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İngilizce - Türkçe
{s} tanımlayıcı
{s} sınırlayıcı

Sınırlayıcı uygulamalar sanayiler için zararlı olabilir. - Restrictive practices can be damaging for industries.

{s} bağlayıcı
{s} kısıtlayıcı

Hayat çok kısıtlayıcı hale geldi. - Life became very restrictive.

Test incelemesi çok kısıtlayıcı bir uygulamadır. - Test examining is a very restrictive practice.

restrictive assignment
(Askeri) ihtisas atanması
restrictive assignment
(Askeri) İHTİSAS ATANMASI: Genellikle, normal atanma prensiplerine göre, gerektiği şekilde, belirli bir meslek sınıfına ayrılmış olan personelin, daha sonra, yalnız bu sınıfa giren askeri meslek ihtisasına atanmaları hali
restrictive clause
(Ticaret) kısıtlayıcı kloz
restrictive clause
tanımlayıcı cümlecik
restrictive clause
kısıtlayıcı yasa maddesi
restrictive condition
(Ticaret) kısıtlayıcı şart
restrictive effect
(Ticaret) kısıtlayıcı etki
restrictive enzyme
(Tıp) restriksiyon enzimi
restrictive feeding
(Tarım) sınırlı yemleme
restrictive fire line
(Askeri) ateş emniyet hattı
restrictive fire plan
(Askeri) SINIRLAYICI ATIŞ PLANI: Dost uçakları, yerden açılan ve nükleer olmayan dost atışlardan makul derecede koruyan bir hava sahası oluşturan güvenlik önlemi
restrictive fire plan
(Askeri) sınırlayıcı atış planı
restrictive pulmonary syndrome
(Tıp) restriktif respiratuar sendrom
restrictive sight distance
yetersiz görüş uzaklığı
restrictive tariff
(Ticaret) bsıtlayıa gümrük tarifesi
tanımlayıcı bir şekilde
sınırlayıcı bir biçimde
not restrictive, without limitations
Sınırlamalar olmadan kısıtlayıcı değil
non restrictive
radio frequency authorization; restrictive fire area
(Askeri) telsiz frekans tahsis yetkisi; sınırlı ateş bölgesi
kısıtlayıcı bir şekilde
İngilizce - İngilizce
Confining, limiting, containing with in defined bounds
{a} expressing limitation, astringent
Serving or tending to restrict; limiting; as, a restrictive particle; restrictive laws of trade
{s} limiting, serving to restrict; pertaining to a limitation or restriction
(of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments
(of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports
serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"
Something that is restrictive prevents people from doing what they want to do, or from moving freely. Britain is to adopt a more restrictive policy on arms sales. something that is restrictive stops people doing what they want to do = limiting
Astringent or styptic in effect
restrictive covenant
an agreement between parties limiting or restricting the use of land owned by one of the parties
restrictive practices
In antitrust law, practices that restrict other business, such as price fixing, market sharing, monopolizing, or attempting to monopolize markets
restrictive clause
a subordinate clause that limits or restricts the meaning of the noun phrase it modifies
restrictive clause
a part of a sentence that says which particular person or thing you are talking about. For example in 'the man who came to dinner', the phrase 'who came to dinner' is a restrictive clause   non-restrictive clause
restrictive covenant
In property law, an agreement acknowledged in a deed or lease that restricts the free use or occupancy of property, such as by forbidding commercial use or certain types of structures. The restrictive covenant is as old as the law of property, being well-established in Roman law. The term is also used in business law to refer to an agreement whereby one party promises not to engage in the same business or a similar business in a particular area for a period of time
restrictive practice
Restrictive practices are ways in which people involved in an industry, trade, or profession protect their own interests, rather than having a system which is fair to the public, employers, and other workers. The Act was introduced to end restrictive practices in the docks
restrictive trade law
(Economics) law that supervises restrictive arrangements and monopolies
restrictive trade practices controller
supervisor over union actions which determine singular market prices
restrictive trade practices court
legislative tribunal which decides in issues dealing with unions which set singular market prices
restrictive trade practices law
law which prohibits building monopolies which determine uniform market prices unless they are authorized for the public good
{a} with restriction or limitation
a non-restrictive relative clause gives additional information about a particular person or thing rather than saying which person or thing is being mentioned. For example, in the sentence 'Perry, who is 22, was arrested yesterday', the phrase 'who is 22' is a non-restrictive clause
in a limiting manner, in a manner that serves to restrict
in a restrictive manner; "this relative clause is used restrictively
in a restrictive manner; "this relative clause is used restrictively"
In a restrictive manner
The state of being restrictive
{i} quality of tending to restrict, restricting quality
modification that makes the meaning more specific (`red hat' has a more specific meaning than `hat')
· Restrictive
(of tariff) protective of national interests by restricting imports
· Restrictive
serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"



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