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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} anlamsız
mayaya ait/mayalı
{s} maya gibi
{s} boş
{s} köpüklü
{s} önemsiz
İngilizce - İngilizce
Having or resembling yeast
Foamy and frothy

The Ocean when its yeasty war is waging / Is awful to the vessel near the rock .

Emotionally bubbling over (as with exuberance)
{a} smeared with yeast, frothy
Something that is yeasty tastes or smells strongly of yeast
An aroma similar to fresh baked bread (highly desirable in sparkling wines and Champagne)
exuberantly creative
{s} concerning yeast; yeast-like; fermented, frothy; powerful, vigorous, effervescent, "excited"; superficial, light
marked by spirited enjoyment
The bready smell of yeast, most common in Champagne and pleasing if not excessive
A bready smell, sometimes detected in wines that have undergone secondary fermentation, such as Champagne; very appealing if not excessive
Frothy; foamy; spumy, like yeast