listen to the pronunciation of unthinking
İngilizce - İngilizce
Without proper thought; thoughtless
Present participle of unthink
Showing no regard; careless or unconcerned
{a} thoughtless, careless, giddy, idle
Not thinking; not heedful; thoughtless; inconsiderate; as, unthinking youth
{s} thoughtless, unmindful, heedless; inconsiderate; not thinking
Not indicating thought or reflection; thoughtless
disapproval If you say that someone is unthinking, you are critical of them because you consider that they do not think carefully about the effects of their behaviour. He doesn't say those silly things that unthinking people say = thoughtless + unthinkingly un·think·ing·ly Many motor accidents are the result of unthinkingly mixing speed and alcohol. not thinking about the effects of something you say or do
To undo the process of thinking

In An Experiment with an Air-Pump, characters repeatedly assert that once you've thought something, you can't unthink it, can you?.

To recall or take back, as something thought
without forethought, unmindfully; thoughtlessly, without consideration; rashly, carelessly
In an unthinking manner