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İngilizce - İngilizce
The state of being a slave; slavery
{n} slavery, bondage, an apprenticeship
Servitude is the condition of being a slave or of being completely under the control of someone else. a life of servitude. see also penal servitude. the condition of being a slave or being forced to obey someone else = slavery (servitudo, from servus; SERVE). In property law, a right by which property owned by one person is subject to a specified use or enjoyment by another. Servitudes allow people to create stable long-term arrangements for a wide variety of purposes, including shared land uses; maintaining the character of a residential neighbourhood, commercial development, or historic property; and financing infrastructure and common facilities. Modern European civil law is derived from Roman law, which divides real servitudes into rural (those owed by one estate to another) and urban (those established for convenience). Rural servitudes include various rights of way; urban servitudes include building rights in neighbouring properties, such as drainage and encroachment rights, and rights to light, support, and view. See also easement
(From Latin servitudo: "slavery ") A right to the use of another's property
Compulsory hard labour for the community benefit, on a full time basis for a period at the discretion of the court It may be followed by exile
A servitude is a right to access which allows a local authority access to a property for inspection or installation of pipes, sewerage lines, electricity cables and so on It is registered against the title deed
state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment; "penal servitude
{i} slavery, bondage; work imposed as punishment for a crime
n subjection to an owner or master : forced labor imposed as a punishment
>> A burden resting upon one estate for the benefit or advantage of another An agreement granting limited permission to use the property
A right whereby one thing is subject to another thing or person for use or convenience, contrary to the common right
The state of voluntary or compulsory subjection to a master; the condition of being bound to service; the condition of a slave; slavery; bondage; hence, a state of slavish dependence
state of subjection to an owner or master or forced labor imposed as punishment; "penal servitude"
Servants, collectively
(see Easement)
ritual servitude
The practice of holding human beings in slavery for religious purposes

Ritual servitude is practiced in parts of Ghana.

freedom from involuntary servitude
a civil right guaranteed by the 13th amendment to the US constitution
penal servitude
forced labor, labor that is given as a punishment
penal servitude
Penal servitude is the punishment of being sent to prison and forced to do hard physical work. = hard labour
plural of servitude