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İngilizce - Türkçe

Ahlaki evrenin yayı uzun, ancak adalete doğru eğilir. - The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.

(çıngı) ark

Gökkuşağı gökyüzünde bir kavis oluşturur. - The rainbow forms an arc in the sky.

{i} ark

O bir arkeologun asistanıdır. - He is an archeologist's assistant.

Arktik denizindeki buz tabakası yok oluyor. - The ice in the Arctic Sea is disappearing.

{i} elektrik atlaması
(Askeri) Hava Stok Maddeleri; Amerikan (Milli) Kızıl Haçı (air Reserve Components; American (National) Red Cross)
{i} elek. ark
(Mimarlık) arc (elec.) arc (circle)
yay eklinde olan herhangi bir şey
ark yap/yay çiz
(Tıp) Bakınız: arch
arc light ark lâmbası
(Mimarlık) (elec.) elektrik arkı
{f} atlamak [elek.]
{f} atlama yapmak [elek.]
(Mimarlık) (circle) yay
{i} mat. yay, ark
kavis çizmek
yay çizmek
atlama yapmak
arc back
ters yönlü ark
arc component
yay bileşeni
arc cosecant
ark kosekant
arc cosine
ark kosinüs
arc crater
ark krateri
arc deflector
ark saptırıcı
arc discharge
ark deşarjı
arc discharge tube
ark deşarj tüpü
arc drop
ark düşüşü
arc duration
ark süresi
arc extinction
ark sönümü
arc furnace
ark fırını
arc lamp
ark lambası
arc light
ark ışığı
arc light
ark lambası
arc of meridian
meridyen yayı
arc oscillation
ark osilasyonu
arc oscillator
ark osilatörü
arc resistance
ark direnci
arc secant
ark sekant
arc sine
ark sinüs
arc spectrum
ark spektrumu
arc suppressor
ark söndürücü
arc tangent
ark tanjant
arc tube
ark tüpü
arc welder
elektrikli kaynak makinesi
arc welding
ark kaynağı
arc cotangent
ark kotanjant, estegetlik yayı
arc length
(Geometri) Yay uzunluğu
arc of
arc rectifier
ark redresörü
arc spot welding
(Mühendislik) arklı nokta kaynağı
arc weld
ark kaynağı yapmak
ark dakika
arc boutant
(Mimarlık) arch buttress
arc cell
ark hucresi
arc formeret
(Mimarlık) yanlama kemer
arc lamp
ark lâmbası
arc over
atlamak [elek.]
arc over
atlama yapmak [elek.]
arc right
(Bilgisayar) sağ doğru yay
arc welding
(Mimarlık) ark kaynağı elektrik kaynağı
flux cored arc welding
Özlü tel ile ark kaynağı
block arc
(Bilgisayar) blok yay
electric arc
elektrik kıvılcımı
island arc
(Jeoloji) ada yayı
short arc
(Bilgisayar) kısa ark
smooth arc
(Matematik) pürüzsüz yay
submerged arc welding
tozaltı ark kaynağı
submerged arc welding
tozaltı kaynağı
an/arc 190v
an/arc 190v
carbon arc
karbon arkı
carbon arc lamp
karbon elektrik ark lambası
congruent arc
eş yay
conjugate arc
eşlenik yay
contact arc
kontak arkı
electric arc
elektrik arkı
electric arc
çıngı arkı
electric arc welding
elektrik ark kaynağı
inert gas arc welding
soy gaz ile ark kaynağı yapma
island arc
adalar yayı
jordan arc
jordan yayı
keep alive arc
canlı tutma arkı
major arc
büyük yay
mercury arc
cıvalı ark
mercury arc
cıva arkı
mercury arc converter
cıva arklı değiştirici
mercury arc rectifier
cıva arklı redresör
reflex arc
refleks arkı
Character arc
Bir filmdeki rolü oynayan karakterin hikayenin içinde değişimi
circular arc
dairesel yay
direct arc furnace
(Mühendislik) ark fırını
gas metal arc welding
(Mühendislik) Gazaltı kaynak
joan of arc
Jeanne d'Arc'ın
manual metal arc
ark kılavuzu
minute of arc
ark dakika
nocturnal arc
gece yayı
shielded arc welding
siperli ark kaynağı
shielded metal arc welding
siperli metal ark kaynağı
simple arc
basit ark
submerged arc weld
Toz altı kaynağı
submerged arc welding
(İmalat) Gazaltı kaynağı
an/arc 190v
(Otomotiv) kontak yapma
circular arc aerofoil
(Havacılık) daire eğrili kanat profili
electric arc
fiz. elektrik arkı, elektrik yayı
elevating arc
(Askeri) YÜKSELİŞ DİŞLİ KAVSİ: Bir top namlusuna yükseliş ve alçalış veren topa veya top kundağına dikey vaziyette tespit edilmiş dişli kavis
ensimatic arc
simatik bir kabuk üzerinde oluşan volkanik yay
ensimatic arc
ensimatik (volkanik) yay
filled arc
(Bilgisayar) dolu yay
flame arc
alev arkı
inert gas arc welding
asal gazla ark kaynağı yapma
island arc distribution
(Çevre) ada yayı dağılımı
island arc trench system
(Çevre) ada yayı açılma sistemi
kern's arc
(Meteoroloji) kern yayı
mercury arc rectifier
cıvalı ark redresörü
open systems interconnection arc
hitecture;Açık Sistemler Bağlantısı
oxygen arc cutting
(Askeri) oksijen ark kesme
reshape arc
Yeniden Pekillendire Arkı
shielded metal arc cutting
(Askeri) korunmalı metal ark kesme
shielded metal arc welding
(Askeri) korunmalı metal ark kaynağı
thermionic arc
(Fizik) termiyonik ark
xenon arc lamp
(Tekstil) ksenon ark lambası
Türkçe - Türkçe
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Deve sürücüs
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Mekke ile Medine arasında bir mevzi
Deve sürücüsü
İngilizce - İngilizce
AIDS-related complex
A circular arc
To form an electrical arc
A curve
To move following a curved path
A continuous section of any curve
A flow of current across an insulating medium; especially a hot, luminous discharge between either two electrodes or as lightning
a story arc
A directed edge
A continuous mapping from a real interval (typically ) into a space
{n} part of a circle or bridge
An Alien Resident Certificate, or ARC, is the identification card issued to foreign residents of the Republic of China (Taiwan and associated islands)
In geometry, an arc is a part of the line that forms the outside of a circle. A combination of symptoms, including fever, lymphadenopathy, blood abnormalities, and susceptibility to opportunistic infections that is a precursor to AIDS in some individuals infected with HIV. American Red Cross. Arc de Triomphe arc furnace island arc Joan of Arc Saint
(Address Abbr.) Arcade
{i} American organization concerned with the alleviation of human suffering and the promotion of public health
a continuous portion of a circle
A string of x,y coordinate pairs (vertices) that begin at one location and end at another Connecting the arc's vertices creates a line
An intense luminous discharge formed by the passage of an electric current across a space between two electrodes See also streamer
A chain of volcanoes (volcanic arc) that sometimes forms on the land when an oceanic plate collides with a continental plate and then slides down underneath it (subduction)
An ordered string of vertices (x, y coordinate pairs) that begin at one location and end at another Connecting the arc’s vertices creates a line The vertices at each endpoint of an arc are called nodes
a word made from the initial letters of Affinity, Reality and Communication, which together equate to Understanding It is pronounced by stating its letters, A-R-C To Scientologists it has come to mean good feeling, love or friendliness, such as, "He was in ARC with his friend " One does not, however, fall out of ARC; he has an ARC break See also ARC break
Formerly the Association of Retarded Citizens of the United States The ARC is the country's largest voluntary organization committed to the welfare of all children and adults with mental retardation and their families The ARC is a charitable nonprofit organization supported by contributions from the general public
A portion of a curved line; as, the arc of a circle or of an ellipse
To form a voltaic arc, as an electrical current in a broken or disconnected circuit
1) a luminous glow formed by the flow of electric current through ionized air, gas, or vapor between separated electrodes or contacts 2) a portion of the circumference of a circle
Any portion of a circle, such as those found in an archway or curved wall
{i} curve, part of a circle
A continuous mapping from a real interval (typically [0, 1]) into a space
{f} follow an arc shaped course; form an electrical arc; form a curve
something curved in shape
The change of the direction of flight that follows some part of the circumference of a circle Distinguish this from a curve which does not have a constant radius
Sparking that results when undesired current flows between two point of differing potential
An arc is a smoothly curving line or movement. The Aleutian chain is a long arc of islands in the North Pacific
form an arch or curve; "her back arches"; "her hips curve nicely"
Segment of a circle or ellipse, sometimes used to describe part of the boundary of a letterform
A portion of the circumference of an oval bounded by a pair of radii joining at the oval's center Contrast a wedge, which includes part of the oval's interior Arcs and wedges are defined by the bounding rectangle that encloses the oval, along with a pair of angles marking the positions of the bounding radii Source: NPG
Sparking that results when undesirable current flows between two points of differing potential This may be due to leakage through the intermediate insulation or a leakage path due to contamination
A line connecting a set of points that may form one side of a polygon (see Chain and String)
A curvature in the shape of a circular arc or an arch; as, the colored arc (the rainbow); the arc of Hadley's quadrant
The apparent arc described, above or below the horizon, by the sun or other celestial body
AIDS-related complex A condition in which antibody tests for AIDS virus are positive and patients may exhibit enlarged lymph nodes, fatigue, fever, night sweats, weight loss, and unexplained diarrhea, but do not have any of the more serious complications of AIDS
A luminous bridge across the gap that occurs during energy discharge and melts away a small amount of material from the workpiece and/or electrode Sometimes incorrectly used to mean DC arc See also IONlZA TION
A luminous discharge of electrical current crossing the gap between two electrodes
The diurnal arc is described during the daytime, the nocturnal arc during the night
Allocation Review Committee Convened from time to time, the ARC reviews and makes recommendations to the Quality of Markets Committee with respect to the Exchange's policies and procedures for the allocation of listing securities to specialist units
Abbreviation for Advance Reading Copy A copy of a book released in advance of the publication date, for the purpose of promotion and or review ARCs are usually sent to booksellers, to drum up advance orders, and to allow the bookseller to talk it up prior to release ARCs are usually in bound in wraps, typically with information on the cover or inside regarding intended date of release; promotional budget and other information intended to whet the appetite of the bookseller See: review copy Galley proof
In an FSM, a path segment which does not repeat As opposed to a cycle In any FSM of finite size, every arc must eventually lead to a cycle
1 An ordered string of vertices (x,y coordinate pairs) that begins at one location and ends at another Connecting the arc's vertices creates a line The vertices at each endpoint of an arc are called nodes 2 An ARC/INFO coverage feature class used to represent linear features and polygon boundaries One line feature can contain many arcs Arcs are topologically linked to nodes (arc-node topology) and to polygons (polygon-arc topology) The descriptive attributes of arcs are stored in the arc attribute table (AAT) 3 A line connecting a set of points that form one side of a polygon
An arch

My grandfather was an archaeologist. - My grandpa was an archeologist.

That's an archaic expression. - That is an archaic expression.

Describes a ball path from foul line to headpin that does not have a sharp, defined break point
electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field
A connection between nodes in the vector GIS model
1) A luminous glow formed by the flow of electric current through ionized air, gas, or vapor between separate electrodes or contacts 2) A portion of the circumference of a circle
A line that connects two nodes in a state-space graph A line may represent an event in which the system transitions from state "a" to state "b" (or the trivial case of state "a" to state "a") A line may also represent the interval of time that elapses between the occurrence of two events (denoted by a node)
arc lamp
An electric arc arranged so as to produce useful light
arc lamps
plural form of arc lamp
arc welding
The process of welding two pieces of metal together using the heat generated by an electric arc between two electrodes
Used to form the names of inverse trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, and also the symbols for these functions

arc-sine (British), arcsine (US).

Alternative for a flying buttress
Such that every pair of points in the space comprises the boundary of some arc embedded in the space
arc-hyperbolic function
An inverse hyperbolic function
arc length
(Geometri) Determining the length of an irregular arc segment—also called rectification of a curve—was historically difficult. Although many methods were used for specific curves, the advent of calculus led to a general formula that provides closed-form solutions in some cases
Arc de Triomphe
Largest triumphal arch in the world. A masterpiece of Romantic Classicism, it is one of the best-known monuments of Paris. It stands at the centre of the Place Charles de Gaulle, at the western terminus of the Champs-Élysées. Initiated by Napoleon, designed by Jean-François-Thérèse Chalgrin, and constructed in 1806-36, the monument is 164 ft (50 m) high and 148 ft (45 m) wide. Decorative relief sculptures celebrating Napoleon's victorious military campaigns were executed on the arch by François Rude, Jean-Pierre Cortot, and Antoine Etex
Arc de Triumph
monument in Paris which was built by Napoleon I in 1806 in honor of his military victories
arc blow
The deflection of an electric arc from its normal path because of magnetic forces
arc cosecant
The inverse of the cosecant function
arc cosine
The inverse of the cosine function
arc cotangent
The inverse of the cotangent function
arc furnace
Type of electric furnace in which heat is generated by an arc between carbon electrodes above the surface of the material (commonly a metal) being heated. William Siemens first demonstrated the arc furnace in 1879 at the Paris Exposition by melting iron in crucibles; horizontally placed carbon electrodes produced an electric arc above the container of metal. The first commercial arc furnace in the U.S. (1906) had a capacity of four tons (3.6 metric tons) and was equipped with two electrodes. Modern furnaces range in heat size from a few tons up to 400 tons (360 metric tons), and the arcs strike directly into the metal bath from vertically positioned, graphite electrodes to remelt scrap steel or refine briquettes of direct-reduced iron ore
arc lamp
a lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes
arc lamp
An electric light in which a current traverses a gas between two incandescent electrodes and generates an arc that produces light. Also called arc light
arc lamp
electric light in which a current flows across a space between two electrodes producing an arc shaped light
arc length
the distance between an arc's endpoints along the path of the circle
arc length
The distance between the tip of the electrode and the weld puddle
arc length
The fraction of the circumference of a circle defined by the arc (Lesson 7 7)
arc length
- The arc length is NOT the degree measure of an arc It is the actual distance between two point along the circle It is part of the circumference of the circle
arc light
The light of an arc lamp
arc light
electric light in which a current flows across a space between two electrodes producing an arc shaped light
arc light
Arc lights are a type of very bright electric light. the brilliant glare of the arc lights
arc secant
The inverse of the secant function
arc sine
The inverse of the sine function
arc tangent
The inverse of the tangent function
arc welding
A welding process where similar materials are joined with a heating process caused by an electric arc In the most common use, this process includes the use of a filler metal
arc welding
Welding that uses an electric arc to provide heat. a method of joining two pieces of metal together by heating them with a special tool
arc welding
A group of welding processes in which fusion is obtained by heating with an electric arc or arcs, with or without the use of filler metal
behind the arc
Outside the three-point line

The Nimrods shot an amazingly futile 2-for-45 from behind the arc.

carbon arc
an arc struck between the tip of a carbon electrode and a piece of metal being welded
circular arc
A continuous section of the circumference of a circle
diurnal arc
the path followed by a planet, point, or degree from its rising point to its setting point
minute of arc
An angle, one sixtieth (1/60th) of a degree
penalty arc
an arc whose center is the penalty spot, extending from the top of the penalty area
reflex arc
The neural pathway that mediates a reflex
second of arc
An angle, one sixtieth (1/60th) of a minute of arc or one 3600th of a degree
seconds of arc
plural form of second of arc
story arc
An extended or continuing storyline in episodic storytelling media such as television or comic books

A story arc can be developed continuously until it is completed, but it is more usual for a drama series to treat a story arc discontinuously.

subhelic arc
A rare halo, formed by internal reflection through ice crystals, that curves upwards from the horizon and touches the tricker arc above the anthelic point
tropical arc
A weak aurora above the tropics
Character arc
A character arc is the status of the character as it unfolds throughout the story, the storyline or series of episodes. Characters begin the story with a certain viewpoint and, through events in the story, that viewpoint changes
Gas tungsten arc welding
(Mühendislik) Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), also known as tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, is an arc welding process that uses a nonconsumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. The weld area is protected from atmospheric contamination by a shielding gas (usually an inert gas such as argon), and a filler metal is normally used, though some welds, known as autogenous welds, do not require it. A constant-current welding power supply produces energy which is conducted across the arc through a column of highly ionized gas and metal vapors known as a plasma
Manual metal arc
(Mühendislik) Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), also known as manual metal arc (MMA) welding or informally as stick welding, is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. An electric current, in the form of either alternating current or direct current from a welding power supply, is used to form an electric arc between the electrode and the metals to be joined. As the weld is laid, the flux coating of the electrode disintegrates, giving off vapors that serve as a shielding gas and providing a layer of slag, both of which protect the weld area from atmospheric contamination
Shielded metal arc welding
(Mühendislik) Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), also known as manual metal arc (MMA) welding or informally as stick welding, is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode coated in flux to lay the weld. An electric current, in the form of either alternating current or direct current from a welding power supply, is used to form an electric arc between the electrode and the metals to be joined. As the weld is laid, the flux coating of the electrode disintegrates, giving off vapors that serve as a shielding gas and providing a layer of slag, both of which protect the weld area from atmospheric contamination
Submerged Arc Welding
(Mühendislik) Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) is a common arc welding process. It requires a continuously fed consumable solid or tubular (flux cored) electrode. The molten weld and the arc zone are protected from atmospheric contamination by being “submerged” under a blanket of granular fusible flux. When molten, the flux becomes conductive, and provides a current path between the electrode and the work
gas metal arc welding
(Mühendislik) Gas metal arc welding (GMAW), sometimes referred to by its subtypes metal inert gas (MIG) welding or metal active gas (MAG) welding, is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding process in which a continuous and consumable wire electrode and a shielding gas are fed through a welding gun. A constant voltage, direct current power source is most commonly used with GMAW, but constant current systems, as well as alternating current, can be used. There are four primary methods of metal transfer in GMAW, called globular, short-circuiting, spray, and pulsed-spray, each of which has distinct properties and corresponding advantages and limitations
{i} Jeanne d'Arc (c.1412-1431), French national hero and canonized saint (known as "Joan of Arc" in English)
Jeanne d'Arc
Joan of Arc (c.1412-1431), French national hero and canonized saint
Joan of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc (c.1412-1431), French national heroine and canonized saint
Joan of Arc
the patron saint of France. As a young girl, she believed that she heard holy voices telling her to fight the English and force their army to leave France. Dressed as a man, she led a French army which defeated the English at Orléans, and became known as the ' Maid of Orléans'. Later she was made a prisoner, and a court found her guilty of being a witch (=a woman with evil magic powers) , and she was punished by being burned to death (1412-31)
Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe
{i} World Championship highly esteemed race for thoroughbred horses of ages three years and above that run a distance of over 2,400 metres (race takes place in Paris, France)
Saint Joan of Arc
French Jeanne d'Arc born 1412, Domrémy, Bar, Fr. died May 30, 1431, Rouen; canonized May 16, 1920; feast day May 30 French military heroine. She was a peasant girl who from an early age believed she heard the voices of Sts. Michael, Catherine, and Margaret. When she was about 16, her voices began urging her to aid France's Dauphin (crown prince) and save France from the English attempt at conquest in the Hundred Years' War. Dressed in men's clothes, she visited the Dauphin and convinced him, his advisers, and the church authorities to support her. With her inspiring conviction, she rallied the French troops and raised the English siege of Orléans in 1429. She soon defeated the English again at Patay. The Dauphin was crowned king at Reims as Charles VII, with Joan beside him. Her siege of Paris was unsuccessful, and in 1430 she was captured by the Burgundians and sold to the English. Abandoned by Charles, she was turned over to the ecclesiastical court at Rouen, controlled by French clerics who supported the English, and tried for witchcraft and heresy (1431). She fiercely defended herself but finally recanted and was sentenced to life imprisonment; when she again asserted that she had been divinely inspired, she was burned at the stake. She was not canonized until 1920
past of arc
forming or resembling an arch; "an arched ceiling
forming or resembling an arch; "an arched ceiling"
– Malfunction of an electric blasting cap caused by excessive electrical amperage or current
{i} forming or resembling an arch
When voltage jumps from the brush to the commutator (or from one surface to another) due to poor or corroded contact between the two components Arcing will cause excessive heat, resulting in premature brush and commutator wear
Band of sparks formed when an electrical discharge form a conductor jumps to another conductor
the action of turning the wrist or elbow at the end of each pass of paint while doing blends or panel repair This causes a lighter application of paint at each end of the pattern
present participle of arc
plural of arc
Lines that begin and end with a node Intersections of arcs are always connected with a node Arcs also make up part of a polygon An example of data that would use this form would be roads
Administrative Records Classification System The provincial government system of administrative records classification
third-person singular of arc
- The distance between two points along the edge of a circle
Partial circles used to describe rounded corners of material and show bends in material Artificially Aged ‑Hardening process of material accelerated by temperature
ATO's AUSTRAC Research and Case Selection team
carbon arc lamp
has carbon electrodes
electric arc
A luminous discharge of current that is formed when a strong current jumps a gap in a circuit or between two electrodes
island arc
Long, curved chain of oceanic islands associated with intense volcanic and seismic activity and mountain-building processes. Examples include the Aleutian-Alaska Arc and the Kuril-Kamchatka Arc. Most island arcs consist of two parallel rows of islands. The inner row is a string of volcanoes, and the outer row is made up of nonvolcanic islands. In the case of single arcs, many of the islands are volcanically active. An island arc typically has a landmass or a partially enclosed, unusually shallow sea on its concave side. Along the convex side there usually exists a long, narrow deep-sea trench
jeanne d'arc
French heroine and military leader inspired by religious visions to organize French resistance to the English and to have Charles VII crowned king; she was later tried for heresy and burned at the stake (1412-1431)
reflex arc
the neural path of a reflex
volcanic arc
A usually arc-shaped chain of volcanoes located on the margin of the overriding plate at a convergent plate boundary