listen to the pronunciation of open-ended
İngilizce - İngilizce
unrestricted by definite limits

There will be an open-ended discussion.

permitting a spontaneous or unstructured response

I'll ask you an open-ended question.

Of a straight draw, made up of four consecutive cards, thus able to be completed by either of two ranks of card

The flop of 3-6-Q gave Brunson an open-ended straight draw with his 4-5 of hearts.

adaptable to change

The topic is definitions, but is open-ended really.

A question or task for which there is not a single correct answer or solution path Although there is no single, expected answer, effective responses to open-ended questions or tasks must meet identified criteria For example, the response must be justified, reasoning explained, text references cited, etc
allowing for future changes or revisions; "open-ended agreements"
a task or inquiry without a single answer The student is not seeking what the teacher has decided is the 'right' answer, but a justifiable one within the assignments purview Open-ended questions usually require higher order thinking, such as comparison, analysis, synthesis, evaluation
open, not committed; open to revision
When people begin an open-ended discussion or activity, they do not have a particular result, decision, or timespan in mind. Girls do better on open-ended tasks that require them to think for themselves. open-ended questions about what passengers expect of an airline
without fixed limits or restrictions; "an open-ended discussion
without fixed limits or restrictions; "an open-ended discussion"
allowing for a spontaneous response; "an open-ended question"
As in open-ended questions Those questions which allow respondents to verbalize reactions in their own words Contrast with closed-ended
open ended straight draw
Four cards to a straight where cards of two different ranks could complete a straight. (E.g. 4-5-6-7)
open end
The end through which a collapsible tube is filled with the material which it is to contain
open end
A type of wrench with an open jaw on both ends
open end
(1) Time left at the end of a commercial or program which is provided for the use of local advertising or station identification (2) A radio or television program with no specific time to end
open end
This lease type means you make a set number of lease payments during the term of your lease and you are responsible for the residual value This lease does not have a wear & tear or excess kilometre clause You may buy out your vehicle any time after the 12th month without penalty