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İngilizce - İngilizce
set in advance, or as a default
To set something in advance
the process of pressurizing a hose to set the braid and minimize length change in final product
{i} device that automatically activates a certain function; favorite radio station that is programmed on a button (and is tuned automatically by pressing that button)
When using MIDI tools from Silicon Graphics, Inc , the term preset refers to the type of sound (sometimes called voice, sound patch, or timbre) assigned with the tool For example, if you select the Harmonica preset, and then play a few notes with the MIDI Keyboard, the sound of the notes will resemble the sound of a harmonica MIDI Keyboard and Synthesizer Panel come with many presets for you to choose from
{f} arrange beforehand; place in advance, put ahead of time; organize beforehand; prepare ahead of time
A collection of system settings stored in a memory that is virtually instantly recallable, typically at the touch of a button 1
A file containing all the settings used by an effect in SFX Machine The term also refers to the file in which a Preset is saved
set in advance; "a preset plan of action"; "at a predetermined time
Containing the default attributes and settings when the CSSs were delivered to the Site Server customer (Customizable Starter Sites)
A preprogrammed sound and control setup on a sampler or synthesizer Presets can be made up in advance of a performance, stored in memory, then recalled instantly when desired
A patch that is built into a synthesizer patches that cannot be changed
The form preset is used in the present tense and is the past tense and past participle. If a piece of equipment is preset, its controls have been set in advance of the time you want it to work. a computerised timer that can be preset to a variety of programs Bake the cake in a preset oven
1) Used to describe any article placed in its working area before the performance 2) A basic lighting state that the audience sees before the action starts
(1) A factory-programmed patch that cannot be altered by the user (2) Any patch Note: Some manufacturers make distinctions between presets, programs, and/or patches, each of which may contain a different set of parameters
set in advance; "a preset plan of action"; "at a predetermined time"
Asynchronous input used to immediately set Q = 1
typically, the sounds permanently stored by the manufacturer in a sound generating device
Files that contain values for a property set You save values in a preset file so that you can load and use them again later Presets have a preset file name extension
An operation programmed into a control system This allows the operation to be replicated automatically, i e a camera outstation can be programmed (preset) to drive the pan & tilt unit and the lens functions to view a particular target at a specific command or alarm signal
The pre-positioning of pan/tilt and zoom cameras by the use of potentiometers in the moving parts of the camera head These allow the control equipment to store and move to set reference point when an alarm exists Special telemetry equipment is required
Stations which can be held in a tuners memory for instant recall
Takes you to a tear-off menu with which you may select the presets For more details, see the preset item in the miscellaneous help file
All luminaire parameter settings, including timing values, may be programmed in a preset Changes to presets track automatically into any cues in which they were used Presets may be recalled from the manual control keypad or the selects may be mapped to any of the soft selects
Memory which holds your favorite radio Stations for instant recall
- Buttons on radios that memorise radio stations for instant recall



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    /prēˈset/ /priːˈsɛt/


    (prefix.) Middle English, from Old French and Latin; Old French, from Latin prae-, from prae in front of, before; more at FOR.

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