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Türkçe - İngilizce
(İnşaat) random
Apropos of nothing; lacking context; unexpected; having apparent lack of plan, cause, or reason

The narrative takes a random course.

The full range of a bullet or other projectile; hence, the angle at which a weapon is tilted to allow the greatest range

Fortie yards will they shoot levell, or very neare the marke, and 120 is their best at Random.

Characterized by or often saying random things; habitually using non sequiturs

You're so random!.

Of or relating to probability distribution

A toss of loaded dice is still random, though biased.

The direction of a rake- vein
Prince, later King of Amber, son of Oberon R was chosen to the throne by the Unicorn on the field of the battle of the Courts of Chaos
A random sample is one whose value does not appear to depend on the previous sample's value, or on anything else A series of random samples sounds like white noise
taken haphazardly; "a random choice
Distance to which a missile is cast; range; reach; as, the random of a rifle ball
2. If you describe events as random, you mean that they do not seem to follow a definite plan or pattern. random violence against innocent victims + randomly ran·dom·ly drinks and magazines left scattered randomly around
Eluding precise prediction, completely irregular Compare stochastic
By chance
If something happens at random, it happens without a definite plan or pattern. Three black people were killed by shots fired at random from a minibus. adj. random access memory Random House random variable
Apropos of nothing; lacking context; unexpected; having apparent lack of plan, cause or reason
Term applied to ranges beyond point-blank, or to firing at such ranges Accuracy -- a relative term at best -- of smoothbore artillery began to drop off sharply as a gun was elevated and could not be predicted with anything like certainty except in such leisurely circumstances as siege or garrison work, hence the very literal use of the word random in references to shooting at longer ranges Because of this loss of accuracy, most gun carriages of this time did not permit more than a few degrees of elevation; howitzer carriages permitted somewhat more
An undefined, unknown or unimportant person; a person of no consequence
A roving motion; course without definite direction; want of direction, rule, or method; hazard; chance; commonly used in the phrase at random, that is, without a settled point of direction; at hazard
without order or apparent reason Sometimes the police patrol van comes past every hour so you can predict when they will be around, but in other places they seem to patrol at random, and so you never know if the cops will show up while you are busy If you chose a number at random between 0 and 1, the chance is 1 in 4 that it will be less than 0 25
Eluding precise prediction, completely irregular
lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance; "a random choice"; "bombs fell at random"; "random movements" taken haphazardly; "a random choice
rassal yürüyüş modeli
(Finans) Random walk hypothesis