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{k} Prisoner of War
(Askeri) savaş esiri (prisoner of war)
savaş tutsağı
pow wow
{i} toplantı
pow wow
prisoner of war
(Askeri) harp esiri
Defense Prisoner of War (POW)/Missing Personnel (MP) Office
(Askeri) Savunma Bakanlığı Savaş Esiri (POW)/Kayıp Personel (MP) Ofisi
prisoner of war
(Askeri) HARP ESİRİ; ESİR: Milletlerarası kanun ve anlaşmalardaki istisnai haller hariç olmak üzere, muharip kuvvetlerin birbirlerinden esir alıp enterne ettikleri kimseler. PRISONER OF WAR BRANCH CAMP
prisoner of war
savaş esiri
İngilizce - İngilizce
prisoner of war

After his capture he was taken to a camp for POWs.

The sound of an explosion
Represents the sound of a violent impact, such as a punch
Represents the sound of an explosion
The sound of a violent impact
{i} soldier who has been taken prisoner by an enemy army
A POW is the same as a prisoner of war. a prisoner of war. used to represent the sound of a gun firing, an explosion, or someone hitting another person hard, especially in children's comics (From the sound)
Computes x raised to the power of the y
a person who surrenders to (or is taken by) the enemy in time of war
An annual report of priority program goals based on the perceived needs of county residents The plan includes estimates of days planned and proposed evaluation strategies for use in individual and system-wide planning
Prisoner of War "POW" refers to a soldier who has been taken by the enemy
Plans of Work
Programme of Work
pow wow
{i} discussion, conference, meeting; Native American festival or ceremony that involves feasting and dancing; (Slang) fresh snow
People sometimes refer to a meeting or discussion as a pow-wow. Every year my father would call a family powwow to discuss where we were going on vacation
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