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İngilizce - Türkçe
Kendini ilgiden, iltifatdan geri çeken, ağırbaşlı

She behaves in a self-effacing way because she doesn't want to draw attention to herself.

Kendi effacing
Kendini ilgiden, iltifatdan geri çeker bir hâlde, ağırbaşlılıkla
İngilizce - İngilizce
Shy, extremely humble and modest; making oneself seem unnoticeable

His personality was also extremely endearing, his interviews were very self-effacing, he came over as gentle and was generous in his praise of others. (Ian Gillan about Elvis Presley).

Not claiming attention for oneself
Someone who is self-effacing does not like talking about themselves or drawing attention to themselves. As women we tend to be self-effacing and make light of what we have achieved. not wanting to attract attention to yourself or your achievements = modest
reluctant to draw attention to yourself
The quality of carrying oneself in a humble manner

John is difficult to distinguish sometimes because he carries himself so self-effacingly.

self effacing
not claiming attention for oneself; retiring and modest