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(Askeri) REM (RÖNTGEN MUADİLİ MEMELİ): 1 Rem, insan veya başka bir memeli tarafından, 1 Röntgen X-ışını veya gamma radyasyonu absorbe edildiğinde ortaya çıkan fizyolojik etkiye muadil herhangi tip bir iyonlaştırıcı radyasyon miktarı
(Psikoloji, Ruhbilim) Rapid Eye Movement: Hızlı Göz Hareketi; uykunun rüya görülen kısmında gözlerin hızlıca oynatılması
(Askeri) röntgen eş değeri memeli hayvan (roentgen equivalent mammal)
(Nükleer Bilimler) rem
(Tıp) Bir röntgen ışınım birimi
(Nükleer Bilimler) (Röntgen Equivalent Man) röntgen eşdeğer insan
REM behavior disorder
REM uykusu davranış bozukluğu
rem sleep
rem uykusu
actions in rem
ayni davalar
in rem
person rem
(Çevre) kişi rem
Türkçe - Türkçe
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Sür
(Osmanlı Dönemi) f. Titreme
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Ürkme
ışınım dozu birimi
insandaki etkisi açısından tanımlanan ışınım dozu birimi
Radyasyon dozu birimi
ABD'li ünlü bir rock müzik grubu
ABD'li bir rock müzik grubu
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Alacalı, benekli şey
(Osmanlı Dönemi) (C.: Rumus) Mezar, kabir
İngilizce - İngilizce
remaining time: In music, the time remaining in a track
rapid eye movement
A dose of absorbed radiation equivalent to one roentgen of X-rays or gamma rays
A programming language statement used for documentation (in BASIC for example); also used in DOS batch files
: rapid eye movement, a sleep state
{i} phase of sleep during which dreams occur and the eyes move within the socket
American rock group
REM sleep is a period of sleep that is very deep, during which your eyes and muscles make many small movements. It is the period during which most of your dreams occur. REM is an abbreviation for `rapid eye movement'. The rapid, periodic, jerky movement of the eyes during certain stages of the sleep cycle when dreaming takes place. a US rock band popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Their albums include Automatic for the People and Monster
(Roentgen Equivalent Man) the dosage of ionizing radiation that will cause the same amount of injury to human tissue as 1 roentgen of X-rays
A dose unit which takes into account the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) The rem is defined as the dose of a particular type of radiation required to produce the same biological effect as one roentgen of (0 25 MeV) gamma radiation
Symbol for rem
standing for Rapid Eye Movement, it describes the stage of sleep where our eyes move rapidly back and forth This is where the majority of dreaming occurs
a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs; a state of Rapid Eye Movements during sleep
(aw) means the unit dose equivalent from ionizing radiation to the total body or any internal organ or organ system
The phase of the sleep cycle where there are "rapid eye movements," and dreaming occurs
stands for radiation equivalent man, the dose in rems is equal to the dose in rads multiplied by the quality factor
Remaindered Is marked with usually a black or red dot or stripe on the bottom pages to show that it was sold at a reduced price Sometimes the bottom pages are "speckled" with a fine spray paint
measure of the accumulation of radioactivity received over a period of time related to the amount of damage caused to living tissue
Abbreviation for roentgen-equivalent-man
The unit of dose equivalent
Measure of the accumulation of radioactivity received over a period of time: related to the amount of damage caused to living tissue
A unit of biological dose of radiation; the name is derived from the initial letters of the term "roentgen equivalent man (or mammal) " The number of rems of radiation is equal to the number of rads absorbed multiplied by the RBE of the given radiation (for a specified effect) The rem is also the unit of dose equivalent, which is equal to the product of the number of rads absorbed and the "quality factor" of the radiation See Dose, Dose equivalent, Rad, RBE
A unit of radiation dose equivalent One rem equals the amount of ionizing radiatio of any type which produces the same damage to humans as 1 roentgen of approximately 200 kilo volts x-radiation (The unit is the abbreviation of Roentgen Equivalent Man )
The rem is a unit used to derive a quantity called equivalent dose This relates the absorbed dose in human tissue to the effective biological damage of the radiation Equivalent dose is often expressed in terms of thousandths of a rem, or mrem
Measure of biological effect of radiation (dose equivalent) Now superseded by the sievert (Sv) : 1 Sv = 100 rems
A measure of dose deposited in body tissue, averaged over the body One rem is approximately the dose from any radiation corresponding to exposure to one röntgen of g radiation The rem is no longer accepted for use with the International System One rem is 10 sieverts
A unit of absorbed radiation dose adjusted for biologic effects equivalent to 1 rad of 25OKV X-rays (dental and cephalometric X-rays require less than 100KV)
A measure of radiation dose related to biological effect
A unit of ionizing radiation in human tissue, equivalent to one roentgen of x-rays
A unit of radiation absorbed dose equal to the product of the rads of absorbed radiation times the RBE
An acronym for Roentgen Equivalent Man A unit which measures radiation in terms of the energy involved (the same as RAD), weighted by a factor related to the type of radiation For the types of radiation used in radiologic procedures this factor is equal to one, so the REM is equivalent to the RAD
a unit of radiation dosage that accounts for both the energy of the dose and its effectiveness in causing biological damage (from roentgen equivalent for man)
Roentgen equivalent man, a unit used in radiation protection to measure the amount of damage to human tissue from a dose of ionizing radiation Incorporates the health risks from radiation
roentgen equivalent in man
Rapid eye movement - a sleep state
a unit of nuclear radiation (dose) equivalent, (radiation equivalent for mammals) An average person is exposed to 300 mrem/year
A unit for measuring absorbed doses of radiation received by the body that includes an adjustment for the intensity of the damage to one or more cells Rem is the abbreviation of roentgen equivalent man
REM sleep
The stage of sleep during which most brain activity and dreams occur, characterised by rapid eye movement (REM)
REM sleep
rapid eye movement sleep, phase of sleep during which dreams occur and the eyes move within the socket
REM sleep
A stage in the normal sleep cycle during which dreams occur and the body undergoes marked changes including rapid eye movement, loss of reflexes, and increased pulse rate and brain activity. Also called paradoxical sleep. rapid eye movement sleep a period during sleep when your eyes move quickly, when you are dreaming (rapid eye movement)
Rem Koolhaas
born Nov. 17, 1944, Rotterdam, Neth. Dutch architect. After studying architecture in London and working in New York City, in 1975 he opened his own firm in Rotterdam and London. He first achieved recognition with his book Delirious New York (1978), which profiled Manhattan's architectural development, suggesting that it was an organic process created through a variety of cultural forces. His best-known projects are large-scale structures, including the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Grand Palais exhibition hall in Lille, Fr., and a master plan for the MCA/Universal Studios site in Los Angeles. His book S, M, L, XL (1996) addressed the theme of size. In 1998 he won the design competition for a new campus centre at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2000
ad rem
Pertinently; to the purpose

To speak ad rem, who is free from passion?.

ad rem
Pertinent; relevant
in rem
Against a thing (such as property) rather than a person

The church filed an in rem petition with the court requesting that the book be declared obscene.

action in rem
Proceeding "against the thing" as compared to personal actions (in personam) Usually a proceeding where property is involved
action in rem
A suit or legal proceeding directed against specific property For example, it may seek recovery of an automobile or to quiet the title to real estate
ad rem
pertinently, relevantly
ad rem
To the point; relevantly
in rem
against the thing
in rem
in or against a (or the) thing
in rem
Pertaining to property or people in general
in rem
A proceeding against the realty directly; as distinguished from a proceeding against a person (Used in taking land from nonpayment of taxes, etc )
in rem
(lat ) an action against a thing, as opposed to an action against a person
in rem
Latin: All legal rights are either in personam or in rem In rem rights are proprietary in nature; related to the ownership of property and not based on any personal relationship, as is the case with in personam rights
in rem
Latin: "against the thing " A proceeding against the property directly, as distinguished from a proceeding against a person (used in taking land for nonpayment of taxes, etc )
in rem
Latin term meaning "Against the thing " Used to describe a legal action which is taken against land rather than against the land owner, such as a bank's foreclosure on a defaulted mortgage
in rem
in rem
An action in rem is one taken directly against property and has for its object the disposition of property, without reference to who owns the property
in rem
intended for all people, relevant to the general public
in rem
A procedural term used to designate proceedings or actions instituted against the thing, in contrast to actions instituted in personam or against the person
in rem
Against the thing In rem taxes are against property and not people
judgment in rem
a judgment pronounced on the status of some particular subject or property or thing (as opposed to one pronounced on persons)
right in rem
general right, right toward the entire world
Türkçe - İngilizce
(Tıp) rapid eye movement
(Nükleer Bilimler) rem

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    /ˈrem/ /ˈrɛm/


    [ 'rem ] (noun.) 1947. Abbreviation of Roentgen equivalent in man.

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