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İngilizce - Türkçe
sırtta taşınan okul çantası

Omuz çantam nerede? Sandalyenin üstünde. - Where is my satchel? It's on the chair.

{i} omuz çantası
{i} okul çantası
el çantası
{i} omuza asılan okul çantası
satchel bomb
(Askeri) KULPLU İMLA HAKKI: Bak. "satchel charge"
satchel charge
(Askeri) KULPLU İMLA HAKKI: Taşımak ve bağlamak için bir ip veya tel halkası bulunan bir levhaya tespit edilmiş bir miktar infilak maddesi kalıbı. Kulplu imla maddesi hakkının asgari ağırlığı 15 libredir. Buna yanlış olarak (satchel bomb) da denir
plural of satchel
Çanta çoğul
combat satchel
(Askeri) muharebe el çantası
İngilizce - İngilizce
A bag or case with one or two shoulder straps, especially used to carry books etc
{n} a little sack, a little bag
A satchel is a bag with a long strap that schoolchildren use for carrying books
A little sack or bag for carrying papers, books, or small articles of wearing apparel; a hand bag
A bag or case with a shoulder strap, especially one for carrying books etc
{i} small bag with a shoulder strap used to carry books or small items
luggage consisting of a small case with a flat bottom and (usually) a shoulder strap
Satchel Paige
orig. Leroy Robert Paige born July 7, 1906?, Mobile, Ala., U.S. died June 8, 1982, Kansas City, Mo. U.S. baseball pitcher. Paige earned legendary fame during his many years pitching in the Negro leagues for a myriad of teams that included the Birmingham Black Barons, the Pittsburgh Crawfords, the Kansas City Monarchs, and the New York Black Yankees. He also barnstormed in exhibition games and played in the Caribbean during the off season. He was about 42 years old when he was finally allowed to enter the major leagues in 1948, shortly after Jackie Robinson broke baseball's race barrier. Joining the Cleveland Indians the oldest player to make his debut in the major leagues he helped that team win the World Series in his first season. He retired after the 1953 season. A right-handed, loose-jointed "beanpole," standing 6 ft 4 in. (1.93 m), Paige had considerable pitching speed and a comprehensive mastery of slow-breaking deliveries. He is reputed to have won 2,000 of a total of 2,500 games pitched during his nearly 30-year career. Among Paige's many oft-quoted comments is the admonition "Don't look back, something might be gaining on you
plural of satchel