide-brimmed straw sailor hat

She had an open book on her knees and was pointing out something in it to Constantine who, dressed in a man-o'-war suit, lay at her feet. - The Dead, from Dubliners, by James Joyce.

Portuguese man-of-war, a kind of jellyfish
Attributive form of man of letters

Carlyle in his man-of-letters patronage missed the craft with which the angry Corn-Law rhymester rhymester of The Village Patriarch meant to reclaim the people’s half.

An armed naval vessel, primarily one armed with cannon and propelled by sails
The Portuguese man-of-war, a kind of jellyfish
That can be transported on a person. Often used about military weapons systems; e.g. missiles

Man-portable missiles imperil both military, civilian aircraft.: An article from: National Defense by Sandra I. Erwin.

That needs manly attributes, such as strength or endurance
Of a size suitable for a man; larger than normal
direct, forthright and honest
man-to-man defense
A defense in which each player guards a particular opposing player

They'll have trouble playing a man-to-man against such a fast guard and tall center.

A male witch; a warlock
One person's working time for a year, or the equivalent, used as a measure of how much work or labor is required or consumed to perform some task
manager; management
medicine man
A Native American shamanistic healer
mod man
A man who is modern in style

Back behind The Factory's burnished long bar, Patrick squints through all the whirring green and red and yellow lights, all the heaving bodies, until he catches the eye of a quiet mod man who sits back in the shadows with his blonde wife, seeing and unseen.

mod man
A person who experiments with and modifies the internals of machinery, electronics, or software that has been mass-produced; a creative mechanic or technician

My understanding on the 398/909 is that Sangean built the radio this way basically for the European market...to prevent overloading. If you search this newsgroup, you will find mods mentioned (by the great mod man RickW) that correct this condition.

night soil man
A person whose occupation it was to collect the contents of chamber pots (faeces) in the morning from domestic households, principally in the 18th and 19th centuries
no man is an island
All people are connected to other people and dependent on other people

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind,.

no man's land
The ground between trenches where a soldier from either side would be easily targeted
no man's land
Territory, often disputed, that cannot be inhabited because of fear of conflict, especially:
no man's land
The area between the backcourt and the space close to the net, from which it is difficult to return the ball
no man's land
A place where no one can or should be

Now, George, if you’re going to consider this question from the point of view of poetry, you’re off to No Man’s Land, where I won’t follow you.

no man's land
Land not claimed by any recognized sovereign state; terra nullius
no man's land
The stretch of land between the border posts of two contiguous sovereign states, sometimes separated by great distance
no man's land
Tracts of uninhabited territory close to the Iron Curtain
Alternative spelling of no man's land


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