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İngilizce - İngilizce
Egg laying; an oviparous animal deposits eggs that develop and hatch outside the body as their reproductive strategy

And though it might be thought that all animals who have lungs do cough; yet in cataceous fishes, who have large and strong lungs, the same is not observed; nor yet in oviparous quadrupeds: and in the greatest thereof, the crocodile, although we read much of their tears, we find nothing of that motion.

{a} that bringeth forth eggs or by eggs
Laying eggs instead of giving birth to live young Some sharks are oviparous
Fish and other organisms that produce eggs which hatch externally, fertilization may be internal or external, the fertilized egg are self-contained and receive no nutrients from the mother
( vip' r s) An animal that produces and lays eggs that will hatch after leaving the body
an animal, fish, bird etc that is oviparous produces eggs that develop outside its body (oviparus, from ovum ( OVUM) + -parus )
Producing young from rggs; as, an oviparous animal, in which the egg is generally separated from the animal, and hatched after exclusion; opposed to viviparous
{s} producing eggs
= the mother lays eggs, which later hatch into young Compare to: Ovoviviparous , and Viviparous
term given to organisms that lay eggs from which the young later hatch; most bony fish are oviparous
Reproducing by eggs that hatch outside the female's body
Laying eggs that develop and hatch outside the maternal body (Morris 1992)
by laying eggs



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    /ōˈvəpərəs/ /oʊˈvɪpɜrəs/


    [ O-'vi-p(&-)r&s ] (adjective.) 1646. From Latin; ov = egg + parous = birth related.

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