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İngilizce - Türkçe
{i} giderme
{i} (ameliyatla) alma. 6
{i} kaldırma, alıp götürme; kaldırılma
alıp götürme
(Denizbilim) stoktan çekilen
(Ticaret) azledilme
ameliyatla alma
{i} ortadan kaldırma
yerini değiştirme
görevden alınma
{i} nakil
işinden çıkarma
(İnşaat) yerinden çıkarma
{i} uzaklaştırma
{i} halletme
{i} yer değiştirme
{i} taşıma
yol verme
(Tıp) çıkarma (organ)
(Ticaret) yok etme
evden eve nakliye
removal of water
su giderme
removal expenses
taşınma giderleri
removal van
nakliye kamyonu
removal firm
Ev taşıyan nakliye şirketi
removal from office or employment
ofis veya iş dan kaldırma
removal actions
uzaklaştırma işlemi
removal cause
(Bilgisayar) kaldırma sebebi
removal cross section
(Nükleer Bilimler) ayırma tesir kesiti,uzaklaştırma tesir kesiti
removal failed
(Bilgisayar) kaldırma yapılamadı
removal firm
evden eve nakliye firması
removal from the mould
kalıptan çıkarma
removal liner
(Askeri) İÇ BAŞLIK: Bak. "helmet liner"
removal lorry
nakliye kamyonu
removal lorry
eşya taşıma kamyonu
removal message
(Bilgisayar) kaldırma iletisi
removal of debris
(Sigorta) enkaz kaldırma
removal of deficit
(Ticaret) açığın giderilmesi
removal of duress
(Kanun) korkunun zail olması
removal of earth
toprağın kaldırılması
removal of forms
kalıpların sökülmesi
removal of load
yükün kaldırılması
removal of pubic hair
etek traşı
removal of pubic hair
etek tıraşı
removal of rust
pasını giderme
removal of stain
(Tekstil) leke çıkarma
removal of stress
gerilimini giderme
removal of surplus property
(Askeri) GENEL FAZLA MALLARIN GÖNDERİLMESİ: Mal son işlem dairelerinden (disposal agencies) son işlem talimatının (disposal instructions) alınması üzerine, genel fazla malların, ordu tesislerinden müteahhitlere veya mal son işlem dairelerinin depolarına sevkedilmesi
removal of unwanted hair
removal of water
(Tekstil) su çıkarma, su giderme
removal options
(Bilgisayar) kaldırma seçenekleri
removal time of form
kalıbın sökülme zamanı
removal tool
(Otomotiv) sökme aleti
removal tool
giderme aparatı
removal tool
çıkarma aleti
removal type
(Bilgisayar) kaldırma türü
removal warning
(Bilgisayar) kaldırma uyarısı
residual heat removal system
(Nükleer Bilimler) artık ısı çekme sistemi
clinker removal
(İnşaat) cüruf alma
confirm device removal
(Bilgisayar) aygıt kaldırmayı doğrula
confirm pattern removal
(Bilgisayar) desen kaldırmasını onayla
confirm scheme removal
(Bilgisayar) düzen kaldırmayı onayla
hair removal
tüy alma
noise removal
(Telekom) gürültü giderme
policy removal
(Bilgisayar) ilke kaldırma
sludge removal
virus removal software
(Bilgisayar,Teknik) virüs temizleme programı
ash removal
kül alma
carbon deposit removal
karbon kirini giderme
dirt removal
kir giderme
temporary removal
geçici nakil
accidental removal
kazara çıkma/çıkarma/sökme/yerinden çıkarma
chip removal
hair removal cream
Tüy dokucu krem
mold removal
Evye, lavabo, fayans yüzeyler gibi yerlerde kuruyarak birikmiş küflerin, kalıntıların temizlenmesi
nail removal
tırnak çekmek
branch removal
dal koparma
debris removal
moloz kaldırma
do you do hair removal
ağda yapıyor musunuz
dust removal
tozdan arındırma
dust removal
tozunu giderme
flue gas removal
(İnşaat,Teknik) baca gazı tasfiyesi
formwork removal
(İnşaat) kalıp sökme
group removal cross section
(Nükleer Bilimler) grup çıkarma tesir kesiti
nitrogen removal
azotunu giderme
paint removal
(Askeri) boya sökümü
pubic hair removal
etek traşı
pubic hair removal
etek tıraşı
rust removal
pas alma
rust removal agent
pas giderme maddesi
salt removal
tuz giderme
sediment removal
rüsuptan arıtma
shorts removal cap
kırıntı kapağı
shorts removal port
vakum deliği
shorts removal port
toz deliği
shuttering removal
kalıptan alma
shuttering removal
kalıp sökme
soot removal
is ayırma
surgical removal of the uterus
(Tıp) rahmin ameliyatla alınması
time of form removal
kalıpların alınma zamanı
virus removal
(Tıp) virüsten arındırma
virus removal software
virus temizleme programi
wreck removal
(Ticaret) enkaz kaldırma
İngilizce - İngilizce
a funeral ceremony involving prayers and meeting of the family, usually at the home of the deceased, and normally held on the evening prior to burial
The dismissal of someone from office
The relocation of a business etc
The process of moving, or the fact of being removed
{n} the act of moving, a dismission
The act of pulling tape away from the surface to which it has been applied
The taking out or the stripping of substantially all ACBM from a damaged area, a functional space, or a homogeneous area in a facility
Measures the skill level required to remove the threat from a given computer Removal sometimes involves deleting files and modifying registry entries The three levels are Difficult (requires an experienced technician), Moderate (requires some expertise), and Easy (requires little or no expertise)
{i} act of taking off, act of shedding; act of taking away; elimination; ejection, dismissal
The transfer of a state case to federal court
The removal of something is the act of removing it. What they expected to be the removal of a small lump turned out to be major surgery
the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
A physical transfer other than by evaporation, loss, or destruction of motor fuel from a terminal, manufacturing plant, customs custody, pipeline, marine vessel, or refinery that stores motor fuel
dismissal from office the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy
the right of a defendant in a civil lawsuit to have a case moved from state court to a federal court within 30 days of the service of the complaint if jurisdiction also exists in the federal court
The standard fire insurance policy insures against damage done in removing the insured property from the path of the fire or other insured peril (if loss is mitigated)
The act of removing, or the state of being removed
Removing property to protect it from loss Most personal and commercial property forms cover damage to property at another location when it has been removed from the premises to protect it from loss by a peril insured against
dismissal from office
Pick up of the deceased at the place of death and transportation to the funeral home If the pick-up occurs outside the local service area, there will be an additional removal charge
"Removal" was a provision of the New York Standard Fire Policy in which the insurer agreed to cover the cost of removing covered property from the path of a fire Presently, property policies express the agreement in terms of "preservation of property" from imminent danger of damage from any covered peril Not to be confused with Debris removal
Property will be released to the Purchaser or its authorized representative when the official notice of award or a written authorization from the Purchaser is presented to the Property Disposal Officer, or designee, at the property location Purchasers are responsible for making all necessary arrangements for the removal of their property Whenever employing the services of another party to accomplish removal, purchasers are advised to give their agent or carrier complete information regarding the removal, including weight, packing instructions and final contract removal date Purchasers should also maintain close contact with their agent or carrier to assure that removal is accomplished as prescribed under the terms and conditions of their contract
An instrument which removes a person's privileges, responsibilities, or duties to perform a certain act Example: the removal of a trustee to act as a trustee under the provisions of a particular Deed of Trust
A disciplinary separation action from Federal employment initiated by the agency, OPM, or MSPB for misconduct or disqualification, or poor performance when the employee is found to be at fault Temporary employees may be removed from work due to lack of work or lack of funds Misconduct happens when standards of conduct are broken Misconduct can lead to disciplinary actions such as oral admonishment, reprimand, suspension, or removal Examples may include refusal to obey an order, fighting, theft, reporting to work while intoxicated, etc Disqualification means an employee does not meet the conditions of employment, such as failure to pass the physical examination, failure to qualify during the probationary or trail period, or failure to make correct statements on the Federal application/resume
- A certificate of removal is a document given to persons who are transferring their membership from one monthly meeting to another   Their removal testifies that they are members in good standing with the meetings they are leaving
Removal is the process of transporting furniture or equipment from one building to another. Home removals are best done in cool weather
The transfer of a state case to federal court for trial; in civil cases, because the parties are from different states; in criminal and some civil cases, because there is a significant possibility that there could not be a fair trial in state court
Physical removal of asbestos-containing materials or other hazardous materials
removal company
a company that moves the possessions of a family or business from one site to another
removal man
Removal men are men whose job is to move furniture or equipment from one building to another
removal of immunity
taking away of exemption from legal prosecution
removal van
a large vehicle used for moving furniture and other things from one house to another
mountaintop removal
A method of coal mining which involves stripping a mountain bare of vegetation, blasting off the top of the mountain with explosives, and storing the copious waste in nearby valleys and streams
Indian Removal Act
law signed in 1830 that called for the resettlement of American Indians to lands west of the Mississippi River (U.S. History)
Indian Removal Act
(May 28, 1830) First major legislation that reversed the U.S. policy of respecting the rights of American Indians. The act granted tribes unsettled western prairie land in exchange for their territories within state borders, mainly in the Southeast. Some tribes refused to trade their land, and U.S. troops forced tribes such as the Cherokee to march westward in what became known as the Trail of Tears (1838-39). In Florida the Seminoles fought resettlement in the Seminole Wars (1835-42)
creating by removal
the act of creating by removing something
plural of removal
the net volume of growing stock trees removed from the inventory by harvesting or cultural operations such as timber stand improvement (e g , thinning), land clearing, or change in land use
Trees removed but not utilized for products, or trees left standing but "removed" from the timberland classification by land use change Examples are removals from cultural operations such as timber stand improvement work, land clearing, and changes in land use Importantly, removals include both harvest and losses due to changes in land use
Infected tissue (leaves, etc ) on which the pathogen has ceased to sporulate, hence, no longer infectious host tissue; transition from the infectious to the non-infectious state is also called removal
stain removal
removal of dirt, taking out spots on a garment which won't come off with the use of water
stone removal
taking away of stones, removal of rocks



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    /rəˈmo͞ovəl/ /rɪˈmuːvəl/


    [ ri-'mü-v&l ] (noun.) 1597. remove + -al

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