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İngilizce - İngilizce
Originally, a horse used for hunting; now, a horse trained for steeple-chasing, a steeple-chaser

Oh, that final furlong! It can be both agony and ecstasy. Anyone who doubts that should have seen the television close-up of Jim Lewis as his great chaser Best Mate came up the final hill at Cheltenham in 2004 to clich a hat-trick of Gold Cups. ... Best mate is the best steeplechaser we ahve seen for years and all being well will be at the Cheltenham Festival again in 2005 to try and make it four Gold Cups..

A hunter
Someone that follows logs out of the forest in order to signal a yarder engineer to stop them if they become fouled - also called a frogger

and the chaser is the fellow whose job it is to follow along after these logs to....

Someone who chases metal; a person who decorates metal by engraving or embossing

Chasing in general can be distinguised from engraving, in that the design can be seen on the reverse or inside of the pieces. Having outlined the pattern on the surface, the chaser cuts and at the same time slightly depresses the surface. A light hammer can be used in this process also..

A mild drink consumed immediately after another drink of hard liquor

Cowboys in high-heeled boots teeter along its sidewalks, or push the swinging doors aside for a shot or two — straight, no chaser..

one who unhooks chokers from the logs at the landing

When the turn arrives at the landing, the chaser directs the engineer where to drop the turn by hand signals. The chaser then unhooks the chokers, gets in the clear, and singlas to reel in the haulback line.

A tool used for cutting the threads of screws

The category of thread cutting tools inlcudes both the single-point and multiple-point lathe cutters..

A person or thing (ship, plane, car, etc.) who chases
{n} a hunter, pursuer, driver, remover
One who or that which chases; a pursuer; a driver; a hunter
See under Bow, Stern
{i} one who chases; drink taken after a shot of hard liquor (i.e. beer or water)
A drink to follow immediately after another or to fill up a strong drink An example would be club soda, fruit juice, or water
A Quidditch player that must score using the Quaffle
Quidditch position Chasers try to score with the Quaffle
See 5th Chase, and Enchase
Someone who decorates metal by engraving or embossing
in terms bow chaser and stern chaser
A late edition of the newspaper for which the presses are not stopped until the plates are ready Those pages, then, are said to be "chasing" a running press The longer it takes for them to get there, the more papers are missed
One who chases or engraves
A horse trained for steeple-chasing, a steeple-chaser
a drink to follow immediately after another drink
The vehicle that maneuvers in order to effect a rendezvous with an orbiting object
- a rank of detective, usually assigned to tracking tasks
A chaser is an alcoholic drink that you have after you have drunk a stronger or weaker alcoholic drink. whiskey with beer chasers. a weaker alcoholic drink which is drunk after a strong one, or a stronger alcoholic drink which is drunk after a weak one
A tool with several points, used for cutting or finishing screw threads, either external or internal, on work revolving in a lathe
a person who is pursuing and trying to overtake or capture; "always before he had been able to outwit his pursuers"
Same as Chase gun, esp
chubby chaser
Chubby chaser is a term that refers to a person who is attracted to an overweight sexual partner
ambulance chaser
An unethical funeral director or person who engages in the unlicensed sale of preneeds or other services to those who do not yet need them in an attempt to increase business.“” - specific contextual example
ambulance chaser
An attorney who engages in unethical behavior
ambulance chaser
An unethical attorney who solicits business at the scenes of accidents or in hospitals, in exchange for a percentage of the damages that will be recovered in the case.“”, 15 Jul. 2006

Republicans have tried to cast him as a millionaire ambulance chaser, the kind of man who forces doctors and businesses to pay ever higher liability-insurance costs.

bow chaser
One of a pair of long guns mounted forward in the bow of a sailing warship to fire directly ahead; used when chasing an enemy to shoot away her sails and rigging
A man who practises bug-chasing
distillation chaser
A substance used to force a distillate in a distillation, as it has a boiling point more than that of the substance to be extracted and less than that of the impurities. It is rarely used but mostly with fractional distillation when column packing is used. As it vapourises it heats the column packing and causes the trapped fluid to rise over
massacre chaser
A massacre chaser is an individual who associates with a massacre to gain publicity for themselves or their campaign
prison chaser
a prison guard; particularly one who guards military prisoners on fatigue duty

According to Ronal Branson's website, he joined the U.S. military in 1963 and was assigned to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where he became a prison chaser, an inidividual who oversaw prison work deatil..

skirt chaser
A man with amorous intentions who habitually seeks out female companionship

Heaven Can Wait (20th Century-Fox) is a lengthy but frequently funny life history of an old New York skirt chaser (Don Ameche) from his brownstone puberty to his overripe old age.

stern chaser
A gun or cannon mounted on the stern of a ship for firing at a pursuing vessel
storm chaser
One who chases storms as a profession and/or hobby
storm chaser
One who finds and films storms, especially tornados
tranny chaser
Someone with a fetish-like attraction to the genitalia of pre-operative or non-operative transwoman or or transman
tranny chaser
An individual who is sexually attracted to transgendered people
ambulance chaser
{i} (North American Slang) lawyer who recruits accident victims and incites them to press charges for injuries and to sue for damages
ambulance chaser
a lawyer who incites accident victims to sue
ambulance chaser
a lawyer who uses a lot of pressure to persuade someone who has been hurt in an accident to sue other people or companies in court, so that the lawyer will get part of the money if they win - used to show disapproval
plural of chaser
slow-speed chaser
drinking celebration which is joyful after closing of court (used by journalists during the O.J. Simpson Civil Trial)
stern chaser
a naval gun able to fire astern at a ship in chase
submarine chaser
A small, fast ship equipped to pursue and attack submarines
woman chaser
a man who is aggressive in making amorous advances to women



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    /ˈʧāsər/ /ˈʧeɪsɜr/


    [ 'chA-s&r ] (noun.) 13th century. From Old French chaceür, chaceour (French chasseur), from chasser (“to chase, hunt”); later senses from or influenced by chase +‎ -er.