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İngilizce - Türkçe
avara demir
(Askeri) payanda
(Askeri) dirsekli futa
(Askeri) ıskarmoz
(Askeri) yarımay
avara demiri
dirsekli iskele
dirsekli çıkıntı
dirsekli futa veya bunun ıskarmozu
patrisa mataforası
(Askeri) PAYANDA: Bir şeyi sağlamlaştırmak veya beslemek için yanından uzatılan destek; müteharrik silah kundağını desteklemek ve silah ateş ederken oynamasına mani olmak üzere kullanılan uzun kiriş ve kollar
outrigger trench
(Askeri) payanda hendeği
outrigger bracket
sandık konsolu
outrigger trawl
(Denizbilim) bim trolü
outrigger trench
(Askeri) PAYANDA HENDEĞİ: Ağır ve hafif hava savunma silahlarında kullanılan payandalar için lazım olan özel hendekler
İngilizce - İngilizce
an outrigger canoe
any of various projecting beams that provide support for a mast or, fitted with a float, provide support for a canoe
a part built or arranged to project beyond a natural outline for support
{n} a beam or boom thrust out from a ship
{i} structure extending from the side of a boat for purposes of stability; stabilizing structure which extends from an aircraft or other vehicle
The extension of a rafter beyond the supporting wall line Usually refers to the nailing of a shorter piece of wood being nailed to the existing rafter so that it creates a roof overhang
Any spar or projecting timber run out for temporary use, as from a ship's mast, to hold a rope or a sail extended, or from a building, to support hoisting teckle
An extension of a rafter beyond the wall line Usually a smaller member nailed to a larger rafter to form a cornice or roof overhang
A structural member which is usually perpendicular to a joist and attaches under the outstanding leg of one of the joist top chord angles It then bears on a beam or wall and cantilevers across, similar to a top chord extension
The steel structural support member extending transverse from the JR I-beam chassis to support the outside wall of a mobile or modular
A projecting frame used to support the elevator or tail planes, etc
A barrier device, usually built out from the side wall, that protects counterweight arbors from scenery, etc that may be leaned against them Can also be used to support the index lights
Poles designed to spread out fishing lines and keep them from tangling while trolling
a stabilizer for a canoe; spars attach to a shaped log or pontoon parallel to the hull
An outrigger is an attachment which is fastened to or adjacent to the terminal pad of a switch and to which the conductor is clamped to relieve mechanical strain on the terminal and/or to maintain electrical clearance between the conductor and the grounded parts
A wood member nailed to a truss to form an overhang beyond the wall line
Parallel-running canoe stabilizer Also the name of a large hotel chain in Hawai`i
A floatation device attached to one or both sides of the hull to help prevent a capsize
A projecting contrivance at the side of a boat to prevent upsetting, as projecting spars with a log at the end
Structural load-carrying members attached to and extending outward from the main longitudinal frame members of a tank trailer, which cradle the tank shell or stiffeners Sometimes called Cradle End
A barrier device that protects counterweight arbors from scenery, etc that may be leaned against them Often also supports index lights
A projecting support for a rowlock, extended from the side of a boat
A form of paddle racing, usually at sea, derived from Pacific island outrigger canoes
A boat thus equipped
A short block notched into the end rafters on gable roofs to support sheathing at the roof overhang
Framework, usually built out from the side wall, to support a pipe guard rail beyond the moving equipment above the pin rail, thus allowing scenery to be stacked against it
outrigger canoe
A seagoing canoe having one or more lateral support floats to provide stability
outrigger canoes
plural form of outrigger canoe
outrigger canoe
a seagoing canoe (as in South Pacific) with an outrigger to prevent it from upsetting
plural of outrigger



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    /ˈoutˌrəgər/ /ˈaʊtˌrɪɡɜr/