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İngilizce - Türkçe
ortama ait
(Tıp) ambiyans
çevreyi saran
{s} ortam

Onlar ortamı elektronik müzikle yorumluyor. - They interpret ambient electronic music.

{s} çevreleyen
çevreleyen ihata eden
{s} çevre
yakın civar
ambient air
dış hava
ambient air
ambient conditions
çevre koşulları
ambient air
çevre havası
ambient air
ortam havası
ambient air humidity
ortam havası nemi
ambient light
ortam ışığı
ambient noise
bozucu gürültü
ambient noise
çevre gürültüsü
ambient noise level
çevre gürültü seviyesi
ambient temperature
çevre sıcaklığı
ambient condition
ambient durum
ambient conditions
ortam şartları
ambient intelligence
(Bilgisayar) Çevresel zeka
ambient air humidity
çevre havası nemi
ambient dose
çevre dozu
ambient dose
(Nükleer Bilimler) ortam dozu
ambient dose equivalent
(Nükleer Bilimler) ortam doz eşdeğeri
ambient dose rate
çevre doz debisi
ambient light
çevre ışığı
ambient noise
(Askeri) ÇEVRE GÜRÜLTÜSÜ: Bir dinleyici veya mekanik ses detektörünün uzakta bulunan sesleri tespit etme veya işitme anında, etraftan gelen ve bu seslere karışan diğer sesler
ambient pressure
ortam basinci
ambient pressure chamber
(Otomotiv) ortam basınç odası
ambient radiation
ortam ışınımı
ambient temperature ranges
(Otomotiv) dış çevre sıcaklıkları
ambient temperature
ortam ısısı
ambient temperature
çevre ısısı
severe ambient conditions
ağır ortam şartları
İngilizce - İngilizce
A type of modern music which incorporates elements of various musical styles, and creates a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere

Ambient can be flabby synth mulch that needs to access cyberism and external philosophies to convince you you're not being scammed.

Something that surrounds
Encompassing on all sides; surrounding; encircling; enveloping

“Ambient Intelligence” represents an intelligent environment of computing nodes.

The atmosphere; the surrounding air or sky; plural atmospheric components collectively such as air, clouds, water vapour, hail, etc

It might be also, that attracted by that great void Vacuum ... all the ambients would be rarified, and particularly, the air.

Slow and peaceful; atmospheric
{a} compassing, surrounding, investing
completely enveloping; "the ambient air"; "ambient sound"; "the ambient temperature"
The atmospheric conditions surrounding a given item Normally in terms of factors which influence or modify, such as temperature, humidity, etc
Usual or surrounding conditions
The surrounding environmental conditions such as pressure or temperature
The surrounding air and its properties, e g temperature and humidity
of the surrounding area or environment
The normal (natural) environmental conditions
Surrounding, as in the surrounding environment In this assessment, ambient air refers to the air surrounding a person through which pollutants can be carried
surrounding environmental conditions such as pressure, temperature, or humidity; environment coming into contact with a system or component
the background or surrounding parameters occurring in the environment
Conditions existing at a test or operating location prior to energizing equipment (e g : ambient temperature)
The condition of atmosphere existing around the engine, such as pressure or temperature
(gen) Referring to undisturbed environmental surroundings, particularly to air and temperature F - ambiant S - ambiente
condition of atmosphere existing around the engine, such as ambient pressure or temperature
Any unconfined portion of the atmosphere; open air; outside surrounding air
Surrounding environment Applicable to temperature, humidity, sound level, etc
Surrounding environment As used in gas purification: at room temperature no heat required
Natural condition of the environment at any given time
Conditions existing at a test or operating location prior to energizing of equipment (example: ambient temperature )
Undisturbed environmental surroundings, particularly to air and temperature (099)
environmental or surrounding conditions
Surrounding; often used as shorthand for surrounding air
Usual or natural surrounding conditions, e g , ambient temperature - the natural, uninfluenced temperature of the surroundings
Environmental conditions, such as pressure or temperature
Surrounding atmosphere
Ambient sound or light is the sound or light which is all around you. ambient sounds of children in the background
Encompassing on all sides; circumfused; investing
{s} surrounded on all sides; circumfused
completely enveloping; "the ambient air"; "ambient sound"; "the ambient temperature
being a perpetual ambient
Something that surrounds or invests; as, air
The ambient temperature is the temperature of the air above the ground in a particular place
ambient device
A simple wireless object that unobtrusively presents information
ambient findability
The property of being findable at all times

This influence is exerted from conscious, proactive effort. Companies must aggressively pursue ambient findability, the art and science of promoting their domain through organic means.

ambient foods
Food which can be stored for long periods at ambient temperature
ambient pressure
Pressure of the surrounding medium on an object, such as a gas or liquid, which comes into contact with the object
ambient pressures
plural form of ambient pressure
ambient intelligence
(Bilgisayar) In computing, ambient intelligence (AmI) refers to electronic environments that are sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. Ambient intelligence is a vision on the future of consumer electronics, telecommunications and computing that was originally developed in the late 1990s for the time frame 2010–2020. In an ambient intelligence world, devices work in concert to support people in carrying out their everyday life activities, tasks and rituals in easy, natural way using information and intelligence that is hidden in the network connecting these devices (see Internet of Things). As these devices grow smaller, more connected and more integrated into our environment, the technology disappears into our surroundings until only the user interface remains perceivable by users
ambient air
is air to which the sensing element is normally exposed
ambient air
The surrounding atmosphere, usually the outside air, as it exists around people, plants, and structures It is not the air in the immediate proximity to emission sources
ambient air
the air surrounding a building; outside air
ambient air
The outside air that we breath at ground level
ambient air
The portion of the atmosphere, external to buildings, to which the public has access
ambient air
Generally, the air surrounding an object or building
ambient air
The surrounding air
ambient air
The surrounding atmosphere as it exists around people, plants, and structures
ambient air
The surrounding air (excluding indoor air)
ambient air
Air that is accessible to the public
ambient air
The air external to a building or device
ambient air
is the air occurring at a particular time and place outside of structures Often used interchangeably with outdoor air
ambient air
The air occurring at a particular time and place outside of structures Often used interchangeably with "outdoor" air
ambient air
That portion of the atmosphere, external to buildings, to which the general public has access
ambient air
that part of the atmosphere outside of buildings to which the general public has access
ambient air
outside air; the air around us
ambient air
The air outside buildings and structures It does not refer to indoor air, to air in the workplace, or to contaminated air as it is discharged from a source
ambient air
The surrounding outside air
ambient air
An operating environment in which the air surrounding a power system has sufficient mass and flow to prevent heat regeneration and subsequent thermal runaway because of the heat dissipated by the power modules
ambient air
outside air; any portion of the atmosphere not confined by walls and a roof
ambient air
The air occurring at a particular time and place outside of structures Often used interchangeably with outdoor air
ambient air
the surrounding undisturbed outside air
ambient air
Any unconfined portion of the atmosphere: open air, surrounding air
ambient light
Existing light surrounding a subject; the light that is illuminating a scene without any additional light supplied by the photographer "Available light" and "existing light" are two other terms that mean the same thing
ambient light
Non-directional illumination, all but eliminating shadow
ambient light
The surrounding light within an environment
ambient light
The diffuse light which provides uniform illumination over all surfaces of an object It essentially controls the brightness of an image
ambient light
Electric and/or natural lighting
ambient light
The light in a given area May be natural or man-made, but does not include direct or internal illumination
ambient light
Available light falling on a scene
ambient light
In three-dimensional graphics, light that reflects off one or more surfaces in the scene before arriving at the target surface Ambient light is assumed to be nondirectional, and is reflected uniformly in all directions by the reflecting surface In GL, ambient light is mocked up by use of ambient terms in the lighting equation, rather than actually computing the reflections
ambient light
Illumination present in the environment possibly surrounding a machine vision system but not supplied by the system
ambient light
It's a non directional light , having equal intensity everywhere , and does not produce highlights or shadows Its natural equivalence is the light found at twilight
ambient light
Light that exists everywhere without a particular source Ambient light does not cast shadows, but fills in the shadowed areas of a scene
ambient light
surrounding light in an area
ambient light
General, absolute light of the environment that has no direction but shines equally on all polygons; natural illumination outside the model
ambient light
- The natural light in a scene
ambient light
(n ) A nondirectional illumination or surrounding light
ambient light
A general description of available light that's not added by the photographer such as tungsten room light or daylight
ambient light
The available light completely surrounding a subject Light already existing in an indoor or outdoor setting that is not caused by any illumination supplied by the photographer Photographer: Anna Collins KINSA/KODAK Photo Contest Film: KODAK GOLD Plus 200 Film Size: 35 mm
ambient light
The general (and often undesireable) illumination surrounding the shooting or projection area; not exactly the same as Available Light or Natural Light
ambient light
An amount of light of a specific color that is added to the illumination of all surfaces in a model
ambient light
The light around the viewing area Either around the computer display or the area where proofs are examined Variations in ambient light can greatly affect the appearance of proofs and of the image on the computer display
ambient light
Electric and/or natural lighting throughout a space that produces uniform general illumination
ambient light
Natural light that surrounds subject matter being photographed (ie there is no artificial light used to illuminate the subject )
plural of ambient



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    /ˈambēənt/ /ˈæmbiːənt/


    [ 'am-bE-&nt ] (adjective.) 1596. From Latin ambiens (“going around”), from ambiō (“go around”).

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    ambient temperature


    ... much ambient noise. ...

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