standing order

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İngilizce - Türkçe
İngilizce - İngilizce
A rule of procedure adopted by a governing body for its own internal use
A request made once for periodic fulfillment
A type of order which is for a specific item(s) to be shipped multiple times within a specific time frame with exact quantities and prices per unit established
Refers to an order that is automatically fulfilled each month For example, hundreds of SFI affiliates get a 30-day supply of Veriuni Advance Liquid Nutrition on an ongoing, month-to-month basis Most keep a credit card on file on their account to have the monthly cost for this automatically debited each month As we roll out additional "consumable" products, a Standing Order could consist of your choice of nutritional supplements, shampoos, and cleaning products that you want to have automatically shipped to you each month so you never run out of them
a rule of order permanently in force
similar to the "blanket order" but the library has the option of returning materials that it does not want (see also approval plan)
An instruction (mandate) to your bank or building society authorising them to pay a fixed sum every month to another account This would be used for rent, sport club membership or for HP agreement where a fixed sum of money needs to be paid every month Also see glossary('Direct Debit','direct debit',5)
permission for the bank to pull regular funds out of a customer's account for a certain body; permanent direction, regulation whose validity is not temporary; permanent command or issuance
An order to a publisher, wholesaler, or dealer to supply each succeeding issue of a publication, particularly of an annual or serial, as it is published, until notified otherwise
An order the library places to receive all parts of a multi-part work as volumes are published, such as multi-volume works, monographic series, etc until a publisher or dealer is notified to cancel or work is complete [bj] Also called a continuation SEE ALSO Subscription
A regular payment for a fixed amount that you can ask us to make from your account to another specified account
A regular payment of a specified amount to a named payee, made by a bank on your instruction
Order issued by a payer to his bank to execute regular recurring payments, which are to be paid to a payee at a constant level Standing orders are principally used for paying rent, insurance premiums, taxes, etc In contrast to the standing order, the payee uses the debit advice to discharge the payment
Annuals, non periodical serials (a k a irregulars), monographic series and sets can be acquired on standing order Standing order means the publisher or vendor will automatically supply subsequent volumes "until forbidden," that is, until the librar y asks them to stop
A serial publication which is automatically shipped and billed to the library as it is released
Pre authorised payment in which the customer gives instructions to their bank to pay fixed sums at regular intervals or on defined dates
an instruction to a bank to pay fixed sums of money to certain people at stated times
s - The rules made by the House of Representatives that govern its proceedings
A standing order is an instruction to your bank to pay a fixed amount of money to someone at regular times. An order or rule held to be in force until specifically changed or withdrawn, especially a regulation relating to military or parliamentary procedure. an arrangement by which a bank pays a fixed amount of money from your account every month, year etc direct debit
Publisher sends all publications on specified titles or subjects Orders are paid for individually
banker's order
standing orders
plural form of standing order
standing orders
military instructions that determine operation procedures for regular issues
standing order