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İngilizce - Türkçe
köpek balığı

Köpek balığı çorbası genellikle Çin'de evlenme törenlerinde ve ziyafetlerde servis edilir. - Shark fin soup is commonly served at Chinese weddings and banquets.

Düşen uçak parçalarından ölme olasılığı bir köpek balığı tarafından öldürülme olasılığından 30 kez daha büyüktür. - The chances of dying from falling airplane parts are 30 times greater than the chances of being killed by a shark.

{i} bedavacı
{i} köpekbalığı

Bir köpekbalığı tarafından saldırıya uğrama şansı çok düşüktür, özellikle bir havuzda. - The chances of being attacked by a shark are very low, especially in a pool.

Köpekbalığı dolu suya düştü. - He fell into the shark infested waters.

{i} usta
{i} (Zooloji) köpekbalığı
angel shark kelerbalığı
argo usta kimse
Mustelus vulgaris
Galeus canis
dolandırıcılıkla geçinmek
{i} k.dili. açgözlünün teki
{i} k.dili. dolandırıcı
blue shark pamukbalığı
Squatina squatina
{i} otlakçı
Carcharias glaucus
{i} işinin ehli
loan shark

Tom almaması gerektiğini bilmesine rağmen bir tefeciden ödünç para aldı. - Even though Tom knew he shouldn't, he borrowed money from a loan shark.

Bir tefeciden ödünç para alsaydın bir aptal olurdun. - You'd be a fool if you borrowed money from a loan shark.

shark skin
köpekbalığı cilt
shark-fin soup
shark-fin çorbası
shark billy
köpekbalığı copu
shark biscuit
(Argo) sörfe yeni olan kimse
blue shark
(Denizbilim) pamuk balığı
loan shark
(Ticaret) murabahacı
spinner shark
(Denizbilim) sivriburun camgöz
thresher shark
tope shark
(Denizbilim) camgöz balığı
angel shark
melek  köpekbalığı
great white shark
büyük beyaz köpekbalığı
hammerhead shark
çekiç başlı köpekbalığı
loan shark
man eating shark
insan yiyen köpekbalığı
thresher shark
sapan balığı
whale shark
zararsız köpekbalığı
white shark
beyaz köpekbalığı
white tipped shark
beyaz başlı köpekbalığı
basking shark
köpekbalığı tadını çıkarma
bull shark
boğa köpekbalığı
card shark
kart köpekbalığı
carpet shark
(Botanik, Bitkibilim) A small shallow-water shark of the İndo-Pacific region, typically with a conspicuous colour pattern. (Family Orectolobidae: several species.)
cookes shark
cookes köpekbalığı
ground shark
zemin köpekbalığı
hammer headed shark
başlı köpekbalığı çekiç
jump the shark
köpekbalığı atlama
lemon shark
limon köpekbalığı
requiem shark
requiem köpekbalığı
tiger shark
kaplan köpekbalığı
angel shark
melek köpekbalığı
gray reef shark
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) gri resif köpekbalığı
grey reef shark
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) gri resif köpekbalığı
velvet belly lantern shark
(Denizbilim) mahmuzlu köpekbalığı
İngilizce - İngilizce
A relentless and resolute person or group, especially in business
A very good pool player
A scaleless fish of the superorder Selachimorpha, with a cartilaginous skeleton that has 5 to 7 gill slits on each side of its head

The straunge fishe is in length xvij. foote and iij. foote broad, and in compas about the bodie vj. foote; and is round snowted, short headdid, hauing iij. rankes of teeth on either iawe, . Also it hath v. gills of eache side of the head, shoing white. Ther is no proper name for it that I know, but that sertayne men of Captayne Haukinses doth call it a sharke.

To steal or obtain through fraud
A person who feigns ineptitude to win money from others
A sleazy and amoral lawyer; an ambulance chaser
{v} to cheat, trick, gull, pick up eagerly
{n} a voracious fish, tricking fellow, trick
any of numerous elongate mostly marine carnivorous fishes with heterocercal caudal fins and tough skin covered with small toothlike scales a person who is unusually skilled in certain ways; "a card shark"
disapproval If you refer to a person as a shark, you disapprove of them because they trick people out of their money by giving bad advice about buying, selling, or investments. Beware the sharks when you are making up your mind how to invest. see also loan shark. Any of more than 300 species of predatory cartilaginous fish (order Selachii). An ancient animal, it has changed little in 100 million years. The skin typically is dull gray and tough and has toothlike scales. Most sharks have a muscular, asymmetrical, upturned tail; pointed fins; a pointed snout; and sharp triangular teeth. Sharks have no swim bladder and must swim perpetually to keep from sinking. Most species bear living young. Several species can be dangerous to humans (e.g., great white shark, hammerhead shark, sand shark, tiger shark); smaller ones, called topes, hounds, and dogfishes, are fished commercially. See also basking shark, mackerel shark, mako shark, thresher shark, whale shark. basking shark great white shark white shark hammerhead shark mackerel shark mako shark nurse shark sand shark thresher shark tiger shark whale shark
hunt shark
Trickery; fraud; petty rapine; as, to live upon the shark
A rapacious, artful person; a sharper
For those who don't fully understand this, look up sharks in a good biology book They have to swim forward continually to breath, or so goes the urban myth Could be a quality lie, we don't, know do we?
a person who is ruthless and greedy and dishonest
a person who is unusually skilled in certain ways; "a card shark"
any of numerous elongate mostly marine carnivorous fishes with heterocercal caudal fins and tough skin covered with small toothlike scales
play the shark; act with trickery
To pick or gather indiscriminately or covertly
a person who feigns ineptitude to win money from others, as in "pool shark"
A shark is a very large fish. Some sharks have very sharp teeth and may attack people
Any one of numerous species of elasmobranch fishes of the order Plagiostomi, found in all seas
{i} large predatory fish; crook, villain; one who loans money at a high rate of interest
a person who is ruthless and greedy and dishonest hunt shark play the shark; act with trickery
To live by shifts and stratagems
A type of fish
A member of a large group of primitive fishes with skeletons made of cartilage Skates and rays are members of the shark family
To play the petty thief; to practice fraud or trickery; to swindle
obsolete: to steal or obtain through fraud
a scaleless fish with a cartilaginous skeleton that has 5 to 7 gill slits on each side of its head
a (sleazy) lawyer; an ambulance chaser
The form shark can also be used as the plural form for meaning 1
shark bait
Swimmer who is furthest from shore

1912: It might be only some foolhardy 'shark baiter' as he heard the more adventuresome of the bathers called. — Arther Wright, Rung In, pages 34-5. (Quoted in A dictionary of Australian Colloquialisms by G. A. Wilkes.).

shark fin
An upward curled felt side lap or end lap
shark fin soup
a Chinese soup made from shark fins, served on special occasions and as a symbol of wealth and prestige
shark fin soups
plural form of shark fin soup
shark fins
plural form of shark fin
shark oil
a fatty yellow to brown oil obtained from the livers of sharks; used for dressing leather and as a source of vitamin A
shark oil
{i} greasy yellowish-brown oil obtained from shark liver
shark ray
American market fish found in the Atlantic and Pacific and Mediterranean
shark repellent
a measure undertaken by a corporation to discourage unwanted takeover attempts
shark repellent
methods used by company management to ward off attempts at a hostile takeover (Finance)
shark watcher
company that specializes in early detection of hostile takeover attempts (Finance)
Greenland shark
A large shark that lives in the northern Atlantic Ocean
The Sharks, a South African rugby union team based in Durban and representing KwaZulu-Natal in the Southern Hemisphere Super Rugby competition
The San Jose Sharks, an NHL team of San Jose, CA
The Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, an Australian rugby league team in the NRL
The Natal Sharks, a South African rugby union team, a sister team to the Super Rugby Sharks, in the country's domestic Currie Cup
angel shark
A member of the unusual genus Squatina of sharks with flattened bodies and broad pectoral fins resembling skates or rays. There are approximately 16 known species, which are the only members of their taxonomic genus, family and order. They occur worldwide in temperate and tropical seas
basking shark
A very large shark, Cetorhinus maximus, that feeds at or close to the surface by filtering plankton from the water and is found in all the world's temperate oceans
bull shark
a shark, Carcharhinus leucas, that is common in both temperate and tropical coastal waters
carpet shark
a shark of the order Orectolobiformes
cookiecutter shark
A small shark, Isistius brasiliensis, that tears circular chunks of flesh from its prey
copper shark
Carcharhinus brachyurus, a species of requiem shark characterized by its narrow, hook-shaped upper teeth, lack of a prominent ridge between the dorsal fins, and plain bronze coloration
goblin shark
a shark with a long pointed obstruction from forehead and growing to 3.8 meters in length; scientific name: Mitsukurina owstoni
great white shark
A large shark, Carcharodon carcharias, of coastal surface waters in all major oceans that feeds on fish and marine mammals
ground shark
Any member of the order Carcharhiniformes, the largest order of sharks with over 270 species
ground shark
A Greenland shark, Somniosus microcephalus
hammerhead shark
A winghead shark
hammerhead shark
Any of various sharks of the genus Sphyrna having the eyes set on projections from the sides of the head, which gives it a hammer shape
hound shark
Any of several small sharks, of the family Triakidae, found throughout the world
jump the shark
To undergo a storyline development which is so exceptional that all content following is disappointing

And I knew something was up when I started getting press releases about tape labels. Maybe vinyl had finally jumped the shark, and magnetic tape was due for a return.

jumped the shark
Present participle of jump the shark
jumping the shark
Simple past tense and past participle of jump the shark
jumps the shark
Third-person singular simple present indicative form of jump the shark
kitefin shark
A species of shark, Dalatias licha
kitefin shark
Any of the small sharks in the order Dalatiidae
lemon shark
A shark, Negaprion brevirostris, growing up to 10 feet long and found along the Atlantic coast of North and South America
leopard shark
A hound shark, Triakis semifasciata, having distinctive markings; it is found in the coastal waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean
loan shark
Someone who lends money at exorbitant rates of interest
loan shark
Alternative spelling of loanshark
mackerel shark
Any shark of the order Lamniformes, having two dorsal fins an anal fin, five gill slits and eyes without nictitating membrane
mako shark
Either of two powerful mackerel sharks of the genus Isurus, having a large heavy body, a sharp nose and a nearly symmetrical tail, found in southern oceans
megamouth shark
A rare species of deepwater shark, taxonomic name Megachasma pelagios, which swims with its large mouth wide open
narrowtooth shark
The copper shark
nurse shark
Any of various bottom-dwelling sharks of the family Ginglymostomatidae that have two fleshy barbels hanging from the lower jaw
oceanic whitetip shark
a large pelagic shark, taxonomic name Carcharhinus longimanus, characterized by the white tips on the fin, often prone to attack humans
requiem shark
Any member of the taxonomic family Carcharhinidae within the order Carcharhiniformes
school shark
a hound shark of the family Triakidae, the only member of the genus Galeorhinus
thresher shark
Any of three species of sharks, in the genus Alopias
tiger shark
A large shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, common in the mid-Pacific, that hunts alone and has dark stripes across its back
whale shark
A very large spotted shark, Rhincodon typus, of warm marine waters, similar to a whale, that feeds by filtering plankton from the water
whitetip reef shark
a small species of requiem shark, taxonomic name Triaenodon obesus
winghead shark
A species of hammerhead shark, Eusphyra blochii, in the family Sphyrnidae, named for the remarkably wide lobes on its head. It is the sole species in its genus
wouldn't shout if a shark bit him
Frugal, miserly
zebra shark
a carpet shark, Stegostoma fasciatum, covered in black and white stripes resembling a zebra
A shark
NHL team of San Jose, CA
angel shark
Any of several raylike sharks of the genus Squatina, having a broad flat head and body
angel shark
sharks with broad flat bodies and winglike pectoral fins but that swim the way sharks do
basking shark
large harmless plankton-eating northern shark; often swims slowly or floats at the sea surface
basking shark
One of the largest species of sharks (Cetorhinus maximus), so called from its habit of basking in the sun; the liver shark, or bone shark
basking shark
It is a harmless species
basking shark
Huge, sluggish shark (family Cetorhinidae) named for its habit of floating or slowly swimming at the surface. Possibly comprising more than one distinct species, it inhabits northern and temperate regions of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. It may grow as large as 46 ft (14 m); among fishes, only the whale shark grows larger. Despite its size, the basking shark feeds on plankton. It is gray-brown or blackish, with tiny teeth and very long gill slits. It is generally harmless and is hunted sporadically for fish meal and liver oil
basking shark
It inhabits the northern seas of Europe and America, and grows to a length of more than forty feet
blacktip shark
widely distributed shallow-water shark with fins seemingly dipped in ink
blue shark
slender cosmopolitan, pelagic shark; blue body shades to white belly; dangerous especially during maritime disasters
blue shark
A pelagic shark (Prionace glauca) of tropical and temperate oceans that is a brilliant dark blue on top. It occasionally attacks people
bonito shark
common blue-gray shark of southwest Pacific; sport and food fish
bonnet shark
{i} harmless species of hammerhead shark which inhabits shallow waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans (also shovelhead & bonnethead)
bull shark
a most common shark in temperate and tropical coastal waters worldwide; heavy-bodied and dangerous
card shark
{i} skilled professional card-player; cardsharp, dishonest card-player
carpet shark
shark of the western Pacific with flattened body and mottled skin
cat shark
small bottom-dwelling sharks with catlike eyes; found along continental slopes
cow shark
large primitive shark widely distributed in warm seas
cow shark
Any of several sharks of the family Hexanchidae of warm and temperate seas
crime shark
one who is a career criminal, one who constantly commits crimes
dusky shark
relatively slender blue-gray shark; nearly worldwide in tropical and temperate waters
great white shark
A large shark (Carcharodon carcharias) of temperate and tropical waters that grows to about 7 meters (23 feet). It is the only shark known to feed regularly on marine mammals. or white shark Large, aggressive shark (Carcharodon carcharias, family Lamnidae), considered the species most dangerous to humans. It is found in tropical and temperate regions of all oceans and is noted for its voracious appetite. Its diet includes fishes, sea turtles, birds, sea lions, small whales, carcasses, and ships' garbage. The great white is heavy-bodied and has a crescent-shaped tail and large, saw-edged, triangular teeth. It can reach a length of more than 20 ft (6 m) and is generally gray, bluish, or brownish, with the colour shading suddenly into a whitish belly. Though it is widely feared, only a few hundred humans are known to have ever been killed by the great white shark
great white shark
large aggressive shark widespread in warm seas; known to attack humans
hammerhead shark
medium-sized live-bearing shark with eyes at either end of a flattened hammer-shaped head; worldwide in warm waters; can be dangerous
hammerhead shark
Any of the swift, powerful sharks in the family Sphyrnidae, having a broad, flattened, hammer-or spade-shaped head, with the eyes and nostrils at the ends of the sidewise projections. Widely distributed in all oceans, in warm and temperate waters, they feed on fish, stingrays, skates, and other sharks. Some species are fished for leather and oil. Three species seem to be particularly dangerous to humans: the great hammerhead (the largest hammerhead, growing to 15 ft, or 4.5 m, or more), the scalloped hammerhead, and the smooth hammerhead. All three are grayish and found throughout the tropics
jump the shark
include an excessive scene or a variation of the plot pointing out that the long-running television show has been determined as declining
lemon shark
common shallow-water schooling shark of the Atlantic from North Carolina to Brazil and off west Africa; dangerous
loan shark
lends money at very high interest
loan shark
disapproval If you describe someone as a loan shark, you disapprove of them because they lend money to people and charge them very high rates of interest on the loan. One who lends money at exorbitant interest rates, especially one financed and supported by an organized crime network. someone who lends money at very high rates of interest and will often use threats or violence to get the money back
loan shark
someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest
mackerel shark
Any of various sharks of the family Lamnidae, including the great white shark, mako, and porbeagle, having a pointed snout, a nearly symmetrical tail, and a reputation for aggressiveness. Any of several temperate-water sharks (genus Lamna) in a family (Isuridae) that also includes the great white shark and the mako shark group. The swift, active mackerel sharks have a crescent-shaped tail and slender teeth. They are gray or blue-gray above and paler below and about 10 ft (3 m) long. They eat fishes such as herring, mackerel, and salmon, sometimes taking fishermen's catches and damaging nets. They are fished commercially for food. Common species include the Atlantic mackerel shark, or porbeagle (L. nasus), and the Pacific mackerel shark, or salmon shark (L ditropis)
mackerel shark
fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks
mako shark
Any of certain potentially dangerous sharks (genus Isurus) in the mackerel shark family (Isuridae). Two species are generally recognized: the Atlantic I. oxyrinchus and the Indo-Pacific I. glaucus. Makos range throughout tropical and temperate seas. Blue-gray, with a white belly, they are about 13 ft (4 m) long and weigh about 1,000 lbs (450 kg). They prey on fishes such as herring, mackerel, and swordfish. Outstanding game fish, they are prized for their fighting qualities and their spectacular repeated leaps out of the water
mako shark
powerful mackerel shark of the Atlantic and Pacific
nurse shark
small bottom-dwelling shark of warm shallow waters on both coasts of North America and South America and from southeast Asia to Australia
nurse shark
Only Atlantic species (Ginglymostoma cirratum) of 25 carpet shark species (family Orectolobidae). Yellow-or gray-brown, sometimes with dark spots, it may grow to over 13 ft (4 m) long. It may attack swimmers, especially when provoked, but is not related to the dangerous gray nurse (Odontaspis arenarius), a sand shark
requiem shark
any of numerous sharks from small relatively harmless bottom-dwellers to large dangerous oceanic and coastal species
sand shark
A shark of the genus Carcharias, especially C. taurus, found mainly in shallow waters of the temperate and tropical Atlantic. Any of about six species of shallow-water, bottom-dwelling sharks in the genus Odontaspis (family Odontaspididae), found along tropical and temperate coastlines of all oceans. They are 10-20 ft (3-6 m) long and are brown or gray above, paler below. Voracious but generally sluggish, they have long, slim, pointed teeth and prey on fishes and invertebrates. Two species, the sand tiger (O. taurus) of the Atlantic and the gray nurse (O. arenarius) of Australia, are potentially dangerous
sandbar shark
most common gray shark along coasts of middle Atlantic states; sluggish and occasionally caught by fishermen
present participle of shark
Petty rapine; trick; also, seeking a livelihood by shifts and dishonest devices
plural of shark
soupfin shark
Pacific shark valued for its fins (used by Chinese in soup) and liver (rich in vitamin A)
thresher shark
Any of five species (family Alopiidae) of sharks with a long, scythelike tail that may constitute almost half their total length. They are found in tropical and temperate seas worldwide. They eat squid and schooling fishes, attacking after circling and herding their prey into small groups. They sometimes use their tail to stun their prey or, by thrashing the water, to frighten them. They are not considered dangerous to humans. The long-tailed thresher, or fox shark (Alopias vulpinus), is a big, dark fish that grows about 20 ft (6 m) long
tiger shark
A large voracious shark (Galeocerdo cuvieri) of tropical waters, having a grayish-brown color with vertical bars along the sides. Potentially dangerous shark (Galeocerdo cuvieri, family Carcharhinidae), found worldwide in warm oceans, from the shoreline to the open sea. Up to 18 ft (5.5 m) long, the grayish tiger shark has a long, pointed upper tail lobe, and its large teeth are deeply notched along one side. This voracious shark eats fishes, other sharks, turtles, mollusks, birds, carrion, and garbage, including coal, tin cans, and clothing. It is a source of leather and liver oil. See also sand shark
tiger shark
large dangerous warm-water shark with striped or spotted body
whale shark
large spotted shark of warm surface waters worldwide; resembles a whale and feeds chiefly on plankton
whale shark
A very large shark (Rhincodon typus) of warm marine waters, having a spotted body, small teeth, and a network of rakelike sieves extending from its gills for straining plankton from the water. Species (Rhincodon typus) of gigantic but harmless shark found worldwide but mainly in the tropics. The largest of living fishes, it often grows to about 30 ft (9 m) long and may reach twice that size. It is gray or brown with a pale undersurface and is distinctively marked with small spots and narrow vertical lines of yellow or white. It has tiny teeth, and eats plankton and small fishes. A sluggish animal, it generally swims slowly near the surface and has been hit by ships
white shark
The great white shark
whitetip shark
large deep-water shark with white-tipped dorsal fin; worldwide distribution; most dangerous shark smooth dogfish of Pacific and Indian oceans and Red Sea having white-tipped dorsal and caudal fins
whitetip shark
large deep-water shark with white-tipped dorsal fin; worldwide distribution; most dangerous shark
whitetip shark
smooth dogfish of Pacific and Indian oceans and Red Sea having white-tipped dorsal and caudal fins

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    [ shärk ] (noun.) 15th century. First attested in the 1560s, the word meaning 'scaleless fish' is of uncertain origin: it was apparently brought to England, with a specimen, by John Hawkins. The word may derive from the Maya xoc, or it may be an application of the "scoundrel" sense (which derives from the German Schurke (“scoundrel”)) to the fish; no explanation is agreed upon.


    sharking, sharked

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