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İngilizce - İngilizce
Such a confirmation or authentication
The process of providing an independent opinion on published financial and other business information of a business, public agency, or other organization performed by accountants or auditors
Something which bears witness, confirms or authenticates
Appearing in records – for example, Old English is an attested language (as in Beowulf), while Proto-Indo-European is a reconstructed language
{n} testimony, official testimony
the evidence by which something is attested noun
noun group: law,;c the action of bearing witness
Certification that contracting entities’ award procedures conform to Directives
{i} testimony under oath
A statement by a person who has witnessed another person signing a document to the effect that they did in fact witness the document May include statements to the effect that the witness knew the person who signed personally, that the person who signed understood the contents of the document when he signed etc Required in some states for deeds
The act of witnessing a person's signing of a written instrument Some states require that a deed be witnessed by at least two witnesses one of whom may need to be an official witness such as a notary Without the attestation the deed is void in those states that have this requirement Some deeds may require a witnessing in cases involving grantors who have not learned to write or are paralyzed Such a grantor would be required to make a mark or at least a thumbprint which manifests intent to sign Both the marking and the statement or declaration of intent by the grantor would need to be witnessed
Attestations are sworn statements that employers must make to the U S Department of Labor before being able to bring foreign workers to the U S Attestations may include statements that the employer is trying to hire more Americans, or it may simply be a statement that foreign workers will be paid the same as U S workers Attestations are required only for certain types of employment-based visas
group: law,;c the action of bearing witness
The act of attesting; testimony; witness; a solemn or official declaration, verbal or written, in support of a fact; evidence
The process of witnessing
            For signing by a person on a statement that he has witnessed   Eg Another person sign a document
the evidence by which something is attested
The act of watching someone sign a legal document, such as a will or power of attorney, and then signing your own name as a witness When you witness a document in this way, you are attesting -- that is, stating and confirming -- that the person whom you watched sign the document in fact did so Attesting to a document does not mean that you are vouching for its accuracy or truthfulness You are only acknowledging that you watched it being signed by the person whose name is on the signature line
The act of witnessing the execution of an instrument
a legal statement made by someone in which they say that something is definitely true
The truth appears from the attestation of witnesses, or of the proper officer
The subscription of a name to a writing as a witness, is an attestation
attestation service
a consulting service in which a CPA expresses a conclusion about the reliability of a written statement that is the responsibility of someone else
plural of attestation