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İngilizce - İngilizce
A female given name
A salt marsh, or salt pond, inclosed from the sea
{i} female first name; family name; city in Kansas and the name of several towns in the USA
a town in central Kansas
Salt works
{i} salt lake or marsh; salt pond; saltworks; area of land covered with salt
salina period
See the Chart of Geology
salina period
The period in which the American Upper Silurian system, containing the brine-producing rocks of central New York, was formed
City (pop., 2000: 151,060), western California, U.S. Located in the Salinas valley east of Monterey, it was a crossroads on El Camino Real, the old Spanish trail between San Diego and San Francisco. It was settled in 1856 and became a cattle centre. The arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad in 1868 stimulated agricultural development. Salinas was the birthplace of John Steinbeck, who often referred to it in his books, especially in East of Eden



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    /səˈlēnə/ /səˈliːnə/


    () Of uncertain origin, possibly a variant of, or a coinage inspired by, Selina. The place name Salina ( a salt marsh) seems an unlikely source.