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A person occupied with surveying -- the process of determining positions on the earth's surface
a land-measurer
{n} an overseer, a measurer of land, an inspector of the weight and quantity of goods or of highways
A surveyor is a person whose job is to survey land. the surveyor's maps of the Queen Alexandra Range
A precision instrument used to make a pencil mark around a tooth indicating its greatest circumference in any one position relative to the vertical
A surveyor is a person whose job is to survey buildings. Our surveyor warned us that the house needed totally rebuilding. see also quantity surveyor. someone whose job is to examine the condition of a building, or to measure and record the details of an area of land quantity surveyor. Any of a series of seven unmanned U.S. space probes sent to make soft landings on the Moon in 1966-68. Surveyor 2 crashed on the Moon, and radio contact with Surveyor 4 was lost minutes before landing, but the rest sent back thousands of photographs; some were equipped to sample and test lunar soil. Surveyor 6 made the first liftoff from an extraterrestrial body; Surveyor 7 landed in the lunar highlands and returned data showing that the landscape and soil there differ from those of lower areas. See also Luna; Pioneer; Ranger
Responsible for the parish roads, lanes and drainage ditches the most avoided post in the village Under funded, unpaid and with a labour force of usually relief men this was the post to be avoided at all costs Theoretically he could ask any employer for labourers 2 weeks every year but this help seldom materialized If a major thoroughfare passed through the village and wasn't turnpiked the job could even carry financial penalties if the road was not maintained
The term Surveyor is virtually meaningless in the English language without a qualifying adjective, such as "land", "hydrographic", "quantity" for example Words also have significant differences of meaning between US and UK usage For example in the USA a "land surveyor" is restricted to mean a surveyor of land for cadastral purposes, whilst in the UK it has the much wider meaning ascribed here equivalent to "geodetic surveyor"
In ocean cargo, an individual well versed in shipping practices, packaging techniques, characteristics or properties of merchandise shipped in international trade and attendant damage, which may happen to it Back to the top
One who surveys
One who views and examines for the purpose of ascertaining the condition, quantity, or quality of anything; as, a surveyor of highways, ordnance, etc
A person who uses measurements and mathematics to define the location of property boundaries, the elevation of important features and the size of real estate parcels
{i} one who surveys; one who measures areas of land as an occupation; appraiser, valuer; supervisor, overseer
The person who carries out surveys of properties Must be a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
The name of the person conducting the Follow Up
One who surveys or measures land; one who practices the art of surveying
an engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures someone who conducts a statistical survey
An officer who ascertains the contents of casks, and the quantity of liquors subject to duty; a gauger
an engineer who determines the boundaries and elevations of land or structures
A professional who is trained to map out land and improvements to land accurately
The person who carries out a structural survey of the property, examining the structure and general state of the house
someone who conducts a statistical survey
A licensed design professional that prepares drawings defining existing site conditions, site boundaries, and sets monuments locating those boundaries
In the United States, an officer whose duties include the various measures to be taken for ascertaining the quantity, condition, and value of merchandise brought into a port
A person sufficiently trained to locate and record the exact physical boundaries of a parcel of land When property is conveyed from one party to another it is important to identify positively the exact boundaries of the property so that there is no doubt where the property lies in relation to all other parcels To accomplish this task a survey is made A surveyor physically inspects and measures the property The precise measurements are included in the deed used to transfer ownership of the property
One placed to superintend others; an overseer; an inspector
surveyor's level
surveying instrument consisting basically of a small telescope with an attached spirit level rotating around a vertical axis; for measuring relative heights of land
quantity surveyor
A person who calculates the cost of materials and labour on a construction project based on an architect plans
land surveyor
A specialist who measures land and its natural features and any constructed features such as buildings or roads for drawing to scale as plans or maps
land surveyor
A person whose profession is land-surveying
land surveyor
A qualified professional who is trained to establish, measure and draw out the boundaries of properties and the improvements (buildings and other features) located thereon based on land records and site examinations
land surveyor
means a Professional Land Surveyor or Property Line Surveyor registered by the State of Maryland through the Board of Registration of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
quantity surveyor
A quantity surveyor is a person who calculates the cost and amount of materials and workers needed for a job such as building a house or a road. someone whose job is to calculate the amount of materials needed to build something, how long it will take to build, and how much it will cost
one who surveys and measures roads
plural of surveyor
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mesaha memuru land surveyor, surveyor
(government official)



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    /sərˈvāər/ /sɜrˈveɪɜr/


    [ s&r-'vA-&r ] (noun.) 15th century. to survey + -or

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