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İngilizce - İngilizce
A small, temporary, military fortification
To dread
A reinforced refuge; a fort
A place of safety or refuge
\rih-DOWT\, noun: 1 A small and usually temporary defensive fortification 2 A defended position or protective barrier 3 A secure place of refuge or defense; a stronghold
Small self-contained fieldwork, a refuge for soldiers outside the main defenses
in fortifying tops of hills and passes, and positions in hostile territory
a small defensive earthwork fortification, sometimes temporary, and sometimes used to reinforce a permanent rampart
A small fort of varying shape, usually of a temporary nature
Small self-contained fieldwork, a refuge for soldiers outside the main defences
A square or rectangular earthwork
A fortified place, usually mounds constructed of earth and timbers, used to defend an area of earthworks
See F and i in Illust
{i} small fortification, small protective structure
of Ravelin
a forbidding stronghold
A small, and usually a roughly constructed, fort or outwork of varying shape, commonly erected for a temporary purpose, and without flanking defenses, used esp
In permanent works, an outwork placed within another outwork
To stand in dread of; to regard with fear; to dread
A redoubt is a place or situation in which someone feels safe because they know that nobody can attack them or spoil their peace. the last redoubt of hippy culture. = haven. a small hidden place, for example where soldiers hide themselves when they are fighting
Eliciting respect or fear; imposing; awe-inspiring

The redoubtable New York Times has been called the newspaper of record of the United States.

plural of redoubt
If you describe someone as redoubtable, you respect them because they have a very strong character, even though you are slightly afraid of them. He is a redoubtable fighter. = formidable. someone who is redoubtable is a person you respect or fear (redouter , from douter )
{s} dreadful, horrible, formidable
Formidable; dread; terrible to foes; as, a redoubtable hero; hence, valiant; often in contempt or burlesque
inspiring fear; "the formidable prospect of major surgery"; "a tougher and more redoubtable adversary than the heel-clicking, jackbooted fanatic"- G H Johnston; "something unnerving and prisonlike about high gray wall"
having or worthy of pride; "redoubtable scholar of the Renaissance"; "born of a redoubtable family"



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    /rəˈdout/ /rəˈdaʊt/


    [ ri-'daut ] (noun.) circa 1608. French redoute, from Italian ridotto, from Medieval Latin reductus secret place, from Latin, withdrawn, from past participle of reducere to lead back; more at REDUCE.

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