to unbind

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İngilizce - İngilizce
To take bindings off
To set free from a debt, contract or promise
{v} to untie, unloose, set free, separate
If you unbind something or someone, you take off a piece of cloth, string, or rope that has been tied round them. She unbound her hair and let it flow loose in the wind Many cultures still have fairly strict rules about women displaying unbound hair
untie or unfasten; "unbind the feet of this poor woman
untie or unfasten; "unbind the feet of this poor woman"
To remove a band from; to set free from shackles or fastenings; to unite; to unfasten; to loose; as, unbind your fillets; to unbind a prisoner's arms; to unbind a load
{f} release from restraint, unfasten, untie
to unbind