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A typeface looking as if made by the utensil.W
A utensil that contains a perforated sheet through which ink can be forced to create a printed pattern onto a surface
To print with a stencil
Name for a family of similar algorithms that combine the value from a cell in an input array with the values in its neighbor cells to make a new value for the same cell of an output array A 2D stencil operates on the 9-cell neighborhood comprising a(i,j) and its eight neighbors (a(i-i,j), a(i+1,j), and so on) A 3D stencil operates on the 27-cell neighborhood around a(i,j,k) Conway's Game of Life and other cellular automata are usually implemented using a stencil algorithm, as are many graphics transformations such as smoothing and edge-finding Stencil algorithms are both CPU-intensive and memory-intensive, and are challenging subjects for compiler optimizations
Thin sheet of metal, usually brass or stainless steel, mounted on a frame and etched with holes conforming to a pattern of conductor pads May also be mounted on mesh for increased flexibility Stencils are used for solder cream deposition in a similar manner to screen printing, but usually with the stencil in firm contact with the substrate
device that has a sheet perforated with printing through which ink or paint can pass to create a printed pattern mark or print with a stencil
A kind of pattern that contains only opacities
Paint spray identification placed on pipe Specification size, wall, grade, test pressure, method of manufacture and normal mill characters and mill identification are usually included; however, detail varies by specification "Country of Origin" is included
A stencil is one of the irregularly shaped two-dimensional objects which have to be placed on the surface
set of values neighboring a container index and a function using those values to compute it For example, the stencil in a two-dimensional Conway game of life consists of an index's eight neighbors and a function that sets its value to "live" if it is already live and it has two neighbors or it has exactly three live neighbors See Also: data parallel, element wise, relation
If you stencil a design or if you stencil a surface with a design, you put a design on a surface using a stencil. He then stencilled the ceiling with a moon and stars motif. stencilled stencilling stenciled stenciling to make a design, letters etc using a stencil
mark or print with a stencil
One of the four major classes of printmaking, this method involves the application of ink onto the paper's surface through previously cut stencils This is the one printmaking method which does not reverse the image Examples are screenprint and pochoir
Called also stencil plate
device that has a sheet perforated with printing through which ink or paint can pass to create a printed pattern
the component of a printing screen which controls the design to be printed See Knife-Cut Stencil, Photostencil, Capillary Film, etc
A thin plate of metal, leather, or other material, used in painting, marking, etc
{f} create a design on a surface by means of a stencil
A method of applying a design by brushing ink or paint through a cut-out surface
Carton marking applied directly to a carton by an ink transfer process to top
{i} thin sheet of some material from which figures or letters have been cut out so that paint or ink may be passed through the perforations onto a surface; designs created with a stencil
To mark, paint, or color in figures with stencils; to form or print by means of a stencil
sten·cil stencils stencilling stencilled in AM, use stenciling, stenciled1. A stencil is a piece of paper, plastic, or metal which has a design cut out of it. You place the stencil on a surface and paint it so that paint goes through the holes and leaves a design on the surface
A typeface looking as if made by the utensil.[W]
The pattern is cut out of the plate, which is then laid flat on the surface to be marked, and the color brushed over it
n A kind of pattern that contains only opacities [annotate]
stencil duplicator
The mimeograph machine (commonly abbreviated to mimeo) or stencil duplicator is a largely obsolete printing machine that once held sway in businesses as cheaper per copy than commercial printing for small runs of several dozen to several thousand copies
One who paints or colors in figures by means of stencil
The general term for the process in which an image is cut from paper or cardboard so that when inked, painted, or otherwise filled in, the image can be repeated throughout an edition top
patterns created by masking area of a surface and applying color to the exposed parts
A method of applying a design by brushing or sponging paint through a cutout overlay placed on the surface
  The labeling of storm drains to indicate that the drains empty directly into a waterbody, such as the Long Island Sound, with no treatment or filtering
Method of creating patterns by covering an area of a surface and applying color to the uncovered area
plural of stencil
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mumlu kâğıt stenciling paper, stencil
(used in a duplicating machine)



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    /ˈstensəl/ /ˈstɛnsɪl/


    [ 'sten(t)-s&l ] (noun.) 1707. Middle English stanselen to ornament with sparkling colors, from Middle French estanceler, from estancele spark, from Vulgar Latin stincilla, alteration of Latin scintilla.

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