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İngilizce - Türkçe

Tom kazayı nispeten yarasız atlattı. - Tom survived the accident relatively unscathed.

burnu bile kanamamış
sağ sağlim
hasar görmemiş
yaralanmamış, yarasız beresiz, sağ salim
{s} incinmemiş
{s} sağ salim
{s} zarar görmemiş
İngilizce - İngilizce
Not harmed or damaged in any way; untouched

He was quite relieved to finish the conversation unscathed.

If you are unscathed after a dangerous experience, you have not been injured or harmed by it. Tony emerged unscathed apart from a severely bruised finger East Los Angeles was left relatively unscathed by the riots = unharmed. not injured or harmed by something escape/emerge unscathed (scathe; SCATHING)
{s} not scathed, unharmed, undamaged, not hurt
Not harmed or damaged in any way; not touched
wholly unharmed
if the mighty have succumbed how shall the weak emerge unscathed?
if the big ones are that way what can you expect from the younger ones?